I GOT SiCK!! Dr Adley and Nurse Mom take care of me! Mystery Guests come visit our new pet Honey!

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100 Replies to “I GOT SiCK!! Dr Adley and Nurse Mom take care of me! Mystery Guests come visit our new pet Honey!”

  1. If it’s possible, can u add more of Koopa and Olive to the videos? Not just of them in the background, but featured. You can be playing with them, holding them, or petting them. Ok that’s it, thanks!!!

  2. I love you guys and family to hop you get better soon you guys love me and family b where do you live now in Chilliwack i live in chilliwack beye now

  3. I love how adleys dad is sick but he still plays with adley ,nico,and Jenny.😊😊adley is also the best doc ever!i want her to ne my doctor 😁😊

  4. Adley wants her Dad to get better quick so she pokes him many times with meds. I hope ya'll get the chance to find the Guinea pig back down in her new bed asleep cause that would be adorable. Fun video. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  5. I am so sorry about the previous comment. That was my 16 year old son. You guys have a wonderful and beautiful family

  6. Hi! My daughter 5yo watches every video you post with Adley. She keeps talking about visiting you but its hard to explain to her why it is not possible. Not to mention, we live in Sweden lol. But i told her we might be able to write a letter to her. Is there by any chanse some way we could contact you? It would mean the world to her. She is fluent in english and a big part of that is from you guys. Anyway, thank you for all happiness you brought to my daughter. I hope you find the time to message back. Best regards

  7. It's like I am looking back on old photos of my early childhoos. The feelings brought with this vlog are so many. It's nice. But in so many ways.

  8. When Jenny said they where going to play doctors and nurses it wasn’t quite what Shaun was expecting lol ❀️

  9. Guinea pigs are extremely social animals. You need at least 2 to give them a happy full life. And their cage needs to be at the bare minimum 7.5 square feet for 2. Guinea pigs being kept alone can die from depression, won't eat as much, and aren't as active, and the piggy constantly being stressed will lead to a shorter life span. And guinea pigs get scared very easily so putting it in a large group of people with a lot of noise could stress them out so bad to the point of death

  10. So my daughter loves your videos. We noticed you guys live in Utah. We also live in Utah. We're in Murray Utah. My daughter would love to meet you guys.

  11. My kids came across your channel a few days ago and have spent quite a bit of time watching you guys. They love your videos! I found myself engrossed in them as well.
    You have an amazingly beautiful family. I love your energy, positivity, and all encompassing love for each other! You and Jenny are how I want to be as a mom… fun-loving and engaged with my kids (which I rarely am). I'm so grateful to have come across you guys so I can see how you guys have so much fun and I can work on being as cool as you guys!
    Hope ya feel better! And thanks again for sharing with the world… you guys truly are an inspiration!

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  13. Hello Adley…my name is Amarah. I'd like to be your friend. I want to make cookies and cupcakes together with you and your family. Please let me know when we can meet and we will make this a fun date and a challenge together. Bye for now!

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