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Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

- [Sam] Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight's guests, strutting in like he owns the place, it's Josh Ruben!

When my husband knew I was pregnant, he loved me even more!|ep27-1

How is the little miangua Good, you don't have to worry too much Mr. Chen visits her often He always

100 Replies to “‘I Didn’t Want A Party; I Wanted You,’ Woman Who Lied About Pregnancy Tells Mom”

  1. She looks like she would be the kind of person that is complaining about stupid stuff and then when somebody debunks it she deletes the comment

  2. U just explained why she probably felt left out, siblings getting married, babies then there she is all damaged…..ugh this mom…

  3. The question is, why her mother is excited and supports her “random pregnancies” with her boyfriends since she was 14and act like it’s a normal thing?

  4. I understand the mother and sister being mad, and upset! But where is the love? It's almost as if the mother is taking too a stranger who did something to them. Not her child. The mother isn't listening to her. There is smoothing wrong with her child, her family as a whole. Mom said she did this three times. 👀 So why do they keep playing along, three times. It's not just the daughter, the family have a problem! Are they on here to tell ppl what she did, or are they here to get help? I'm confused.

  5. She's unhappy with herself and no amount of attention is going to help her. It's temporary and even with her mother being honest and kind to her while offering to throw her a party to feel loved, she brushes it away. It isn't anyone around hers actions that will heal her, she has to love herself and that can be extremely hard without the proper therapy and treatment.

  6. Weel this all happened when you were a child. Now you are a grown up and have to face life. You can spend the rest of your life whining but you can also take the lead in your life.

  7. She needs mental help and to stop lying because it’s aging her badly.The lying has her looking older than her own mom.

  8. I understand that she is doing this because she doesn't feel like she gets the love and attention from her mother but she needs to get to the point where she can realize that the love you receive is rarely what you want. That doesn't mean they arent loving you the best to their ability. One day she will sit back and understand that the fact that her mother is in her life and actually putting in the work and time for your baby shower and birthdays is enough for you to overcome that feeling of being alone or not having enough. Shes just looking at it backwards. People aren't ever satisfied especially when it comes to love. There's people like me who have no one in their life and its only then when you see gratitude in what you have.

  9. Shes fugly fat and no man will ever get her pregnant no way even if hes drunk no way would they do anything with her but puke when she talks to them

  10. I faked a pregnancy before and if anyone have questions just ask . I regret it but i do see what she going through

  11. This screams “I’m a feminist, poor me, woe is me, what about ME ME ME, IAM THE VICTIM HERE GOD DAMN IT” 😏

  12. Has loving family and purposely excludes herself then blames the family for not living her……She just wants to be a victim

  13. I don’t know how she could respond to this such that people wouldn’t just absolutely vilify her, but I feel like she’s being sincere.

  14. This lady got a freaking party for her fake pregnancy. I would have loved if my family got excited and threw me a party when I was actually pregnant. 😑

  15. Whatever happens to you in life, it is not okay to behave in this way. Yes we are a byproduct of our environment and our genes, but this goes against human nature. It’s just not right whichever way you want to hear/excuse it.

  16. Omg.
    The lies people tell.
    When you think you've seen it all ….
    People lying destroy everything, FOREVER!
    You can't go back and trust them the way you did ever again.

  17. This is really embarrassing. I had a miscarriage last year, during the summertime and it’s very sickening to see and hear this woman who’d lied about being pregnant.
    There a lot of women out here, who’s DYING and or, doing what it takes to have a baby. I’m saying this; if she was pregnant and a miscarriage two months before having her baby shower. This give her no excuse to lie about the pregnancy. She need to return all of the gifts, her friends and family were nice enough to gift her with.

  18. She seems like a scared 14 year-old trapped in an adult's body and life.

    I feel very sorry for her, and I hope she gets the help she needs to overcome this.

    I'm sorry to anyone upset by this very emotional lie. I understand how painful it is to see someone use your experience in this way, and I know it might be difficult to see why someone would do such a thing, but I can see so much fear in her in this video. I think she's compensating for something.

  19. This woman is sick. Who in their right mind would fake a pregnancy and tell your family about a baby you know you won't have? It's awful and I hope she gets the help she need

  20. Someone needing attention to this degree is extremely dangerous. I honestly hope she gets help before she really does have a baby. Quite terrifying to think of what she may do for attention.

  21. Dr. Phil just needs to get her pregnant with his amazing swimmers and than only could she be happy. The old country boy just needs his friend Jack Daniels now.

  22. She’s trouble. She needs to participate in her own rescue and not expect her her family to fix her. She’s need more insight and possibly leave her family for a while and find herself.

  23. Most girls are very honest because we model honesty to little girls from a young age. For a girl to lie this much… it shows that her family plays games.

    You can tell the mom is cold & prone to anger. The daughter is finally being honest here, baring her soul, and showing genuine remorse… and the mom shows ZERO compassion for her, connection w/ her, or curiosity about what led to the daughter's bad behavior. Meanwhile the other daughter seems to be getting off on how much shame & guilt she can reap from the situation. This looks exactly like the classic narcissistic parenting triad… w/ the mom as the narcissist, throwing these instagrammable parties, and the two daughters as the golden child & scapegoat.

  24. I don’t condone the fact that she lied about a pregnancy because that’s truly messed up when some people can’t even get pregnant, but it sounds like they gang up on her normally and that’s why she did it for attention. She’s desperately trying to reach out for the love and affection she’s missed in her life. I don’t sense only anger and hurt from her family, I sense a lot more than that. Like deeper resentment, and this is what happens to the black sheep of the family.

    Please tell your loved ones you love them. Remind them you care. Because clearly this girl has deep rooted psychological issues.

  25. The mom is really mean. I don't believe she loves her daughter at all. I think that they both need therapy. But on another note…that poor guy with her thought he was having a kid! I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to sue her.

  26. As someone who had three miscarriages at 14 weeks and is struggling to conceive naturally, IUI and IVF this is disgusting to me and she shows no remorse. And smiles through the whole thing

  27. “How I feel matters” so manipulative.
    “The fact that you have to ask that question is part of the problem” what a manipulative thing to say.

  28. Crazy, she needs some mental help, faking pregnancies to get baby gifts and attention from family and pals,. Mom calling her out on it she just spins it off like mom u pay no attention to me so i need to do this. Like what man would want to be with her anyway. Yeh it likes crying wolf so many times geez people spending money for baby gifts and she not pregnant gee a birthday party for herself lol.

  29. Can we just be thankful she didn't actually have a baby? She seems like someone who would hurt her child if it meant she'd get the attention she wants.

  30. I’m sorry I’m not trying to be harsh but if she’s faked this a number of times why would they be that clueless to trust her without a test or actually going to the doctor with her to make sure it’s true. I hope she gets help and will feel loved sooner but they somewhat fell into that hole in their own

  31. attention seeker tbh. I had a hard time getting pregnant and I finally got pregnant and I’m always so worried about a miscarriage so any thing that happens I call my mom or my OB but this girl just says screw it I’ll fake a pregnancy to get my moms attention!

  32. I don't know how she could fake so many miscarriages…for women who had miscarriages, it's very painful and for her to lie about so many miscarriages…I-

  33. JESUS IS COMING BACK SO VERY SOON 💯✅👍🏻🥰☺️😁❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  34. As someone who has had a miscarriage I find it extremely disgusting and disrespectful to lie about being pregnant and then fake a miscarriage.

  35. I don't have tolerance for adults with no coping skills. "I need attention!" Like I get it, you got mildly hurt as a child. You're still responsible for your healing now. She sees no thing wrong with her expectation of attention. You're like 30

  36. …….these women have serios mental issues and are self medicating with food…..obesity is very dangerous espicially as one grows older

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