Day in the Life of a Japanese Mom and Baby in Tokyo

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  2. That was so cool to hear that she was a Maiko. I guess that she didn't become a Geisha because she knew that she wanted to have a family one day. I bet that her husband could even be one of her former clients!

  3. Japan government is lunatic it's??No anesthesia & $6000 cost to deliver a baby then complaining they have low birth rate.Plus the spending cost is insane.The dad had several restaurants and still living in those apartments.But both of them is very good parent indeed.Hardworking & lovely parent.They deserves the baby

  4. Japan: Wonder why people dont give birth
    Also Japan: It costs a couple thousand $ for childbirth
    Also would love to know how Paolo holds the conversation leading up to the video.
    Paolo: Hey man can I spend some time with your young and beautiful wife while you're out all day? Ok? Great!

  5. MTGOW guy here.

    Yeah this could be a fake since she performed all in front of camera and They are rich too.

    But Wow tradisional wife value and manner. She is a rare jewel today.
    Please man/Her husband treat her good. Always appreciate, caring, loyal and gentle to her.

    Namu Triratna. Buddha bless you 🙏

    Oia wake up guy not all Japanese women are like that. Want to be traditional. and Japanese women are famous as a good cheater, super hypergamous and will abandon her husband after giving birth. I know not all of them like that.
    The most important that not all men are lucky to get a good wife, but if on the contrary if you could get a woman like that, please don't waste your wife. Also be a good and responsible husband for your wife..

  6. okay, Are Japanese Women loyal to their husbands?
    I have read some articles from Quora….
    please only Japanese should answer.

  7. Good Morning Paolo!
    First of all thank you for making this content! it is great to see ordinary life or common people:)
    I would like to elaborate on 2 things showed in this video:
    1. 6:41 – App she is using, how does it help her with baby.
    2.12:51 – What is on 子供 back?:)

    Answer to your question, Here in Poland you pay 0 zł for giving birth, if you want private room some times you have to pay. For C section it is around 500$ if you want it . C Section is free normal labour is impossible.
    Have a good day!

  8. I shared a room when my 2 year old nephew came to visit. He sleeps with white noise so I had to also. Now I cant sleep without it!

  9. Looks like us Moms have the same struggles every day. Love this video. Amazing. What a beautiful family! In the UK we don’t pay anything for childbirth. The state pays. 😀👍

  10. Are these videos supposed to be for children? Honestly asking because this looks like it would part of a tv show like Sesame Street showing children the basics of life. “Oh no! The baby is crying!!!” got it.

  11. In west bengal ,India, the delivery of a child is free ,even if it is sergical. Not only that, the government give money whenever a girl is born to her mother.

  12. I love to have a Japanese girlfriend
    It is very long distance relationship but i loved it if anyone only japanese girl intrested please comment on my comment and we can be a friend on Facebook or instgram anyone

  13. Interesting – in my country – hospitals are free…….diapers, the Japan……just so glad I'm way over that part of life though – oh, the stress…….FREEDOM….:-)

  14. Amazing! All along the video I was mesmerized and in awe watching Moe cooked the lunch and dinner menu. She look so compose just like a Japanese royal. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Such a hard-working mother, wow. Looking after a baby is no easy task after all.
    Best wishes to this beautiful family 🙂

  16. Cant wait for the Day in a life of a Japanese Prime Minister. this dude bout to broadcast worldwide how the old dude wake up in the morning and then sign paper and shiz and be wondering around the building when they doin under the table Business.

  17. It is not a good idea to b quiet while baby is sleeping, they can get use to sleeping with noise if they r trained at an early age. My sister did it for her child and he was fine. Teach baby to adapt to u not u adapt yo baby. They can adapt easily at a young age. Then u r not held hostage cuz child is sleeping. U will have more freedom.

  18. It is so nice how she has a routine she sticks to. My friend would lift her baby out of their cot and wake her if the baby so much as sniffled. She has a hard time sleeping now

  19. Well for the expenses regarding child birth, I’m from Germany and we don’t have to pay directly for child birth and other medical expenses. Everybody has insurance and has to pay a certain amount (depending on your income) which probably wouldn’t be enough to cover everything if something happend. However this is where the organization of the insurances kicks in. Everything is build on solidarity so even if you wouldn’t have enough money to give birth/have an operation etc. other people cover the remaining cost. The only downside to this is often times really useful and sometimes necessary things aren’t that covered as the insurances want to get some money. The perfect example still is that glasses aren’t covered (if I remember correctly not even partially). So some physicians would recommend a certain procedure but can’t perform because the cost the insurance covers is enough for the most basic part and poorer people can’t pay the rest cost

    Sorry way too long text with probably some mistakes

  20. WOW $90 a month for the diapers? it's almost 90 X Rp 13.500 = Rp 1.215.000. in my residence i spent $ 30 a month for the diaper for 2 child. it's cheap??

  21. Think we pay 100 kr(10$) per day we stay in the hostpital in Sweden, and nothing else cost. But you can't stay for long if the birth was ok.

  22. I'm french, so childbirth is free, and the painkillers for the birth aren't used only if you don't have time, or if you don't want it of course.

  23. Can I just say how nice it is to see a Japanese man actively showing affection for his wife even in front of the camera. 🙌🏻

  24. Still waiting on you to let viewers HEAR YOU speak in JAPANESE then leave the ENG translation on screen.. Seems more authentic bro. Keep up the good work!!

  25. Im just wondering, she still pack a lunch for her husband when hes managing a restaurant, im thinking probably theres a free lunch for him at the resto

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