Babysitting SIBLINGS as a Mom for 24 Hours! (Parents secretly SPY w/ hidden camera)| Rebecca Zamolo

Babysitting SIBLINGS as a Mom for 24 Hours! (Parents secretly SPY w/ hidden camera)| Rebecca Zamolo

– I can babysit for 24 hours, that’s easy. What, no! – [Matt] I don’t see her anywhere, Bec. I don’t–
– I don’t see her anywhere. – Solange, Solange? Solange, Solange! Her parents are gonna be so mad! Solange! – Where are we? – I have no idea. – Hey, it’s still driving itself. – Whoa.
– What? – What? Wait, where is it taking us? It looks like we’re pulling
up to a neighborhood. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
it’s pulling up to a house. This house? – Whose house is this? – It’s parking itself in the driveway? – You guys the Tesla
just took us to a house, and we don’t know whose house it is. What do we–
– What is going on? – Do we knock on the door? – I don’t know, why would it take us here, maybe the Game Master is here. Guys, this house looks familiar. – Really? – I think this is La
Familia Diamond’s new house. – Who’s that? They’re YouTubers–
– Yeah, they’re YouTubers. – They’re family, yeah. I don’t have their number, let me see if I can DM them on Instagram. – Do they work for the Quadrant? Or do they work for the Game Master? – I’m just telling her that we
might be stopping by because, to give them a housewarming gift, okay. – A housewarming gift? – We don’t have a gift, Beck. – Okay, she asked how long. Okay, let me respond. – Probably in like an hour? – 10 minutes. – 10 minutes, what? – We need to get housewarming gifts. I just told them we’re just stopping with the housewarming gifts. – What are we gonna get in 10 minutes? – Are there any stores around here? – There must be, hold
on let me pull it up. Okay, we’re getting them a
housewarming gift you guys. It looks likes there’s a
Ross, point three miles away. – Okay.
– Okay, okay. – So we’re at Ross and
I told her we’d be back in 10 minutes, which
means we have less than five minutes for each of us to go and find a housewarming gift and get
back here, are you ready? – Let’s go.
– Okay, come on. – On lower level. – Okay, go guys, we’re going to go pick out housewarming gifts
for La Familia Diamond. – House stuff, house stuff. This is all clothing, clothing. – [Matt] We need to split up right now. Ooh, whoa. Okay, Air Jordan. Got some really good hats right now. Any time when you’re at a new house, you wanna get flip flops. – [Rebecca] Look,
there’s like plants here, do you guys think I
should get one of these? Ooh, this is cute, do they
like pink, I don’t know. You guys comment what you
think I should get them as a housewarming gift. Mmm, this one smells good. – Maybe like a bed covers? I don’t know. Look at this, a little panda. – I think we have a really good one. Perfect, found it, home
pillow, the perfect gift. You can see the pillow that
says home, it’s amazing. Okay, let’s go meet up with everybody, maybe they found something else. – So I’m gonna get this. Pillows, no, I don’t think
getting a pillow for them would be, that would just be weird. – What do you guys think of this? I mean, I’m running out of time, maybe this is like the only thing I get? Is this lame? I don’t know, give me a
thumbs up if you think this is a good gift. Rebecca.
– Okay, where’s Matt? – I don’t know. He should be right behind me.
– Do you have your gift? – Yeah.
– What is that? A pillow?
– Yeah, I mean guys, come on. – [Daniel] Yeah, a pillow’s okay, right? – [Matt] Right hold on.
– [Matt And Daniel] Aww. – Okay, well we need to pay for these. – What did you get? – I got a candle, a great smelling candle, that’s what you get for
a housewarming gift. You don’t just get one pillow? – Home.
– Yeah. – This is awesome. – [Daniel] This is cute, right? – I like that. – [Daniel] See, and they’re a family. – I don’t know, I mean,
it says they’re crazy. – Okay, honestly you can– – Yeah, it’s a pretty good pillow. – You can honestly, it’s pretty nice. – [Daniel] You could sleep
anywhere, look at that thing. – You can take it anywhere – [Becca] It’s like an ugly yellow color. – Home is where the pillows at. Okay, guys–
– I like it. – We need to get these
and go and get back. – Okay you guys so we have
the housewarming gifts, let’s get up at the door. We give them these, we just
say we were in the area, maybe we ask if they
want to, like, collab. That’s why we stopped by. We can search and try to figure out why this Tesla brought us here. – Okay.
– Okay? Okay. – [Everyone] Hey. – Hey. – Well, we were, we were in the area. – [Daniel] Come on. – [Matt] Can we come in, is that okay? – Wow, it’s so nice. We heard that you guys just moved in and I recognized the house and I was like, oh, well it’s perfect so
we decided to bring these housewarming gifts. – Yep.
– Yeah. – Okay, um– – [Daniel] Yeah, we spent a lot of time. – Yeah. – Thank you for coming by.
– Yeah, yeah we were– – Hey! – Hey. – Yeah. – So we have three gifts,
you guys have to figure out which one you like the most. – Yeah. – Can you guys help me pick? – I like this one
– I love this one. – Yeah? – I don’t know what
that is, but I like it. – Oh!
– Oh, There you go. – Do you guys need anything else? I mean we’re here. – Now that she’s here, I
mean she’s great with kids. Can she maybe watch the
kids for a little bit? While me and you, we can go out. – Oh. – That sounds like a good idea. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can babysit. I can babysit for 24 hours, that’s easy. – [Daniel] Four kids. – Four Kids?
– Four Kids. – I can do that, I’m great with kids. Yeah, I got this. – Is that too much to ask? – No. – [Daniel] No, I think it’s cool. Can we just chat real quick. Just so that we can figure out the day, and then we’ll be good.
– Yeah. – What?
– What was that? – Rebecca–
– Four kids! – We’re gonna babysit for– – They’re right behind us, so act happy. – All right, yay, woo, four kids! – You guys, this is the perfect chance for us to explore here. I mean there’s a reason
the Tesla brought us here. What if the Game Master is hiding? – Four kids, Rebecca? – We can do it, I’m great with kids. You guys, I got this, I
can babysit for 24 hours. I’m great with kids, I’m
gonna go out there you guys. – I don’t trust Rebecca with these kids– – I don’t know about this. – I mean she’s not great
at babysitting kids. – Oh man. Well their gonna probably
leave for a little bit, but then they’ll come back. – We need to monitor them little bit. – Oh, good idea. Okay, so I can set up some cameras. We can keep an eye on Rebecca. Make sure she’s doing an okay job. – Yes, do we have any with us? – Check the hoodie. – Daniel, it’s a cellphone. Oh it’ll work, it’ll work.
– What? Oh it’ll work, it’ll work.
– What? Okay, we’ll figure out something. I’ll work with you, we can
figure out where we’re gonna put these cameras, but we need
to work fast because I think these kids are gonna get
out of hand real fast. – Okay, alright, let’s go quick. – No doubt. Do you think she can
actually handle four kids? They’re like crazy kids. – Wait, is it by herself? – We’ll be here. – [Daniel] We’ll kinda
be here a little bit. We have an idea. What we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna set up some cameras, so we can keep an eye on Rebecca. You guys go out and have a good time. But when you come back,
you guys can take a look at the cameras, and see
how everything went. – Oh my God.
_ Is that okay? – Yes, that’s gonna make
me feel so much better. – Yeah, you guys just enjoy your day, and when you come back,
everything will be fine. Matt and I will keep an eye on Rebecca. – We’re gonna watch and document. – Okay.
– Have a good day, guys. – Bye. – So I’m gonna set up
cameras, I’ll be able to wire everything in through here,
so I can keep an eye on it. I got the walkie, you have
your ear piece on you, right? – I can hear, absolutely.
– Great, sounds good. – I got the little camera.
– See, you happy? – [Matt] Hey guys, what’s going on? Hey, hey, you guys having fun? – Yeah!
– Oh yeah! – [Matt] Okay, what
does everybody wanna do? – What do you guys wanna do? – Fortnite!
– Fortnite? Do your parents let you play Fortnite? – No, but I just want to. – Oh. – [Matt] If your parents don’t let you, we can’t do that. Are you sure?
– He was kidding! – [Matt] What?! – He’s kidding? – [Matt] Okay, let’s go
to the Fortnite place. – Yeah, where do you play Fortnite? Let’s do it! – Yeah, you gotta go to the patio room. – To the patio room? Okay, yeah! Yeah, yeah, we got this! – [Matt] Is he okay? – I mean, I don’t know, He’s making a weird face. You okay?
– You gonna dress up? – Mm-hmm! – Wait, okay.
– It’s in moms closet. – What? But, I thought you’re already dressed! That’s a cute outfit. What?
– Bye! – Okay, yeah, I’ll be right there! Diesel, let’s put you,
let’s get you on Fortnite and you’re coming with me, right, Solange? – Yeah!
– Okay. Nice! This is such a cool house! So, how do you play Fortnite? – [Matt] Hey, hey Daniel. Hey, hey!
– What are you doing? – I was just looking at this. – [Matt] Yeah, can you, okay. – Okay, Can you guys show
me some Fortnite dances? ‘Cause, you know I can
do some Fortnite dances! I can even do it with
your little baby brother. Solange, you can’t do it? Oh! Yeah!
– Oh! – I can do it too and I
also know another one. – Duh, duh, that one? – [Matt] Rebecca,
Rebecca, where’s Txunamy? – Oh, where’s your sister? – She already lost somebody. – No, no, no, I didn’t lose her. She’s dressing, she’s getting dressed! You know what, let’s play a game. It’s called find your big sister! Whoever can find her first
wins something that I will reveal later. Okay, three, two, one, find your sister! Okay, we’re doing it! – [Matt] Hey, what’s going on? – Well, I don’t know, could be– – Where’s Txunami, bro?
– I don’t know, I don’t know. – She’s already like losing the kid. Txunami!
– Okay, I’ll– – Okay. Ranger? Okay.
– I saw her come up here! – She’s not missing, she’s just– Txunami! You don’t think she snuck
out, to like see her crush or something, right? Norris Nuts, he had a
crush on her but he’s in Australia, right? – Yeah.
– Txunami! You see her?
– Nope. – Okay! Hey! Why are you wearing a bathrobe? I thought you were getting dressed. – No. – What? No, no, no, no. This isn’t your outfit. Your mom lets you wear that? – Yes. – Yeah? Yeah, I was just thinking, hold on, just in case, you know, I know
your mom probably lets you do that but look, here
just let me do that. Just in case, you know. Purple is your color. – [Matt] Wait, he’s
just clapping his hands. – Oh yeah, oh no, okay, here. Forgot about you. _ All right guys, comment
down below, would you let Rebecca babysit kids? – You’re right, you all have to eat first. It looks like your parents
left some fruits and veggies for you guys. What are you eating Txunami? Candy? – [Matt] Candy. – I have candy. – What, they let you have, they do, okay. Well you know what, let me check. Let me see what kind of candy you have ’cause I kinda like candy too. – [Matt] Rebecca. – I mean I’m just saying that
they can have a little snack. Oh my gosh. – [Matt] There’s fruits and vegetables. – I can’t believe she’s letting these kids eat all that candy. Comment down below your
favorite type of candy. – Daniel, we are losing control, Daniel, we’re losing control. – We can have candy. She said today, we can have candy. – You heard that like
everyone gets a cheat day. Today is their cheat day, it makes sense. – [Matt] Kids don’t get
cheat days, Rebecca. – Why would they have all this candy then? You know, clearly, it’s okay. How’s that candy bar coming?
– Good. – [Rebecca] Ice cream, Cold stone. You guys are doing okay? That’s a lot, you’re going
on for another candy. No, no, no, no, no. – Rebecca!
– I didn’t do that. How did, that was so fast. That wasn’t me, he’s fine. He’s not a dog, dogs can’t, uh-oh. What are you guys doing?
– Oh no, oh no, oh no. – [Rebecca] Oh no, oh she’s
drinking from the gallon! Oh, I think I stepped on something. – Oh.
– Okay. – Oh, oh. – Orange juice and ice cream? Ugh, that cannot taste good. – You guys are used to YouTube
challenges, aren’t you? A challenge, I don’t think
you should drink that though. Are you gonna drink that? Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Who wants to play Fortnite? – Me!
– Me! – Okay yep, let’s leave this. Fortnite party, it’s a Fortnite party! Txunami, come on! It’s fun in here. Time for Fortnite. – Yeah, that’s boring. – Wait, you guys can
just play right there. We’ll Fortnite it. How often are you
allowed to play Fortnite? – Um, never. – Matt, I think he said that he’s never supposed to play Fortnite. – Did he say never?
– He said never. – Oh, wait, are you allowed? You’re allowed to,
you’re allowed to, right? Okay.
– Diesel. – Oh, make up! You guys don’t need make up. – [Matt] That’s a lot of make up. – Txunami can put make
up on herself, it’s okay. They’re just playing, we’re
just hanging out at the house. What? I don’t know about that, wait. – My mom said yes. – Diesel is playing Fortnite. Wait, wait, are you allowed to do that? I don’t know if your sister–
– Close your eyes. – Does your mom want you–
– Don’t do that. – Wait, does your mom
want you wearing makeup? – [Matt] Hey, have you
ever worn makeup before? – Do you guys think she’s
allowed to wear makeup? But I’ve never seen her in makeup. I don’t think her mom would let her but, would your mom let you?
– Yeah. – Yeah, Are you sure?
– Yeah, okay. – Yeah.
– You, okay. If I give you more candy,
will you tell me the truth? – Matt, no, we’re not
giving her more candy. Alright you guys, see,
I got this, I got this. I have a baby right here,
Ranger, and he’s just chilling. We have Diesel playing a little Fortnite. He’s allowed to play Fortnite
and we have two girls that are just playing with makeup. – Diesel, I don’t think he’s supposed to be playing games right now. He’s had way too much candy, and two girls one of them dressed inappropriately and the other ones putting
on makeup and she’s four. – I got her in her bathrobe, It’s fine. – What is going on? Do you have a handle on this? – I told her purple was her color. – Everybody seems happy, but I don’t think they’re doing anything that
they should be doing right now. – ZamFam, smash the thumps up button if you guys like me babysitting. I think I could handle a baby. – [Matt] This is the first
baby that hasn’t cried with you in a while. He likes me.
– What? – What if I lay you down like this? Yep, yep, yep! Can we just sit you right here. Okay Diesel, you got him? – No. No, no.
– No? – [Matt] He’s doing
something with this stomach, he’s doing something with his stomach. Oh, oh, something happening,
somethings happening. – I got you, I got you, oh no. No dark lips or eyes, okay? I like it, yeah. I think she’s smashed the lipstick. Oh, thank you so much, so nice. Did you hear that Matt? – Someone’s at the door? – Okay, I’ll grab it. Okay, let me see who’s at the door. Who is that? Okay, what’s this? What is that? Matt, it’s one of those cards. Eat the same colored food. Okay, it’s like a business card? – [Matt] Norris Nuts eats
the same colored food. – There was like a guy or
someone with a briefcase that just dropped this off, maybe– – [Matt] Yeah, maybe he’s like a neighbor. – This must be for them. Let’s take this back okay? – [Matt] Alright, we’re
back guys, we’re back. Rebecca? – Coming.
– Rebecca, Rebecca. – Oh no. Oh, I don’t know if your
parents will like that. Wait. Oh, Solange.
– Where’s she going? – I’m gonna go, I’m gonna get her. Okay you guys, stay, stay good. I can see them through the window Matt. Um, hold on. Okay, Solange! Solange! Okay, alright. Come out, come out, wherever you are. – [Matt] I don’t see her anywhere Bec. I don’t see her anywhere. – Maybe she’s doing a pool challenge. – [Matt] Actually the pools over here. Maybe she’s, oh, she’s
probably inside here. – Oh no, her parents are gonna be so mad. Solange! Solange! Solange! Solange? I have candy! – [Matt] Lots of candy! Lots of candy. – Hey! – [Rebecca] Oh my goodness, okay, okay. Wait, wait! – Matt, get this under control. Mom and Dad are home now,
they’re home right now. Hi, you’re back.
– Hey, hi, how you doing? – So, yeah these are the cameras. – Wait, why is she running? – They’re, yeah.
– Why are they running? – She went to run outside. It looks like they’re coming back inside. – Hey guys, where’s your sister? I’ll be right back. You know what, your
sister, they missed you. They we’re like, we miss our big sister. Let’s get her back Matt, come on. Oh, I know what they missed!
– Yeah. They missed the outfit! – [Matt] No, no, no, no! – Matt!
– Rebecca, Rebecca? – Stop, no, no, no! You know what, grab the bathrobe. – Okay, okay.
– Grab the bathrobe. Okay guys, we’re gonna
play a game in here. – Rebecca? She’s resisting, she’s resisting! – Look at her lips, they’re black! – Oh, that’s not a good color at all. – She’s not allowed to
wear make up like that. – She’s not allowed to wear any make up. – Oh, she’s not allowed to wear make up? – [Dad] What is Diesel doing? He’s just right there. – Fortnite. – Wait, what!
– What? – Which one?
– He’s been playing Fortnite. – Okay, that, no. This is all part of the game right? – The game? I don’t know what game your talking about. – No, that’s it. – So, the thing is they’re not allowed– – That’s it, that’s it, no. – Okay, Matt, the parents are coming. Mom and Dad are coming
in, I couldn’t stop ’em. I couldn’t stop ’em. – Hi, hey, hey come here,
come here, come here, come on. Um, yep, yep, yep, yep, you guys– – Hey guys, hi.
– Whoa. – I tried to stop them
but they saw everything. – Oh my God, that’s my outfit. Why are you wearing my outfit? – Uh, she-
– Oh my God– – Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry,
he wanted to take a stroll. He almost walked
– Yeah. – Good news, he’s gonna be a walker. He’s just very advanced for his age, so I put him down ’cause
he wanted to walk and– – I’m gonna go. – Yeah, and then she’s uh– – He not supposed to be
playing these video games. – [Matt] Rebecca? I’m just– – Solange, that’s my make
up honey, why are you wearing my make up? – [Matt] We might, we
might need to get going. Becca, why don’t you grab the car, we probably should get going. – Yeah, yeah, you guys
we’d love to do a video with you guys, I’m just
gonna take a quick break – I’m going to take my make up off. I’m gonna put it in the sink. – Yeah, please go clean it.
– Please go clean. – Yeah, you know I– – Stop playing this please. – I don’t get to play. – Oh my God, your rebellious Diesel, what? – [Matt] Rebecca, where’s
the car, where’s the car? – He’s never rebellious! – You know what, I’ll be right back. You know if he’s never like that, it must be the candy that I fed him. – The what?! – They said you guys,
give them like a cheat day and they can eat candy
– Oh my God, no. – They had candy? Oh my God, no. – It was ice cream and orange juice. – They shouldn’t have candy. – Oh, there you are, look
she’s all clean, all good. – He’s being rebellious,
he’s never rebellious. Diesel, give me the phone! – By any chance, did you tell him that he can do anything he wants? – No, no, no, he said you
guys let him play Fortnite. – You know, that’s probably
why Daniel had to spy on you. – What? Daniel? Daniel? – We saw everything,
we watched it just now. We were seeing everything you we’re doing. – Yeah, you guys lost Solange, outside. – Wait, so you set me up Daniel? – Well, we just wanted
to keep an eye on you, ’cause we didn’t know
if you could take care of four kids at once. – No, no! – You lost Solange outside, I mean– – Rebecca we’re–
– Solange was outside– – The card, did you set
me up with the card too? – Wait, no. – We didn’t set you up with any card. – Oh, but the guy with the briefcase? – What guy? – Okay, I’m gonna go out really quick but I’ll be right back, I
know we we’re gonna do a pool challenge- – Yeah, we talked about that– – I’ll be right back, bye guys! I’ll be back. Can’t believe you did that. – Well, we had to keep an eye on you. – You guys don’t trust
me, you set up cameras? – We had to keep an eye on you. – Matt, I’m your wife, I’m
gonna be a mom one day, I can handle kids
– Rebecca, trust me. But the note, the note. – Oh, yeah!
– What is this? – So, there was like this
note on the doorstep. It just says Norris Nuts
eat the same colored food. – What does that even mean? – I have no idea you guys. Go let the Norris Nuts
know that we got this note, maybe it has something to do– – What?
– They’re watching you. – What, I’m gonna go follow. – What?
– What? Daniel, Daniel!
– What does that mean? – Rebecca!
– Hey you guys, make sure you are subscribed
to have notifications on, shout out to these people
on the Game Master network, lets score 100 percent, Daniel get ’em! Make sure you are subscribed
to La Familia Diamond they are awesome. Check out the video right here. Matt, I think we need to go back inside and do a video with them. Okay, we’re about to go
in and do a video with La Familia Diamond and I
hope they forgive me, okay.

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  2. I really want u to baby sit me I'm a really big fan my names Ruby and I live in the UK so I will never see u 😭

  3. hi rebecca ,me and my sisters are a big fans of yours. your videos are so awesome. we just started a youtube channel and would love any advice you could give us as beginners. we love you and will continue watching your videos.

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