DIL GETS PREGNANT – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #41

DIL GETS PREGNANT – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #41

Phil: Hello Dan and Phil Games probers! Dan: Which might have been what I experienced in tsa coming into Florida And welcome back to the Sims!
Phil:Yaaaaaayyyy Where *dramatic voice* previously on Dan and Phil Games This happened: *Flashback of them freaking out* Phil: Is *laughs* Dil getting abducted? Dan: Dil got abducted, he got fully abducted Phil: I think he was getting a bit jealous from all the Tabitha abductions, like what was she doing up there? Dan: What’s ma wife doing up in space? Phil: Send me up, and I’ll sort those aliens out. Dan: Um, not that Tabitha isn’t capable of sorting them out. Phil: No. Dan: Maybe that’s why she’s dazed, from punching some aliens. Phil: He’s just a bit jeal(ous), so he went up to see what’s going up in the great beyond. Dan: In all seriousness, um, I read the comments under the last video. Phil: Yeah Dan: And before we get into this, Phil: Uh huh Dan: *laughs* Phil: What? Dan: I feel like I just need to tell you, you might have heard of this, Phil: Yes? Dan: In the Sims 4, Phil: Yeah Dan: When a male Sim gets abducted by aliens, there is a very small chance that Sim could get pregnant with an alien baby Phil: *laughs* I thought, there was something in my head that thought that might happen, but Dan: But it’s a very, it’s a very small chance. Phil: I don’t think we should assume. Dan: Don’t presume that’s going to happen, Because it’s probably *looks at camera worriedly* Not going to happen. Phil: We’re not going to assume a baby, but if one comes along let’s not be too shocked. Dan: Because, y’know, that’s not the plan that we had for Dil’s life, Phil: No. Dan: So, yeah. Phil: One baby was good enough. Dan: But don’t, don’t worry about it Phil. Cause y’know, whatever, so on with the video that we were going to do anyway. ****Panic in Daniel’s eyes**** Dan: How you doing Dil Pops Dan: He is.. He is asleep. He is feeling pretty okay *Phil: Soundly asleep* [okay], Fine.. nOthiNg On FiRe! Phil: Everyone’s alright. There are aliens Walking Around Dan: COOL! so, uh Dan: Wh-what’s the Plan There? Phil: I think it’s going [to] be Dab’s first day at school Dan: Ah, that’s A big day in his life. Phil: Also, Dil should go get a promotion, cause he’s close Dan: Becasue we did all that thing and we didn’t get promoted Phil: Close-motion Dan: He’s on the verge. Phil: He’s had the amount of breakthroughs he needs and he’s good Phil: So I think if we just look at the momentum conserver Dan:Wasn’t he focused as well? Already, from being abducted? Phil: YES!.. From AliEnS.. So maybe that could help. What- are you- Why are you hungry.. at this time? Phil: Tabo~~~ Dan: I’m Shaming you right now. Phil: Eat a bit Although I Phil: I Did Have a marmalade toast at four O’clock this Morning Just got out and I was so Hungry. Dan: Marmalade at 4 am? Phil: Yes it’s Such a- Dan: Did you brush your teeth again? Phil: No. I just wanted- Dan: I can’t sleep unless I have a minty mouth. Phil: I wanted the Marmalade-y taste! Dan: That’s dan-factorini right there (?) P: Then I dreamt that I made it again and then woke up really confused. Anyway- D: you have a surreal life phil yeah I see A D: WHAT THE FFFUDGCK P: WHy is he awake as well?! D: DAAAB IS D: Running himself a bubble bath… at 5 am. P: Do you know what that is? That’s nerves before your first day of school. D: YESSS P: I was sO nErVoUs D: Maybe this is the mother-son Bonding. P: Yeah D: that just needs to happen at this Point in time. P: Thankfully my brother was going to the same school, but he just left me at the gates like, “go on do your own thing!” D: He wasn’t like I’ll come in and hold your hand like a supportive big brother. P: NO.. It’s probably a good thing, (he’d) throw me off a volcano. Dan: *rolls eyes and sarcastically jeers at his lover, Phil* Yeah. D: Ask about school P: He’s the age where it’s awkward if you just walk in on the bath though. D: Let- I mean, this is the sims, where just do, like Press-Ups, okay so it got changed it’s all right. P: How are you feeling about school? D: He looks pretty sad P: Awwwwwwwwww T-T D: He’s feeling “uncomfortable” P: Dabby D: You’ll Play Baseball, *scary Dan* and no One will pick yoooou P: then you Can hoover the Classroom *SCARY DAN* People will judge you for the clothes you wear *Little Dab asks* will I get to play games and have fun? *DAN STOP YOU’RE SCARING ME* MWAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOO (AHHHH) P: I think Tabitha should make everyone a sweeeeet breakfast ^-^ P: French toast! D: Mommy making french toast P: I have never Made French Toast in my entire life. D: Do you even Know how? P: NO P: Well if- D: You get toast. P: Egg all over it- D: and ya FRY IT A LOT. D: And that’s why it tastes good. D: Let’s watch! Can Tabitha teach us how?! P: (psh) Yeah so you get the BREAD and you get the PAN- D: You get. THE BREAD. You ponder BBQs *Phil is amused and laughs* D: Nice. P: Is she gonna egg it? Or is she gonna- D: OOOP she’s gonna FLIP some olive oil! P: OOOOOOOh P: Drop it Everywhere. D: It’s gonna-
there’s glass… in the kitchen. P: Flip it! D: Flip it! P:Salt it! D: Season it! D: AnD tHeN iTs DoNe! D: Looks like you Just put some Pepper on some Toast and fry it for two minutes. P: OoOoOooOo P: That’s fancy, though. D: I-I’m-I’m sorry-I’m sorry where? WhErE? WhEre were the berries?! *phil is amused once more by Dan’s comedy and giggles* P: She just dropped them out of her mouth (ew Phil) D: DAB IS DOING THE WASHING UP (He’s so responsible ^-^) P: Better child than I was. D: Better child than ANYBODY! D: Better-Better adult than Dil was. D: For the first 20 hours of this lets play. P: Grab…… Grab a serving. P: Dil! Get out of bed, you lazy oATH (SAVAGE) P: He’s still a bit achy from the probing let’s get him in the toilet. D: *mockingly* sTiLl a BiT aChY fRoM ThE pRoBiNg D: I mean, we’ve seen cows being inseminated it’s a violent process P: I’m gonna pee myself~! D: Which is NOT going to be a “pregnancy pee” Because that’s not A thing that D: We’re Allowing to happen. P:NO. He’s not pregnant he’s just gonna pee like a normal person! D: everything is FINE! D: And Dab is going to have a normal childhood. P: If he was “Hypothetically Pregnant” how would P: We like.. when would we know? D: let’s not! let’s? Let’s Just go with the flow P: As Dil is like right now~ *BADUM TSSSSSS* P&D: UUUAUHUOA P: Family Breks (Phil, it’s breakfast) P: Family Breks (PHIL, ITS BREAKFAST) P: Everything’s great With the Family Breks ( PHIL AWIU) D: everything’s normal! Everything’s Fine! D: Absolutely, I think P: *GASP* Dab’s School in an hour! D: Oh, l-look at this responsible child. P: He’s better than both of them! D: I can’t. P: You could just have a child do all the washing up D: I canneeched Energized [Another] if You’ve Had your french toast you’ve Had your Brisk, Shower you’re Gonna Have a nervous Crap Look how green Dam Is that’s the green Easter Kind of Sermon that [Is] the best Sim Feeling we’ve ever Seen Around [fear] Is all about Well Ruined by the Harsh Realities in the School if This goes Wrong Now i mean I [don’t] know what to Say so [is] [that] For School Father that’s July, oh? That’s A school [out] getting changed [I] mean [that] that’s a pretty good Outfit is the Bottom Judge him Too hard Is there A bus in This Image is Gonna Disappear and he’s Just gonna he Walks a little [Wow] i think Should have Program the bus I don’t [think] that’s too much to Us for god’s New Classmates of Today We know to know what like What Everyone was Saying That Because? They’re in A small Space it’s a small bunch it could be it small things so we Should Transform something bigger like A lantern well But no, it’s a small thing in A big [get] Small things are Only Turning Into Small things [ok] one last Time in Theory will Be proved ok Just making Today Is oh Flaming MySims Maestro you Can Burn out Down Couldn’t yes Could it Still is Feeling very Tired told you right Any with Us in Aliens Help Fire Can Spread is all I’m Saying so for the Gods Maybe? Extinguish With freeze Ray Oh did that come on man [this] is tabatha Just back the hell off Just Stop [do] Granieri deal With the Power-Ups that you can’t get To it I can’t get to it [as] I can [tabitha’s] in the Way I don’t know that’s the all the fire Brigade ah [okay], Till Usual No I Gotta go yeah Engrish With [freeze] way Can you do it get to it what was Happening [only] [Full] [of] [ivory] [No] we’ll Just move something you Can Cannot war all the fire Brigade [I’ve] Gone Say Well it Seems like you can’t Call the fire Brigade [or] Cause There’s A fire and What so what do you do I mean do We just hide them, okay you [two] because what Can? We do we can Just run away what is the game for again, oh my god, okay Well dil dil Can’t go look at the momentum Conserver [Jos] Abuse you’re very far away, okay? [Franklin] I’m going to Work now [bye] It’ll Be fine Could it leave the fire I can, leave the fire There We go time for Work go to Work Can We not go to Work it’s not going to get promotional our go to Work [Commenting], [on] the Cake? Oh my god Tabatha I’m getting A [verses] on it oh my God Don’t just stand There wait Is it God and God is gone Tabatha I mean, okay Well if You’re? Missing Work Wow right so a little to Work Quickly my boss is calling Should I pick it up okay yes I mean be Honest Hello There Was a fire There was a literal fire in my House I think it’s very Reasonable if I miss a day of Programming and to stop my Family from being an We can send Into our [Integrations] like Should? We Make Still Focused and They go to Work Quickly yes Right – okay? Dill dill go to Work There dill dill go to Work yeah, we need to just Absolutely start with the big Big Sheep Okay, and Now, [We] attempt to fire our great Solo was Happening I got the Cleaner While a Boy Stood in the Corner Look? I don’t know doing like to see what I’m Gonna Let Spy on the Cleaner okay? We have a carina that’s Talking to Herself? He’s Talking to the Corner [Sadly] [Wait] She’s Clearly not doing Any Cleaning a solenoid Well Maybe I don’t know what we’re Pinging? Yeah I don’t know it’s like I don’t I don’t even Know Is everything clean I don’t know what happened it Better be [Divers] Back Home from School [hey] Learning to Make Room on the Refrigerator Door His Work is Merely Satisfactory I can get Behind that? Satisfactory Is fine for Me he’s like I check out Butterflies He’s Feeling Inspired Aw he Had A good toilet lightning School day and he’s Still Reminiscing on the good Days of Toddlers Ah yes Those Times Where I was very angry? We’ve all been Left back There yeah yeah? Why, don’t you go up to the cleaner Fire ask Leslie to Watch Watch me Play fire, [Dad] Have the authority i go I Go Ahead I want dad You’re A leader from a young age? Okay, i’m sorry but You’ve Done Nothing for our Family it’s not like for Style and Child you, don’t want me Anymore Well that’ll Be my money Please beautiful move out of the back Cleaner more like Worse? You got Her good fill it out I did that was a proper [Change] [the] [Middle] [Factors] foul no Promotion and no Promotion Stinky [Intense] I mean What Is he like? We are the worst day, well like any Good Alien theme Horror Movie why, don’t we get him in the Shower A because that’s when something will go they Explode out of your skin have a stressful Work, day, okay? Nothing I think usual usual I think, we’re Good what what was that? We’re Maybe a poor sport laws that Was weird Replay for You Guys in Slow-Mo [i] will Just be Proving Side [effect] Maybe? It’s where does that come from With that Stomach emanating [Starla] See Everything’s fine Happens after School the Parents don’t even need to Wake up these, day Is not Really so murders We get in Trouble you have to do Homework I think so is There’s no Stopping it Homework not Started [Theta] Oops? Was that Up to Us in my a be A? Skinny Cleaner I on the Computer before this woman Guilted Maybe [Till] Can have A more Successful day Today Nowadays Fire [isn’t] [a] thing but Should, We Risk Another tree Tomato thing I was that the chance to Maybe Didn’t a new One Bears The eternal Question okay send Alone Wait wait was what was it Still Is Uncomfortable Because of weird Tummy ate no? Look [I] Scored [it] from Eating some Boys I’m a dummy that it must be something he ate Fail it Must be something for me A okay, so dad Invite the river Classmate Effort that Was done With school to the day he’s doing such a factory Work but they Think he Could Easily Improve it Just a little bit of Effort he Deserves Have A classmate, over Okay, is there Anyone like There I don’t know Just Pinky dad get Dance Ever Have you’re not going to Make any Friends Melling like that, oh you know, okay, well you know evan you just Got Lamb is okay? So deb Is just Helping [Himself] about A Bubble Bath While evan is also talking to drew Took Interest Not is doing [offside] okay, we are running a child? [Exploiting] Ring Right now all Happening what We hired A cleaner and Yet They’re doing This Is some Cinderella Shit Going on in Jail House, We could Just hire evidence? The Open Is Having a Battle his Friends over Though but if You like come over getting Back When The Story Behind his Conception, Is his dad setting fire to, his mum’s House [I] don’t [think] Anything Was weird go on Vacation I like to think Is a mirror that’s Going on aha? Really [Twelve] Paying our dad’s [Car] Scour for me, oh my God go on Evan [Scoured] [and] out of the west for me Ringing out to be a tiny dad How it does at home like so children what are You up to and Look like Look at These, oh, no what a crappy Website that [Maybe] Look Like Completely an Ironic meme i Would go on [Aside] where’s the Deep Fried Mean I’m A bit Worried About the Adverse Because Ironic one oh yeah There’s a quickly Oh my god the man in the Rabbits are You doing, oh Shit type up this Box can be Channel Ever and Play When They Triceratops it on I’m going to go Ahead and Say [that] for his first Playdate dab Is the worst host ever why I’m going to get in The bar you Tidy I’m going to card With you look at some memes and Then Flawlessly and Just leave Words evan is [lich] [evans] doing his Homework oh God Say that’s why, the Pancakes of the big House [Spill] okay Till [died] Happened, okay We will get a shower We might Have Charged a Dodging for Rapido [is] Having better Watch Every Turn Aisle Everything’s fine, oh my god can, We roll another Child is dill Our dill Halter Pregnant With an alien’s Baby, well if They even [Tabitha’s] Baby, then [all] my Baby is he like being Infidelity [This] oh my god what a Lesson on the right Outlet others other ones Or to you maybe it Is Exactly The Right Outfit you Show Up that Miracle of science Baby, or were you like, oh my gosh [Because] [It] was real, oh my God I think he’s Just Realized he’s like Oh [God] I just Had a toddler [she] was very Angry all the time [I] am not ready wish the right Staircase There’s Something I need to tell you what I got Abducted but I kind of Pregnant She’s all right Look She’s Taking out hey right [ill] have not reacted to the Pancake Child being in the House of them to the mind, okay? She’s like that’s great, We can do some Wonderful Painting, we Can Play Catch with an Alien Baby Maybe? We could Just Feed it to A bear in the Woods now We’ll get Rid of all of our Problems the only Thing? We Can Handle Having a baby? Like that was my god is Innately Amazing if They Can Have tentacles or legs? Or something like what the shit so [evan] is literally Just like doing his Homework and Here for ages What’s that Machine oh, hello Think, oh my guys They’re Taking it Selfie Oh my god With wait a minute Water Thing before Is this is Selfie Feature Is [here] okay how, do We like to do Mouth or something Because This isn’t an UP-And-Down Poorly-Trained it’s like a Square Instagram you just cost it to people okay, okay, well let’s do this right We need to get Their heads? Like Let [Us] do a flash or no Flash is Horrible but a flash is Horrible in Real Life [during] [the] Sims With that like Maybe Show filter That Filters We would Just do This? Oh my god this bit has Changed everything right wow yeah they’re Getting you Ready yes With Flash or without no flash no flash There We go Take the Photo can, We put it on the Wall and then, [oh]? Wherever I Can Know what On it like will use me I’m very Calm until I can okay [Don’t] worry good as Anyone and [that] one [That] There We go and Scared by the [no] where did the name Come from don’t know We do, oh, ah? and then dad Can Name it A cool One with the Boys Friendship not cool on with the Boys, no so like what what is the next Video gonna be oh, no Bill Producing A Frickin Tentacle it Makes the Monster from under dad’s bed is now going to come out How are you [gonna] get [birth] [Is] he Going to poop it out If you Can have to get dangerous Surgery After a fire I would Look okay Where Where the brick Is get out of bed do you what if You have to Buy the Homework what what Is this? Absolutely unbelievable Were [Playing] World it’s like There’s no [like] I’ll Just put that on the Floor do your Homework Okay, well deb Is like yeah okay I’m Definitely not doing Homework I’m going to bed I’m not going to get great Have Intellectual Conversate What are They Talking About do you know they’re Just Having A chat so my friend likes to do some Sleeping I Prefer to get abs and Packages and Play Video Games super pregnant day I think We should do A final Transformation because it Didn’t Work Come? On let’s get a new icing Maybe the Bagel like it you, really, want to end This Video With Another Transformation Coming Big Like A lantern but We need the Lantern okay, no I want to transform or more of These because? We did not get to the Bottom of that okay not to Make sure that Information That’s not Gonna Cause a freaking fire it’s More Thing Is A Snazzy Lamp Look at that all right this is a futuristic lamp with 75 that’s awful Okay right so we’ll get this lamp Stuff in Because it There’s the next Video and that can be a snazzy Or A Futuristic Looking One okay [and] next Time you swing Big Without Setting Something on Fire That Can turn, Into A car yeah I think We should Prevent AbDuctions Now Is [that] an Option [right] Is it okay Prevent Abductions we’ve Had Enough of that Shit? No more boop [Leo] go, away, that’s orange dream of Rejection at 11 p.m. And evan Is Just wandering Around [his] Swimming Shorts, well you Probably like that’s Rude Sitting Home Where it is like right now Honestly, We could Say that the Alien Pregnancy is the creepiest thing We could Say that the tentacle Monster Is the Creepiest Thing I think, We all know? [Drago] Is the Creepiest Thing About this [Freakin] Series Moves away from the wall it’s where. We put it against the Wall Don’t Make Supper a, movie yeah It’s really Time to go now asked to leave There We go Okay, it’s Been Fun I think You’ve Been Hogging the Toys and that’s Kind of my thing so I need you to leave why Would he be Offended he Leave at like seven Hours I thought. I was Gonna Sleep, over Thanks for Hanging out bye? okay See, Wait he’s Embarrassed Because he Walked in On something he was never meant to See? I don’t want to know. What that was? She’s at the [Phase] no more Family Pooping Session Over it’s over I would Say this Video was a total Disaster I’m Gonna Get One deal to Get Promoted but then The fire happened Which is a pretty good Excuse Borrowing Dad did Have a third day of School yeah had some Friendship Yeah and Then everything else was Mostly Okay, [oh]? God so what what Happened I think [the] next Episode I don’t know how to Work There’s Gonna Be some kind of Bird Stay Tuned for next Time When dill halter will Have an Alien Baby, on now So give it a thumbs Up if you want to be Pregnant With an Alien Baby, Robert yeah Make Sure you Tap subscribe you Can ring the bells Notifications english soon as that happens you can Be like yes Give Me that Bird in Position that, was weird yeah are the Channels and laurel the story Don’t set Fire to garden The end bye

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    Latest video: dalien is a teenager

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  5. In episode 11, Phil said “everyone is a female, including Dil. He could lay the eggs, but we don’t know how… and Dil is pregnant with an alien!

  6. Dan: where is Eliza?!

    Me: Eliza!. . My love take you’re time, I’ll see you on the other side

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  12. Imagine being Evan, you go over to your friend's house and his parents sit down right at the table with you and start talking about his father's alien pregnancy.

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