Friends With Benefits Now Friends With Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Friends With Benefits Now Friends With Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Kennedy vs. Pope.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Kennedy, you claim
to be a nice guy who was forced to make
the tough decision to drag the defendant to court to prove you did not father her three-month-old son,
Christian. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Pope, you and your
mother are insulted that Mr. Kennedy
denies paternity and refused to acknowledge
your child. You say he laid down with you and now he has to
step up and pay. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Kennedy, why do you
believe that Ms. Pope claims you’re the father of her
three-month-old baby? I believe she’s just looking
for someone to pin it on or pick up the slack from
her previous, you know,
encounter. And so, take me back
to the nature of your
relationship. Um… It started off
as just friends. We met through
a mutual friend. Um… It got physical, um, once we got to know
each other and it… So did you enter into
a committed relationship? Were you boyfriend
and girlfriend? No. Brief… JUDGE LAKE: No? I would say briefly. No, we never did. It never
had the chance to take off. Uh. We did get along
in the beginning, but he was a jerk and I no longer wanted
to be around that. So, wait a minute.
Why were you sleeping
with him if he was a jerk? He came off as an all-American
guy in the beginning. He was…
We had a lot of things
in common. We had the same birthday
and the same football team. That’s enough to sleep
with somebody, Jerome. Birthday and a football team. JEROME: Okay. So, the bottom line is,
you all got along
in the beginning and you start a sexual
relationship with him. Yes, Your Honor. At what point did
you realize this… this all-American guy wasn’t
what he seemed to be? When he started to say that I had
feelings over my ex, and that wasn’t
the case. If I was not over my ex, I wouldn’t be trying to involve myself
with anybody else. So, wait a minute,
Mr. Kennedy. You’re saying that’s not true. Yes, Your Honor. What is your version? My version is we were
friends from the beginning and then it became,
you know, I guess, friends-with-benefits
kind of an ordeal. All right, so then
you were just, basically you call it
“friends with benefits”? But you were having
a sexual relationship and you were not
using protection. Yes, Your Honor. All right. So, Ms. Pope,
at some point you say the table start to turn. In your mind. Yes, Your Honor. Because he accuses you of having feelings
for your ex? That’s not even
remotely true. The reason why… My feelings
had changed was because she didn’t have a GED, she didn’t have a future plan
going for her. At the time,
I was going to school for my associates
and criminal justice. I was working
and raising my first son and it wasn’t until
my friend told me,
you know, “She doesn’t have anything
going for her at the moment “so you need to drop it
like a bad habit.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Wait a minute. No, a bad habit is sleeping
with someone you barely know without using protection. That’s a bad habit. This… Now I don’t know
if this young woman can be labeled a bad habit. Yes, Your Honor. All right. So now,
you did make the decision to kind of pull back
from this relationship… Mmm-hmm. And so when she says,
“He starts being a jerk “and not returning my calls,” the truth is,
you were doing that. Yeah. I admit it. Yeah. All right. Ms. Pope, at least that
part of your testimony has been substantiated.
So you… So I wanna understand, the moment when you find out
you’re pregnant, what happens? POPE: I found out that
I was pregnant at six weeks. I had a Cudie one morning
and threw it up at work. I put the two and two
together. It wasn’t rocket science and I knew that
I was pregnant, and after that point,
he really didn’t have
much to say over the fact that I was. And, Mr. Kennedy,
do you remember when she told you
she was pregnant? Uh, she told me around
May or June or July. At that point she had said there were two other
gentlemen involved and I had asked her,
“Could it potentially
be mine?” And she said,
“No. You’re in the clear.” So at that point,
I completely… JUDGE LAKE: Oh! I never said
he was in the clear. I completely… But wait, you also
didn’t say there were two other men
involved, Ms. Pope, when you just testified. You can’t leave things out
as important as that. We’re inPaternity Court.Those facts matter. (APPLAUSE) I wanna understand, when you told him that, did you tell him, “I’m pregnant but
don’t worry because “there’s two other men”? No, Your Honor.
I never told him
not to worry. This is something that
he needs to worry about. Obviously, he already
has a son. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) If you count from May 6th
to January 26th or 28th, whenever the child was born. That’s 40 plus weeks. So, the bottom line is
you did the math and subtracted yourself
out the equation. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I tried to, yeah. POPE: That’s exactly
what he did. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. That’s what
I was trying to figure out. Now… I didn’t hear from her until after the child was born
saying, “You’re the father.” POPE: I’m not about
to beg for support. Wait a minute. How does she
tell you you were the father? Um, through Facebook.
I got messages. Jerome, let me see
those messages. And it’d been… So wait a minute. It is your testimony,
I wanna be clear. It is your testimony
that she did not tell you she even had the baby until after the baby
was already here. She didn’t tell you anything
about the pregnancy, anything. You didn’t hear from her
until after the baby was born. I had messaged him the night that
I went into labor. And you get some messages. Yes, Your Honor. Let me read through
And you replied “About?” (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) And she replied,
“Would you like to guess?” And then you replied, “No.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And then, Ms. Pope says, “Okay. Well, I’m not sure
how to say this. “So I’ll just show you.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) And you send
a picture of the baby. Yes, it looks
just like him. So, when you saw
this message, Mr. Kennedy, what did you think? I asked her straight
point blank, “Are you sure it’s mine?” Because the last information
I was given, there were two other
gentlemen involved, so, I wasn’t exactly sure
if it really was mine
or not. I made a promise
to my children, any children that I had, I’m gonna be the father
I never had, so… If that’s your promise,
where is it at then? You didn’t tell me until
after the child was born. How am I supposed to know
it’s my child… Showing up one time… Unless you don’t tell me
right away. You told me there were
two gentlemen involved. You were never involving
yourself to begin with. I didn’t think I had to. You told me there were
two other men involved. Were the two other men
involved, Ms. Pope? Yes. six-hour trip out of
my day to go up and actually see the child
through with my own eyes, just to make sure
she was being truthful. I didn’t get anything until
after the child was born. So, when you took the time
and went up to see Christian, what happened? I just held him for a while, trying to gather,
you know, anything, any kind of, you know, quirks that might
relate him to myself from my other, you know,
kids or anything like that. Um… Trying to find
any similarities between him and I.
And, um… That was basically it. I went up just to…
Mainly just to see the baby
from my own eyes. Just to make sure that this
wasn’t a ruse of some sort. He did come.
He came to see us. My mom came in and she said, “Oh, you look
just like Christian.” I don’t know why he’s
trying to deny it now. It’s not about
the two other gentlemen. It’s about the fact that
he needs to step up
to the plate. Your Honor, there’s no plate
to step up to if I didn’t know
the plate was there. POPE: Well, he does now. (APPLAUSE) How am I supposed to
step up to a plate when you specifically
tell me I’m not the father and then months later,
try to get me to step up? I would have been there
from the beginning if you would’ve told me
100% this is my child. It’s not a choice. (APPLAUSE) But, Ms. Pope, you do have to own the fact
that once you tell a man or he becomes aware that there
are two other possibilities, you do have a responsibility
to get clarity on that. Do you agree with that?
And that’s why you’re here. POPE: That’s why I’m here. Your Honor, can I have…
I have something to say. You know, I’ve been
picking up the pieces
from my daughter and I’ve been her
main support, and the day that
he came to my house I told him he looked
just like my grandson, and he accepted. I was told it wasn’t mine, that’s part of why I just
wanted to figure it out. Listen… I think what’s
so important is, listen, Mom, you needed
to have your say,
you needed to explain where you’re coming from
and I understand that. Yeah. Your daughter admitted that there were maybe
two other possibilities. When you tell a man that there
are maybe two possibilities, that equals doubt. It… That’s what it is. Your Honor,
I had sent her messages briefly after that, you know,
asking about, you know,
“Well, if it is mine, “can we get a paternity test
just to verify, you know…” But I’m not gonna
depend on all talk. I wanna see some action. Well, what action when you didn’t have
any action to begin with. (APPLAUSE) Well, I beg to differ. There was definitely
some action going on that’s why we’re here. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Right? I have paternity papers
and everything ready for him to sign. But I have the result and that’s going to
determine whether or not he should
execute those papers. Yeah, he never came
to my door and said, “I’m ready to figure this out.
Let’s go do this. “Let’s get this done.” You didn’t inform me about any of this until after
he was already born. Ms. Pope, what I think… I feel like you’re missing is that you did admit that there were
two other possibilities and what he… Yeah, I admitted it. What he’s saying is, is he took the approach. If you didn’t reach out to him
and you didn’t include him, you must not have really
thought he was the father. I understand
your mom’s approach where her thought process is, if you think you potentially
could be her child’s father you need to follow up
and make sure you are not this child’s
biological father. You know, he’s too
concerned about who are other options,
when to begin with. He never told me who was
on the other side of his gate. I also found out that there
was another woman in his life that also had a child
three months prior to me. If he would have told me
that he was with
somebody else and that she was
also pregnant, I would have never even
bothered with him. But… (SIGHS) And that’s not great to hear. I understand that… POPE: He wasn’t
truthful about that. I was truthful about
the other two men
that I was with. Yeah, after she had asked you
and pried it out of you. Listen, I mean it sounds
like both of you, you admitted that
it was just a relationship where you were
friends with benefits. So, you didn’t have
a commitment. No, Your Honor. And that’s why I say
all of the time, young people,
you all having sex and playing it
like it’s Monopoly and it’s not better
with more people. It’s not! (APPLAUSE) It really isn’t! It just isn’t. Because it gets complicated. It does. He used me
to cheat on somebody else and that’s
the worst part of it. Were you developing a love
and a real admiration for him only to find out that he had been with
another woman the whole time and that she was
pregnant, too? Yes, Your Honor. And that’s what really hurt. Yes, Your Honor. And so now, listen. You are not the first
young woman who has accepted a casual
relationship with a man, but developed
stronger feelings. You’re not alone in that. And how did that
make you feel? I felt like
an option in his life that he could
just pick and choose whose life he wants
to mess with. Have you ever had
a chance to tell him how that made you feel? Yes, I have. I told him that it sucks
to feel like an option. And you felt like you were
just one of his options? Yes, Your Honor. And now you feel like
your baby… He’s basically
opted out of your baby. POPE: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Take a moment
and just explain to him how you really felt. (VOICE BREAKING)
I felt like I wasn’t
gonna give my son the life
he deserves because I didn’t know
whether or not
to have a complete jerk who
is a father in his life or to just say
the best things about you
and hope that, you know, maybe one day
you’ll choose to step up
to the plate and be there for him. Not once did I say
I would not be there
for the child. I just wanna verify
that it’s truly mine and I’m not gonna be
taking care of
someone else’s. (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE:
How did we get to this point? Seem like you all
had this understanding. You was sleeping
with other people, she was sleeping
with other people. Okay, it’s a mess. You know, you get pregnant, you don’t know exactly
who the father is, but I can see now what was happening. Once she realized that
she was an option to you, then she was entertaining
other men probably just to try
to have something to do while she knew you were
with somebody else. And I tell young women
that this is not a game you’re ever gonna be
the man at. Women can do a lot of things.
We are very powerful. But we rarely win this game. Because somehow we slip up and get pregnant. I mean, this never changes.
Does it, Jerome? The saga never changes. If you try to go
tit for tat with a man on having casual sex and trying to get back, well,
something’s gonna happen and when you end up pregnant the buck stops. And, Ms. Pope, as much as I understand
your plight better now I wanna ask you this,
I have to. If he is not Christian’s
biological father, do you know where
the other two gentlemen are? Yes, Your Honor. You do. And would they want to be
a part of Christian’s life? Would they put themselves, make themselves
available to testing so that we can get this
confirmed once and for all for this beautiful baby? Yes, Your Honor. All right.
With that said, Jerome, I’m ready to get
the results. JEROME: Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Kennedy vs. Pope,
when it comes to
Christian Pope, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Kennedy, you… …are the father. (APPLAUSE) You are the father. All right. How do you feel? Like I got
a lot of work to do. Ms. Pope… Thank you, Your Honor. You’re welcome.
This is why we’re here. Not just for you, but for Christian. Yes. Because now he gets
to know his dad and grow up with his dad. Yes. Would it be okay if
Christian saw his father? Yes, that’s what
I want for him. In my chambers? Yes, that’s what
I want for him. Excellent. We’ve got to accept
that these results, we’ve now planted a seed
for a new day. He didn’t know for sure. And so now we’re here
and there is no more doubt. Because we have the answer. POPE: Okay. And so now what I want to do is to get your grandson,
your beautiful baby, reunited with his father. I want them to be
able to form a bond. I want them to be able
to have a relationship, the relationship you say
you never had and the relationship
you obviously didn’t have from your mother’s testimony. We can break this
generation of curse today. POPE: Yes. Can we do that? Yes, Your Honor. All right. I will meet you all
in my chambers. Court is adjourned.

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