EATEN BY A GIANT BABY!!! | Escape the NEW Daycare Obby!

EATEN BY A GIANT BABY!!! | Escape the NEW Daycare Obby!

– [Annoying Orange] I did that before when I played the Escape The Giant Baby it was not good. Oh no! (laughter) I jumped in his mouth! (electronic music) Hey yo it’s A to the O back again with another gaming video! Look where we’re at once again, ROBLOX! And we are playing the
Escape the Daycare Obby! Ooby! Oby! Pillow farts! (laughter) I accidentally said pillow farts. That’s the best. That’s when you steal Pear’s
pillow and fart on it! – [Pear] Uh, excuse me? Is that something you actually do? – [Annoying Orange]
What, build pillow forts? Yeah of course, all the time! – [Pear] No, I heard you,
you said pillow FARTS! – [Annoying Orange] Yeah, pillow forts. – [Pear] Pillow FARTS! – [Annoying Orange] We’re saying
the same exact thing, pear. (laughter) Okay, just no farting on
my pillow from now on! – [Annoying Orange] No promises! (laughter) We’re best friends. Okay! That’s a pretty good outfit, I like that. Is that The Undertaker or something? It kind of looks like The Undertaker. Oh yeah! Whoa, this place is pretty cool that’s a giant baby,
why’d you just ‘splodey? He must have ate one
of those ‘splodey tacos those are delicious! (laughter) Uh oh, you almost didn’t
make it there, buddy! Oh no! My buddy fell! I think he fell between the two cribs. Yo! Oh there he is, I see him! ♪ Ay yo make ya, jump! ♪ ♪ Jump! ♪ ♪ Pillow farts make ya, fart ♪ ♪ Fart! ♪ (fart noise) Delicious! (laughter) Whoa, check it out! There’s a giant baby, whoa! Yo baby, you drivin’ me crazy! Don’t fall into his diaper. (laughter) I did that before when I played the escape the giant baby, It was not good Oh no! (laughter) I jumped in his mouth! If there’s any other
oranges or any other food out there watching this, definitely don’t jump in the baby’s mouth. (laughter) In fact, just stay away from
anybody’s mouth, really. Seriously! If you don’t, it’s gonna end badly. (laughter) Well, I see another baby up ahead I think it might be wearing Air Pods! Weird. (Laughter) Okay, I bet we gotta
look out for the shapes! Okay, don’t get hit by that, go down here. Yeah, look it! He’s wearing Air Pods! (laughter) I wonder what he’s listening to? I bet he’s listening to “Sir
Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back” (laughter) ♪ Yo baby, baby! ♪ ♪ You drive me crazy! ♪ Oh, I think we gotta drop
down on the puzzle piece here! I wonder if you have to follow the glowing path, I bet
you that’s what it is. Okay, hold on. Go on this one, and then over here. Oh no! Okay, nevermind I missed it. What a puzzling level, right? (laughter) Okay watch it where it
glows, okay follow the glow follow the glow! If I don’t, I’m gonna fall to pieces! (laughter) Hey, what’s up undertaker! Please don’t put me in
a tombstone pile driver! (laughter) Hey, look it’s Jenga! Jenga would be really hard to play if you were this small
and the jenga pieces were that big! Whoa, baby! Whoa, look at those creepy peepers! Are you playing with banana peels?! Oh my goodness! He murdered bananas and
he’s playing with them! (laughter) All right, going up! Don’t mind if I do! Yo, you gotta spin it to win it, yo! Oh this looks like my-
yeah that’s my stop. Ooh! Cheesin’ and pleasin’! Wow, look at how big that place is! I went all the way through
there, that’s awesome. Hey, stop mousin’ around! I wonder if I can grab the
cheese without it snapping? (laughter) I’ll be back in a snap! Oh! (laughter) I can’t grab the cheese. That’s no guda! Whoa, that one snapped! Snippity snap, crazy! Yeah I think this is the right way to go! I heard it through the word of mouse! (laughter) Get it? Word of mouth? What’s up undertaker? (laughter) Slowly, wait a second, is that a giant spider up there? Ew, gross! Spiders really do get a leg up on the competition. Eight legs, that is! (laughter) Ooh, that was close, I almost fell off. Where we goin’ now? Oh no! Into the toilet! Whoa, cool! What’s up baby? Hey, where do baby spoons come from? The spork delivers them! (laughter) Can’t get this one. That was a pretty good
one, I like that one. Okay, hold on. Okay so do I wanna jump on the gooey stuff or not jump on the gooey stuff? Okay, yep, don’t jump on the gooey stuff. (laughter) Oh no, my body parts! (laughter) I need those! Okay, now we just have to avoid okay you kinda keep going
though, I don’t know why. Ooh, ooh don’t touch it! That was very close! And then, go over there, yes! Got it! Hey, guess what? I’m feelin’ just ducky! (laughter) ♪ Rubber ducky, you’re the one! ♪ ♪ I jump on your head, just for fun! ♪ ♪ Rubber ducky, I’m
especially proud of you! ♪ Yeah! What am I supposed to do here? What the? Get your sticky fingers off me! Okay, okay maybe I’m
supposed to- what the? What, why was there a
rocket hand in the trash? What is going on here? I really gotta hand it
to you, that’s weird. Oh yeah, I’m a fan of this though! (laughter) Well that’s definitely a new one I’ve never flown on a rocket hand before. Uh oh, I think we’re
gonna go in the toilet! Ah, I’m feelin’ flushed! Ew, gross! Look what I landed on! (laughter) Um, who flushed a bunch of lily pads and giant ducks down here? Cause isn’t that what’s going on here? Anything that’s in the toilet right now this is all happening in the toilet. So weird. Hey. What’s up Pac-Man? (laughter) They do, they kinda look like Pac-Man! All right! Ooh yeah, those duckies sure fit the bill! Noo! Oh yes I made- oh come on. I made it across too! (laughter) Delayed reaction! I’m really BOARD of this obstacle. Let’s try this one. No! (laughter) (snort) (laughter) I’m mostly upset because
I fell in the sludge. I don’t even wanna know what it is it’s gross, don’t touch it. Ewie! How big is this toilet? Is this what it’s like if you, if you get flushed down the toilet? If so, that’d actually be kind of cool. Hey, what’s up! You wanna go for a boat ride? Come on, it’s really
gonna float your boat. Okay, let’s jump in this one, come on! Come back, you missed it! Oh, wow! There’s pizza and turtles! Ooh, ninja turtles, I wonder? That’d be awesome! Or maybe these turtles
haven’t fallen in mutagen yet? But they still really like pizza! I mean, who doesn’t? Everybody loves pizza! (laughter) What’s your guys’ favorite topping? My favorite is when I have
pizza with sticky buns on it! Who doesn’t love a good sticky bun pizza? Whoa, we’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’, yo! Uh oh, uh oh, you gotta time this right yes! Look at that! Sticks the landing. That was awesome! Ooh, look it, another
pipe dream, let’s go! Up and around, doing some
tightrope walking on some pipes! I wonder what happened to that lady? She didn’t wanna come too. She didn’t wanna ride in my boat nope, she’s not in that one either. Oh well! Whoa, we’re in the kitchen! Just like in real life. Oh boy, there they are! The nuclear tacos! Uh oh, is this ketchup? Buttman was definitely here. (laughter) Any time you see ketchup then
buttman was definitely here. Whoa, feelin’ a little fried, huh? Okay. I don’t know which way
I’m supposed to jump okay. I’m just jumpin’ on the pieces here. Don’t touch the sauce inside I’m guessing? Oh no, buddy got fried! That’s no good. Oh no, carrot is a real cut off! (laughter) That’s cool, he doesn’t carrot all! (laughter) Okay, wait for it, yep
yep knife to meet you! Oh that’s kinda nice it has
to- oh no, is that EthanGamer? Okay, I don’t think so. Whew! (laughter) I was gonna get scared there. I love Ethan! I definitely wouldn’t want
him to get chopped up. All right, cross the
bridge and then, oh, I see! Nice! Hey, leaf me alone! I’m out of here. (laughter) I feel like Jack and the Beanstalk a bit. Hey, look it, I’m Limp Bizkit! ♪ Keep rollin’, rollin’,
rollin’, rollin’, can! ♪ ♪ Keep rollin’, rollin’,
rollin’, rollin’, can! ♪ (laughter) Okay, time it just right! Nah, I’m gonna go to the other side. Perfect! You can’t get me, spinnin’
butt propeller, whatever thing! Okay keep on hoppin’, yeah! Hop hop hop to it, you can’t blow me over! Let’s see what’s over here. Oh, there’s another baby down there and some apples, gross! Where am I supposed to go? Oh wait, I bet you I have to use the air on my dairy aire to fly over here! Oh, looks like I’m gonna
have my cake and eat it too! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna eat you cake. I mean, even if I tried,
look how big that cake is It would take me 3 years just to eat that! (laughter) I wonder if I can go in there? I wanna go swimming in lemonade! Okay, I got the checkpoint. Let’s go see if I can
jump in the lemonade! It looks awfully refreshing! Aw, nope, can’t go in the lemonade. (laughter) Grandpa Lemon, why
would you do this to me? All right, let’s do some
more tight- what the? Whoa! Here I was thinking I was gonna have to do tightrope walkin’ but nope! Hey! Okay, get the drop on ya. Cool, goin out the window! Oh, there’s even more here, okay. Playin’ on the playground,
that’s pretty cool! I like that. Why’d the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide! (laughter) Oh yeah, feels so good! Ooh, speaking of slides, here we go! Perfect landing. (laughter) Think we’re supposed to go in here. Yes! We did it you guys! That’s right, we beat it, we did it! We escaped the daycare obby! And we only got eaten once by a baby. (laughter) Hey look, another Liam! That’s pretty cool. Whoa, Liam you make me go so fast! Sweet, what’s up my bud! All right, well this was
a really fun obby guys! Obby ooby oby. Thank you so much for watching. Please make sure you do everything you can to make this the most
popular video on the internet cause it cause it totally deserves it cause it’s so good. Until next time, later hot potaters! (8-bit techno music)

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