Addie how’d your room get so messy it’s
not that messy what do you mean it’s not that messy look at all these clothes on
the floor oh that I like keeping them where I can see them all you better
clean up this stuff this could be a health hazard health hazard
what do you mean like I might fall on them falling’s the least of your worries you got to worry about the laundry monster the laundry monster what’s that legend
has it there was a little girl just like you she never picked up her laundry and
the piles of laundry they just got higher and higher until one day the laundry
monster rose up out of the laundry took her away she was never seen again
really yeah really anyway clean it up whatever I don’t
believe in that stupid laundry monster who was that the laundry monster its
real Jillian the laundry monster open up oh there you are now
what Jillian daddy told me to clean my room and I said no and he said that the
laundry monster would come and I wouldn’t believe him but but the laundry
monsters right there the laundry monster well I’m glad you interrupted me with
something important but Jillian it’s real it’s really in there Jillian I didn’t
believe it myself but it’s real so what you’re saying is the laundry Monster is
real was I not clear enough on that yes it’s real well I guess you better tell
daddy but if I tell daddy it’s like admitting that I was wrong and he was
right and we can’t do that oh yeah why would
we ever admit that the parent was right so are you gonna help me help you what
clean up your room forget it no help me get rid of the laundry monster hmm still
sounds like you want me to clean your room just go see him for yourself giant
you won’t be laughing then I wasn’t laughing to begin with just go see him
join otherwise they won’t stop bugging you I think I’ll just stay here where it’s
safe well you were right a D you see the
laundry monster no this room’s a mess but Jillian the laundry monster he rose
up right behind my bed Oh laundry monster come out come out wherever you are it’s the laundry monster Addie it’s the
laundry monster that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you I’ll be right back well well well look who just came
running back afraid of the laundry monster you don’t get to be mad I’m the
one who’s mad here it’s your laundry monster oh so your room is perfect is it
well no that is I you’ll have no problem with me just opening this door right
here to show everyone how clean your room is don’t open that door so you
admit you have a little bit of a laundry problem of your own yes okay so anyway
what are we gonna do about my laundry monster well there’s a monster in your
room pretty sure this is where we should tell daddy but Jillian I already told
you that would be like admitting I was wrong and I can’t have that well then I
suppose you think we should just walk right up to that laundry monster and
give it a nice big hug maybe I’ll do that by I mean maybe it has good
intentions we’re the ones who called it a monster
maybe it’s like the laundry elf of good luck mm-hmm the laundry elf of good luck good luck with that you’re coming with me right
fine where’d he go pretty sure he’s behind
the bed Addie why don’t you go check it out laundry monster
where are you laundry monster Addie look out just run away Addie the laundry
monsters pulling me in it’s like it has its own gravitational field well I’m not
gonna help you goodbye Jillian don’t leave me alone with this
laundry monster well I’m worried I’ll get pulled in to fine I’ll do this on my
own so much for peaceful negotiations that was your idea no that was your idea
I was being sarcastic how was I supposed to know you’d
actually try to hug the monster I like hugs all right so now what should we do
I was just gonna lock that door and live in your room no we’re not doing that
well I guess we do have to tell daddy huh even if it means admitting you were
wrong and he was right well technically we were both right I don’t like cleaning
my room and there’s a laundry monster fair enough let’s go break the news to
the old man daddy we have something to tell you
daddy’s gonna clean her room no I know I what’s going on daddy you were right
about the laundry monster he’s real and he’s in my room I checked on it myself
daddy she’s not making this up what are you talking about there’s no such thing
as the laundry monster I was just saying that to get you to clean Oh so parents
sometimes lie do they at least we’re cleanings involved well it’s not so much
a lie as it is a folktale but anyway what’s this about something in your room
it’s the laundry monster he even tried to absorb me into his laundry miss well
there was so much laundry in there I’m sure you just fell down had some trouble
getting out but if it makes you feel better I’ll go check it out okay do you
think we should go help him and he’s a grown-up he’ll figure it out laundry monster girls there isn’t a
laundry monster there is a laundry monster gosh I’ll never believe it the
laundry monsters in there yeah we know we’re the ones who sent you looking for
him remember but but he’s real and I I told you I have told you if you didn’t
clean your room this what happened but you didn’t believe me and now see what
happened didn’t you just say that was a legend though yeah get your story
straight man anyway you guys know what we need to do send you in as a sack of rice ooh ooh family conference well your mother’s out shopping so father/daughter
conference what’s this about a human sack of rice now what do you think we
should do about the laundry monster well I think we should drop him into the
paper shredder okay Jillian thinks violins is the
answer I think we should surprise mommy with it okay Addie wants to traumatize her mother well what do you think we should do well
the reason there’s a laundry monster at all is because of all that dirty laundry
you get where I’m going with this so you do want me to clean my room no I think
he wants us to pick the laundry monster apart no no how do you take care of
dirty laundry call a maid service who throw a washing machine at it you have a
fundamental misunderstanding of how washing machines work anyway you’re on
the right track because I say we shout them out
yelling now that’s my forte no Addie shout helps you clean up your laundry
that’s right Jillian it’s advanced action gel has 70 percent more stain
fighting power are you sure this isn’t a commercial because this really sounds
like a commercial no daddy’s just especially enthusiastic about laundry
detergent it’s kind of his thing so what do you say we get ourselves a
laundry monster come on all right laundry monster come on out
where did he go look behind the bed daddy be careful he’s not here
he’s right behind you get him daddy get up yeah make that dirty laundry pay it’s
shrinking he’s dissolving away I think it’s okay
now not so tough now are you pal Oh laundry
what are we supposed to do with it now should we just throw those clothes out
that’s where this comes in are you always just carrying laundry stuff
around yes yes I am looks like you have an appointment with
mr. Maytag so did you learn your lesson Addie is this the part where I say I’m
gonna keep my room clean from now on because that ain’t happening well at
least you could throw the laundry in the hamper I guess I can do that hmm I guess
it’s a start good thing toys can’t come to life huh
yeah that would be creepy so that was the dirty laundry monster
did you like it give it a thumbs up if you like laughing be sure to check out
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check out the Jillian & Addie channel it’s just like hanging out with Jillian and
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stories every day thanks for watching goodbye

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