10 Yoga Pose Modifications For Pregnancy

10 Yoga Pose Modifications For Pregnancy

hi welcome to jivayogalive my name is
Kim until today I’m going to show you 10 yoga poses modification that you can use
during pregnancy hi mama
today we’re gonna show you how to modify ten yoga poses to suit your pregnancy so
you feel more comfortable when you practice so we’re gonna start with the
Mountain Pose so traditionally Mountain Pose we
practice it with both feet together keeping the spine long but in the case
of the more you’re gonna get pregnant and the more the belly is gonna come out
the more this can strain your lower back so what I recommend is after a while
when you feel like opening your feet hips width apart
this way the weight has is more equally balanced between two feet and the same
thing extending the spine long relaxing the shoulders straight as a mountain all
right second pose Child’s Pose one of the best relaxing poses so the normal
Child’s Pose is on the floor sorry and extending above but what we want here is
to create more space for your belly so an easy variation modification is just
opening the hips wider to create more space in between your legs at the baby
and you can also if it feels good maybe place a blanket or a block underneath
your head and your more resting on your side like the head to the side yes this
way you keep your chest away from the floor too and it gives extra space for
your bum so the next pose we’re gonna review is
chaturanga so during the first trimester even much
of the second maybe you will be still practicing chaturanga you the way you
used to if if it’s in your practice where maybe as your belly grows and
grows there is more weight it can be also straining for your lower back so an
easy modification is instead of extending the legs just simply putting
the knees on the mat this way it doesn’t strain your lower back as much do you
want to try and from here just like sets Rangga keeping the elbows close to your
body pressing down and up more like a pushup
right underneath and then on the knees well if you go if you move up to AB dog
then you let the knees of the floor like normal AB so again back to downward dog
if it’s part of your vinyasa practice all right the next pose we’re going to
see is the triangle pose very good and very soothing giving a good stretch to
the side body so the next pose is triangle pose so we’re going to start by
placing our right foot facing to the side the left foot is 45 degrees we’re
gonna extend the arms long and whenever you’re ready keeping the line of the
body the right hand goes towards the floor and to make this more comfortable
you can place your hands on a block this way it’s easier to press down and you
have a deeper twist in the upper body how does it feel very good just making
sure you keep your body in line and deep deep breath in this posture to
come out just the way you came in coming back up and back that is not accessible
to you as you go down your pregnancy is both pose because you definitely don’t
want to rest your belly on the floor it put all your weight on your baby so here
is a variation that you can do instead of doing bow you can use Tiger pose so
we are on all fours for this one and you start by extending the right arm long
and the left leg long first finding the balance if this feels good you can start
by bending the left knee and reaching with your right arm and this way you’re
going to have the same stretch on the shoulders and also the strengthening
part for the leg so you’re just taking your bow up of course you practice both
sides and this can be a good way for you to replace this asana until the baby is
out and you can again go back very down very good alright next pose we have is
another great pose for pregnancy talking about my laughs another’s deep froggy
squats so the normal ones are just fit on the floor you would drop in your hips
opening the chest but maybe this is not accessible to you and your heels are up
so in this case you can put a blanket underneath your heels so that it feels
better roll this blanket out and one and two all right so it gives you more
stability and another good option as you go along in the pregnancy is also I’m
gonna take this out and just sit on a block basically this way you can keep
your spine long pressing down from the seat still opening the chest perfect
alright next pose is downward dog so probably you will be able to do
traditional downward dogs throughout the pregnancy with the hands on the floor
walking the feet out and reaching your tailbone high maybe this doesn’t feel
comfortable to you and maybe your wrists are hurting so good way to still get
this low stretch on the back of the body is by using a chair so it would be the
same principle just placing your hands on the chair walking the hips back and
letting the spine gets long this way you will still feel the stretch on the back
of the legs and the shoulders perfect yeah you walk out until your upper body
is long and letting the chest relax very good coming back up next pose we
have is legs up the wall so this pose is also a great way if your
legs are tired to get some relief it’s usually practiced but you have both
options either against the wall this will be more
relaxing or of the wall with just the legs straight we’re going to show you
the version of the one and how you can make it more comfortable to you so when
you start you want to sit sideways through the wall with your hips really
close to the to the wall and then you let your body roll on the side and place
your hips up this should be quite comfortable but then again as you go
along in pregnancy your baby’s gonna be more heavy and just lying cleanly on
your back can be a bit comfortable so the very easy way to take care of this
is by placing put a nice blanket underneath your hips and there we go
is it good mm-hmm alright so this can replace your savasana – like just
relaxing in the posture deep breathing letting gravity do the work for you perfect and to come out the same way the
legs go side way and you push yourself up to the side to protect your lower
back okay another great pose for pregnancy is Pigeon pose so this you
always start from tabletop position or plank position and you’re going to bring
your knee close to your hand and extend the back leg okay in this posture if
this is not comfortable we’re going to be using blankets and block to make it
better for you if you want to perform an agent for me hands on the floor and
bringing your knee close to your wrist okay so here
we have several options you could be placing a block here underneath your
front hip so it helps to stand two older if you want to fold forward you can also
place a block underneath the back leg so that when you fall forward you have
extra space for the bump if you don’t have a block a blanket works just the
same this is a great stretch for your hip and your lower back coming out of
the same way getting the props to this side and rolling back up all right this
was pose number nine the last pose we’re going to show you today is savasana so
during the first trimester and probably a lot of the second the classic Chavez
and now with the back flat on the floor is probably gonna be comfortable but as
you go along the lying on the back part is not going to be nice so you have
several options for you the one we’re gonna show you today is just the lying
down on your side so you just instead of lying on flat on your back it would be
the side and you can put a pillow underneath your head and maybe a pillow
between your legs make yourself as comfortable as possible in this posture
if you still like to lie on your back I suggest that you get two three four
pillows to uplift your upper back this way your head is above your hips and you
should feel comfortable or just use the legs of the world with the hips elevated all right so that’s it you have now ten
modification you can do to make your practice more comfortable during
pregnancy I hope you liked it have a good practice if you liked this
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