Betal Leaf for Treating Colic in Babies

Betal Leaf for Treating Colic in Babies

they are friends in this video I will be talking about the usage of beta leaves for treating colic in babies this video is part of the series called traditional Indian home remedies for treating colic in babies if the Castrol massage has not given good relief to the baby the next step taken traditionally is a betel leaf stomach press for this you need to take a beaten leaf or a pond leaf and slightly warm it on a direct flame like that of a lamp or a candle or that of gas cow and then gently press the warm leaf on the baby's tummy and the lower back area apply this one compress a few times very gently for less than five minutes this contreras gives very good release to the incessantly crying Brady most of the times after this exercise the baby has a loud burp and forms the fleece instantly in some parts of India this method is widely used as a home remedy please subscribe to my channel for these home remedies

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  1. I was looking for some effective home remedy because my baby was pretty constipated and, found “babies magic tea”. I’m glad it worked.

  2. My baby had severe colic and constipation he used to remain unhappy most of the time. My friend suggested “babies’ magic tea” for my colicky baby and that was really great.

  3. Babies magic tea is the best to deal with colic and reflux. My LO had colic and I gave her this tea and it worked instantly.

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