I find I get kind of trapped in this cycle in my head and I can’t Break the cycle. In fact, it just keeps getting worse and it escalates in my head. I don’t know Hi guys, welcome back to my channel I hope you were doing so well today. This is my 21 week pregnancy update I think these weeks are just flying my can’t believe I’m already 21 weeks. She’s not ready like I have 12 billion jillion things to do but I wanted to update you on my Symptoms and on baby just kind of let you know what’s going on in my life right now. every Thursday I’m posting pregnancy updates or pregnancy related videos right now. I’m doing a week by week pregnancy journey And again, this is week 21 so you don’t want to miss out on future videos Make sure to hit that subscribe button with one finger. That is all it takes people. Let’s dive on into this video So at 21 weeks baby is about 3/4 of a pound. So about 12 ounces That’s pretty big. Baby’s length is about ten and a half inches. So the vegetable I found was carrot. I’m assuming that’s just for length not for weight But carrots, they’re pretty long. Babies eyebrows are now visible so she can you know My little toddler gives me attitude with those brows. So we’ll see how this one does She’s swallowing and peeing more. So she’s getting all that good practice in and her fingerprints are now permanent. So she has an identity. I’m sure they’re the cutest little fingerprints ever and her sweat glands are starting to develop a random little update My husband and I have not chosen a baby name. We’re still kind of in process we keep making lists and then comparing and we need to narrow this thing down cuz she’s just gonna show up and we’re gonna be like, oh But hopefully we’ll do a name reveal here soon. I think we’re getting closer. So fingers crossed some of the symptoms I’m experiencing not a ton different from last week But there are a couple of things. So I mentioned in my last video varicose veins that’s been kind of a big thing for this pregnancy because I didn’t really struggle with that my first pregnancy like I am right now so I have these varicose veins on my upper thighs and then a little bit in my lower legs and Those are concerning me Not super thrilled about that. So just like last week I mentioned I’m going to try to move around more And another thing I’m supposed to be doing is making sure to sleep on my left side Which I do a good job of I think yeah, they haven’t gotten any better But I don’t think they’ve gotten any worse either. That’s the good news I’m hoping that after everything I’ve read is that a lot of times varicose veins disappear after pregnancy or at least get better, so Fingers crossed on that. I’m gonna just keep an eye on it. I hope things get better over time one thing about the veins though is that they’re making me uncomfortable at night like when I’m laying down so My biggest section of veins is on my upper left thigh and if I’m sleeping on my left side It kind of puts pressure on it. So it’s uncomfortable. It’s itchy And it’s just kind of like, oh just kind of like hurts. I have been experiencing dry, itchy skin Everywhere because it’s the weather changing but especially my belly So I’m just making sure put lotion and coconut oil. I swear by coconut oil. I put it on everything I cook with it It’s like one of the best things ever. So I’m just hoping that that is gonna keep my skin all you know Feminine…Beauty…Licious the big thing this week I noticed was that I was Super emotional and I know that I’ve said this before but this has definitely been one of my more emotional weeks. More anxiety this week I don’t know what it is I’m hoping it’s hormones. I say that a lot about some of these symptoms, but I just felt really anxious. I was easily upset by things so I’ve been trying to get up in the morning and try to listen to something or Think about something positive that’s been my goal over the last few days because I feel like I get up with this mindset of negativity and it sets the Tone for the rest of the day. So I’m trying to wake up have a positive start before I you know dive into my day Even listening to motivational YouTube videos and stuff like that And then just trying to expose myself to more positive things because I find I get kind of trapped in this cycle in my head and I can’t Break the cycle. In fact, it just keeps getting worse and it escalates in my head I don’t know and I know I’ve mentioned before I generally struggle with anxiety That’s like a daily process for me if you struggle with anxiety, please let me know I’d love to chat about that because sometimes I worry I’m like the only one and I know that’s not true Because there’s so much stuff out there, but it’s not really normal to talk about anxiety all the times I found like grief kind of surfaced this week I don’t know. My dad passed away a couple years ago my grandma passed away last year So I just had them on my mind all week. So it kind of put me in this I don’t know. In this weird zone feeling some kind of way Not in a good way either. I was just super anxious. Anyway, that’s that I’m hoping that improves and that I can keep practicing like a positive mindset So we’ll see. And then the back aches this is nothing new, but I just wanted to update you I didn’t walk as much this week because the weather was Horrible here. It was like super rainy most of the days So because of that I noticed my back hasn’t really been hurting as much which kind of sucks because I’m supposed to be exercising more but It’s a whole thing really, so I need to figure out some sort of routine that works for me But I did also, and maybe this is part of the reason, I started using my back brace or my my belly support brace So I’ll show you that here now So this little gem here It’s got two.. actually technically it has three pieces. I don’t need the third piece yet But the brand is mother-to-be maternity support. This size is a small one. It fits me really well. I got this as my first pregnancy. I’ve mentioned I had a terrible back issue with my first pregnancy. I ended up going to the hospital. I decided to whip this bad boy out this week and wear it just when I know I’m gonna be on my feet a lot or If I start to feel that increase pressure down in my pelvis Then I use this to kind of help support myself Anyways, if you guys want more information on that Let me know in the comments below this piece like this wrap it around and then once that first piece is on I basically just This kind of like straps on to it and it just kind of hoists everything up and the third piece is like a band that goes over the belly and I just I’m not there yet My belly’s not big enough to need that part yet Those are like the majority of my symptoms I’ve been experiencing this week And so now I guess it’s time to show you the bump. So let’s do the bumpdate So just a little life update too we leave day after tomorrow to go to Florida with my in-laws we’re gonna be there for like 11 or 12 days I’m so excited to get some Sun and to just relax I have been working hard to try and make sure I had videos lined up for the next couple of weeks and be able to kind of have some down time in Florida So I’ll be kicking you guys along for the journey, of course through instagram If you don’t follow me there make sure to find me at that mama goes. I post every Tuesday Thursday and sometimes Saturday So if you don’t want to miss out, make sure hit that subscribe button, and we will see you in the next one Thank you so much for being here I love you. MMMMMWAH. Bye.

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