Chocolate Brownies – Cheap vs Steep

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100 Replies to “Chocolate Brownies – Cheap vs Steep”

  1. Hope you found this as interesting as we did…. if you'd like to see some more cheap vs steep let us know below and what you'd like to see compared… those eggs though!!! It's nice to splash out on expensive ingredients but, you know what, a brownie can sometimes be a brownie…. if you'd like to try this recipe head here for the base one we used

  2. Not to take away from a eggepsional video, but the eggs that were light in colour were clearly hens reared in cages and have no quality of life. The others were hopefully free rage and way more healthy than the other ones. But, nicely done Mrs B!

  3. I like the part where she goes on and on about the eggs, thinking its the diet and not the fact they are different chicken breeds.

  4. Science has shown there is no known difference between expensive eggs and cheap eggs except for the freshness and the cost of free-range chicken care. The nutrition of all eggs is the same the color of the egg yoke does depend on the feed but the quality of the egg is not affected. Mrs. Berry Lewis wrong about the eggs, and most vegetables, but chocolates are different only because of the amount of real chocolate used.

  5. Waitrose quality content. But then I always prefer BL vids when he's with someone made of meat rather than cardboard. Always seems a little less mental when he's playing off of another person rather than pooches/cutouts. So more of these please.

    Pancake day coming up next month I'd like to see one with pancakes to investigate the differences in those eggs. Not to mention I'd like to know if those high maintanaince ladies would prefer maple flavored syrup over actual maple syrup. Surely the power of sugar will overcome expensive tastes!

  6. that was so much better then i thought it would i clicked the video thinking oh no now even Barry is doing cheap thing vs expensive thing videos but it was actually really interesting because you showed the process of it being so as different ingredients were added you could see which ones were making a big difference to the finished product and which ones weren't

  7. Fantastic idea for a series… (BTW, the "steep" brownies are actually closer to 3.5 times more expensive; not 4 to 5 times.)

  8. shell colour means nothing with eggs. Cheaper eggs are likely caged eggs tho and they wont have the same flavour because the hens didnt have the same vitamins as a free range hen that gets a variety of foods and lots of sunshine. The chocolates will be totally different because cheap chocolate has lots more sugar and additives to bulk out the expensive part which is the cacao. The more expensive one will have more cacao which means more chocolate flavour. the sugars are unlikely to have much influence other than to add a slight caramel flavour.

  9. I think the cheaper ones are probably more generic taste that people like because thats what companys generaly go after. The expensive one doesnt have that because the people buy it for a different reason. (Like no preservatives and better life for the chickens)

  10. Barry, mate. Your parents, sibs, etc liked the cheaper ones because your family probably has the same taste profile as you do; you all ate the same things growing up. I'd guess Mrs. B's family probably ate slightly different, and probably slightly less processed foods. That's one of the things that makes it harder to change your eating habits when you're adults: what tastes normal and good is pretty based in how you ate as a kid. (Which is not saying it's impossible, but we have to spend time retraining our tongues, and there are things that will always trigger that nostalgia/family thing. I might shop at what you'd consider quite posh places now, don't bring boxed ingredients in, etc, but a childhood of eating Hamburger Helper means I still find them satisfying on a level a "scratch" version doesn't hit.)

  11. I can tell because I'm from Normandy (we know our stuff about cream, butter, cheese, etc.) : a good butter from Normandy is NOTHING like a basic supermarket butter. If it's any good it'll be richer, creamier and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER (but it's also pretty expensive ^^')

  12. Please note that the Clarence Court eggs have a darker yolk partly because the chickens are fed a diet which includes paprika to enhance the dark colour of the yolk.

  13. I don't know about British Sign Language, Mrs. B, but in ASL, you ball up both hands in fists and tap the underside of your right wrist on the top side of your left wrist twice to sign work, not whatever the heck that was.

  14. I’d love to see more videos like this! I think they’re really interesting and I’d love to see this with some savoury foods too!

    Also I LOVE Mrs Barrys jumper! Where did it come from??

  15. I thought I recognised this recipe… I’ve been using this one for my brownies for ages! It’s from bbc good food I believe! I can vouch for it and it’s delicious 😋

  16. my tesco dont allow people in their pjs any more but ive seen some oaps come in in thieir slippers which is fair enough

  17. I can’t eat the Waitrose ones, there’s too much chocolate in them. I have an allergy to cocoa and the higher the cocoa the worse it is for me 😭.

  18. Barry:were gonna melt the Chocolate in 30second-blasts
    hits the 30sec button 6-8times

    Just press it ONCE so you can do other stuff in the meantime and dont have to keep your eye on it constantly and when its done it beeps, you can stir it and press the 30secs agaon

  19. The cheaper is best to be honest. Trying to get kids into baking its important to make it more accessible than anything else.

  20. 10:28 Not really true Becky. If farmers add Beta-carotene to their mix food for the chickens, you get almost the same result. A bright orange yellow yolk in a cheaper produced egg.

  21. Its actuailly a fact that caged eggs produce yellow yolk coz of theree food diet and free range eggs eating normal dietry makes orange yolks which are much better for the human body 👌🏻

  22. Love love this new series idea! Sometimes I just wonder if the extra money is worth paying for when selecting better ingredients. However, as a pastry chef, this is my input.. the difference in texture between two is most likely due to technique and ingredient selection. When the chocolate mix is folded into the eggs, Barry's mixture is much thicker. Part of it is because the exp choc is more silky and smooth, which makes it easier to fold it into the mix, also, Barry may have over folded he mixture/let the choc mix cool down too much. The thick mixture makes it more difficult for Barry to fully incorporate the flour, resulting in more mixing effort, more gluten is developed. Also, cake flour(low gluten) is used for the exp one and reg flour is used for the cheap one. If you desire fudgier brownies, just swap out cake flour for bread flour, work it a little more. Looking forward to your new upload on this series! 🙂

  23. Yes quality ingredients make a big difference not only the eggs and chocolate but the quality vanilla, flour and sugar. It was very interesting to see peoples taste I also think it's according to what people were brought up on as to how their tastes vary. That was fun :):)

  24. The Canadian broadcasting Corp did a episode on the different nutritional values of different types of eggs. I was pretty sure that the host of the show marketplace was expecting there to be some difference but it to be negligible. similar to you guys she found that it was a considerable difference and the nutritional profile was quite different. I think there are things that you can definitely afford to purchase the cheaper ingredients for example the flour probably change the consistency based off of how much gluten there was but the overall effect may have been minimal in the the recipe.

  25. The cheaper eggs will be from chickens who are kept in very unpleasant conditions, forced to lay way more eggs than their bodies can handle 🙁 so it makes sense that their shells are more brittle and overall quality isn't great… poor little chickies 🙁

  26. The look on Barry's face when he realised the girls and Mrs B liked the more expensive ones more XD

    Please do more of these. Maybe try a savoury item next? A pizza would be good, could have meats and veg as well as the cheese and the tomato sauce all being very different.

    Also wondering, though, if some of the texture difference is due to the fact Barry mixed one and Mrs B the other so they would have done it slightly differently? Just a thought….

    Anyway this has given me an idea of a challenge to do with my Rangers!

  27. i would love this series actually because when you're on a lower budget you can still make something nice. my mom loves budget cooking, I would actually also love a series that works with left overs from previous meals,or meals you make lets say rice and then the day after you can use the left overs for fried rice etc.

  28. Idea for another cheep v steep, macaroni cheese. My dad has a super nice budget recipe using cheese sauce granules, small amounts of water and butter and a squirt of mayonnaise. Perhaps you could do something similar and compare to a fresh cheese sauce? Also try the same shop but a basics and a finest range? Just a few ideas 🙂

  29. The egg yolks are probably more orange because the chickens had paprika in their food, chickens have different taste receptors (or something I'm not super sure) so they can't taste it and it obviously makes the yolks more orange making them appear nicer or more expensive

  30. Regarding the eggs: I bet the chickens which laid the more expensive eggs were given additional carotene to achieve this color. Usually the eggs from organic free-range chickens have rather pale yolk (which sadly is often seen as a sign for lesser quality), you can't get this deep orange color without a bit of trickery.

  31. The yolks in the free range chickens are darker because they get insects in their diet while the factory farm chickens eat corn meal exclusively.

  32. Normally I opt for cheaper grocery items or off-brands, but the one grocery item I do splurge on is chocolate. When baking something with chocolate, the high quality stuff makes all the difference.

  33. You pay for quality you get better tasting foods usually. If you are paying for just the name and the quality is meh it will be okay tasting. 😉

  34. I allways use free range eggs, they are not hugely expensive these days, and the quality of life for the chicken is so much better!, golden sugars do create a flavour difference so the only sugar in our house is icing sugar now, though i am like you and use cheap flour, chocolate for baking would be the best value for the highest cocoa content, never the cheap one
    I never thought about cocao powder though, going to have to try that.

  35. A small tip about buying chocolate is to go to Lidl or Aldi. Their cheap own brands, J.D. Gross for Lidl and Moser Roth for Aldi, deliver a decent 70 % dark chocolate that I would bet is as good or better than the expensive one at a price that is currently £ 1.45.

  36. I'd be super interested to see what you would be able to do with maybe 1.5x or 2x the budget of the cheapest ones. I'm thinking if you got some low-end but still free range eggs and some mid-tier chocolate, you might be able to make brownies that are like 80% of the way towards the expensive ones while still being cheap enough to make regularly.

    What I'm basically asking is that rather than just saying whether the max price ones are better than the cheapest ones, it would be really good to see which ingredients are worth putting the extra pennies into and which don't matter. All about the value.

  37. Yes! Love this idea of cheap vs steep!! Am on a budget so seeing what is worth splurging on is very useful! Including things with veggies and fruit would be great since we have such price differences here in Canada between organic and regular produce! (Just an idea! 😁)

  38. Before watching the video I think the chocolate is what makes the biggest difference. Whether you use cocoa powder or chocolate bars or milk chocolate or dark chocolate and how much cocoa is in each chocolate bar. Those kinds of things can make a brownie taste fake and store-bought or can't get enough amazing.

  39. I think the difference in the egg shells might be that the cheaper ones are probably from chickens that were fed antibiotics and hormones and stuff which obviously changes the composition of the eggs. Whereas the other ones probably had less of that and so their shells are normal egg shells. That's just a guess though I have no idea

  40. You could probably go even more expensive on the eggs if you used an equivalent weight of quail eggs. Not sure if there'd be any good reason to though

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