Does Meditation Affect Cellular Aging?

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  1. Superb video. Thank you Dr Greger. So, not only does meditation open a gateway into a reality beyond everyday comprehension it can help us live longer. Win win.

  2. May I submit that meditation on God's Word is what will give you the most bang for your buck.  "Meditation" simply means to roll over and over in your mind.  If you take a promise of God from the Bible, like II Timothy 1:7 which says "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." and you roll that around in your mind for 12 minutes a day, you will reap tremendous results.  Since there are over 900 promises in God's Word, there's an almost limitless supply of good stuff to meditate upon!

  3. I heard a similar study, it said that aging was not so clearly related to caregivers vs non caregivers, but rather it was their personal reaction to the stress situations in their lives that was the crucial factor. There were people in the non caregiver group whose perceived levels of stress was high, and they did show higher cortisol levels than many of the caregivers.

  4. I believe the main stress relieving activity that most people are lacking is sleep. Without enough sleep you definitely age faster.

  5. For those wanting to learn how to meditate follow the link below.  Originally it was recommend to me by a Burmese monk.  While there are many different forms of meditation this one, from what I understand is the ultimate.  The story of the Buddha is that he went around trying different techniques but was never satisfied until he discovered this one, vipassana.  The course is FREE.  At the end they ask for a donation but from all of my experiences there is zero pressure.  They house you and feed you for 10-days.  During that time they teach you step-by-step the technique.  Know that this form of meditation is more than just managing stress.

  6. Excellent research.  Google techno meditation to see to a device first invented in 1958 that speeds mediation by 300%.

  7. Is Nutritional Facts having religion propaganda? Plant based diet, meditation….. what's next? Qigong Taichi Yoga?

    Jokes aside these are awesome to my well being!

  8. This is a great brief. I was care giver to my folks in their late eighties and my mother through her nineties, who would now have been 100. I've done Raj Yoga meditation for 47 years, and that's what gets me by in a world running round crazy, eating from the slaughterhouse police state mentality. Plus, the Dalai Lama has said, "Sleep is the best meditation." Fruit before bedtime relaxes and a little cayenne in a snack helps one dream. Without dreams there is no life… Thanks again Dr. Greger. "Doctor" from the Latin means "teacher".

  9. I read the study about the 12 minute meditation and they used kirtan kriya meditation which is, in my experience easier to stick with and for me had more immediate positive effects. Guided meditations are on YouTube.

  10. the hard swallowing sounds are hard to swallow for sensitive ears. is it dehydration or a lack of voice narration skill? gulp 🙁

  11. No financial pressure helps too, some people thrive on working in a stressful environment e.g. Trump, and some don't e.g. Theresa May.

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