LOL Dolls Glitter Series ! Toys and Dolls Fun Opening Blind Bag Balls | SWTAD Kids

LOL Dolls Glitter Series ! Toys and Dolls Fun Opening Blind Bag Balls | SWTAD Kids

Storieswithdolls: Hi, friends! Stories With Toys and Dolls Here! It’s been a few days since I brought you the
LOL Glitter Series dolls. And we are still missing four dolls because
the full set comes with twelve dolls. We already have eight of them. We got a bunch of duplicates, and we weren’t
able to complete the series. But guess what! Fairy dust! I bought 10 more balls to see if we can complete
the collection! We’re going to open them in a fun way, we
are going to put the balls in here. And with my magic fairy dust, we are going
to see which doll we get. Ready guys? Fairy dust! (gasp) We got Teacher’s Pet! We didn’t have her! Yay! I’m so happy! We’re starting off very well, friends! I thought we would start out with duplicates,
but no, we don’t have her! Now we only need 3 more! According to the paper, she can either go
peepee or cry. So we’re not going to put her in the water
because we know she doesn’t change colors. So, I’ll just give her her bottle. She goes peepee! She didn’t drink a lot of water so she didn’t
go that much peepee *giggle So, we’ll put a stciker here that says that
she goes peepee. Next ball! We’ll put it in the theater. Let’s close the curtains. Fairy dust! Aww, a duplicate! And we know she already can change colors
so we’re not going to put her in the water. Friends, if you still haven’t seen the video
I made where we got most of the Glitter Series dolls, I’ll leave it here so you can go watch
it. For now, I will put Diva away because she
is a duplicate and we already have her. But, we don’t have to get discouraged because
here we have another ball!! Hopefully we can get a new doll this time. Let’s close the curtains. Fairy dust! Aww, it’s another duplicate! (music) Well, it’s okay, it’s okay, Fresh is very
cool. So we already have another Fresh duplicate,
this is the third Fresh we get. We already have the one that goes peepee,
and the one that cries. And that’s all there is, so this one is
definitely a duplicate. But it’s okay, because we still have seven
balls and we only need three more dolls, so we have a very good chance to complete the
collection. Let’s see. Fairy dust! Aww, it’s another duplicate! We already have Rocker. (music) She’s also very cool, but we already have
her. We already have the one that spits and the
one that cries, so she is a definitely a duplicate! But, we don’t have to worry because we still
have… six balls! And I’m sure there has to be at least one
or two of the three that we need. So, let’s keep opening the balls. Which one should we put behind
the curtains…. (music) This one! Fairy dust! Aww another duplicate! Well at least the Divas can give us a show. And now, friends….presenting the show of
the three Divas! (music) And now so that we have better luck, I’m not
only going to close the curtains. I’m also going to close the doors. Let’s see if it gives us the luck we need
to get a new one! Fairy dust! Another Diva! *giggle Well now we will have….The show of the four
Divas! (music) Another ball, another ball! Fairy dust! Oh no! Rocker again!! Friends, we already have a bunch of the Rocker. We have five! And Diva is getting there because we have
four Divas already. Five Rockers is too much. Friends, help me think positive here so that
we won’t get any more Rockers! We had a very good start, but we haven’t done
well lately. And now Im starting to worry because we only
have three balls left! We need three more dolls to complete the collection. We need Cosmic Queen, we need Hoops MVP, and
we need Center Stage. Friends, I would be happy if we get Center
Stage. Because this is the one I’ve been wanting
since we started. Well also if we get Cosmic Queen because see
hard to find. Well… I’d be happy to get all three of them, but
I really want Center Stage. Which of these three will be Center Stage? It’d be nice if these are the three that we
are missing but that would be extreme good luck *giggle I’d be very happy if one of these is Center
Stage. Fairy dust! Friends, who is behind these curtains? Who could it be, who could it be? Tan-tan-tan-tan! (gasps) Yay, it’s not a duplicate! We got Hoops MVP. Yay! (music) We need two more to complete the collection
now. Yay, we got Hoops, we got Hoops! The paper says she can go peepee or spit. We’re going to give her her bottle. She goes peepee! Yay, we got Hoops! We’ll mark that she goes peepee. We still need two more; Cosmic Queen and Center
Stage! Friends, Center Stage is being a troublemaker
because she’s not supposed to be rare or ultra rare, and we still can’t get her. But, friends, the reality is we only have
two balls left here, and we still need two more dolls to complete the collection. Boys and girls look at these balls and guess
which dolls are inside. And tell me in the comments who do think we
are going to get in these balls. And let’s open this one to see which doll
is in here. Fairy dust! (gasps) Another Rocker! We have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Rockers! Six Rockers! This is excessive! The last ball. Let’s rub it for good luck! Let it be Center Stage or Cosmic Queen, please
not a duplicate….. Let’s put it on the stage and close the curtains. Tan-tan-tan-tan! (gasps) M.C. Swag! Well, at least it’s not another Rocker *giggle Oh, but the MC Swag we got last time cries,
and there’s two. One that cries and one that pees. So, this one could be the one that goes peepee. Let’s go see. She cries! Oh, it’s a complete duplicate! Friends, we couldn’t get Center Stage! But, if you guys can give this video a like,
I’ll be super happy even though we didn’t get Center Stage. Because I love making you guys happy, so if
you guys liked this video, that’s what’s truly important. So, I’ll play the like beep and you guys
can give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Ready???? Here comes the beep…. Friends, should I keep buying more of these
balls to see if we can get Center Stage or Cosmic Queen? Or should we just stay with the ones we have? Let me know in the comments! RollerSkater: Here I comeeee! Basketball: Open the door! BABY: Door is opening your majesty Hoops MPV: Vroom!! Rocker: Your escort is here your majesty! Meanwhile… Boss Baby: Oh what a productive day, today
I got a lot of dogs, and I’m going to put them here. This one here. Hm! These here. Dog: Awooo!! (howling sadly) Ow, ow, awooooo!!! Boss Baby: You get in there, get in there! Get in! Get in! Get in there, get in there. Sky: You won’t get away with this boss baby! As soon as Chase finds out what you’re doing,
he’s going to come rescue us, and the one in jail will be you!! Boss Baby: Yeah, yeah, too much blah blah
blah. Get inside, get inside! Sorry but sometimes in business you have to
take some drastic measures to eliminate the competition. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I should’ve put this big one in one of the
bottom ones. Ah, ah, ah, it barely fits! Okay You’re in luck biggo, I can’t close the
door. But if you even think of moving, you’ll
have to deal with me! And now, to get more dogs. Hmmm there’s two more in the park. I’ll go get them. Hmmmhmmmhmmhmmhmm Hoops MVP: Hey! What are you doing? Those are our dogs! Boss Baby: Dogs are a babies’ biggest competition. Any baby with a bit of business sense would
know not to have any dogs! I don’t know what you guys are doing with
these dogs. I’m going to take them. M.C. Swag: Hey!! You can’t do that!! Those dogs are ours!! And we want them!!! Rocker: Hurry!! Chase after him with the tricycle! Roller Skater: Let’s go help her girls! Rocker: Yes, let’s go!! Boss Baby: Come on, come on, move it! I’m going to lock you up too! LOLs: Don’t even think about it! Rocker: Girls, attack! Boss Baby: Ahh!! Ahh!! Ahhhhh!! No!! Don’t spit on me!!! Ahhh!! Ahh!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Rocker: You’re not going anywhere until
you give us the keys to free the dogs! Boss Baby: Ahhh, there are the keys. I’m outta here!!! LOL dolls: Yay!!!! Mission complete girls!! StoriesWithDolls: Hi everyone! Today we were playing with this Peppa Pig
treehouse. Here on the back of the box it tells us about
all the different things we can do with the house. And here it says that Peppa said that only
girls can play in the treehouse. So Grandpa Pig made George this fort, but
in the end, everyone realized that it was more fun to play together! So let’s open it! And now let’s build it really quickly! (music) It comes with a table, with a tea set, and
these two chairs. And it comes with this tricycle for George
with his dinosaur. Oooo and the wheels really spin! It also comes with George! George: Woohoo!! StoriesWithDolls: And now that it’s built,
let’s take a look at everything the box says it comes with. The first thing we’re going to look at is
this rug. When we press the rug, it talks and the light
turns on. Haha, oh Peppa is asking if we want some tea. We saw this, and we also saw this, the real
working light. Now we’re going to look at this, that says
the slide comes with sounds. And this, that says the muddy puddle plays
a song and says phrases! Peppa: I want to show them how it works! StoriesWithDolls: Of course Peppa, show us! Peppa: When I sit here, the sounds activate! Wooooo!! And when I land in the mud, it also makes
noise! StoriesWithDolls: Peppa, now that you’ve
shown us how the slide works, how about you show us the swing! Peppa: Yay!!! The swing!! StoriesWithDolls: Here’s the swing in the
tree. Let’s sit Peppa here. Peppa Pig: I need a push! StoriesWithDolls: Oh haha, I’m sorry Peppa! Here, I’ll give you one! Ready… Set… *pause* Go!!! Haha. Weeee!! Haha. Peppa, now that you’re showing us all the
things, why don’t you show us the inside of your house. Peppa: Oh yes of course!! This is where I drink tea with my friend Susie
Sheep! She likes to sit in that chair, and I like
to sit in this one! What to know why? Because from here I can look out the window! Hahahaha StoriesWithDolls: Oh thank you Peppa! Now let’s look at George’s fort. Peppa Pig: Wait!! Wait!!! I forgot something!!! I forgot something!! StoriesWithDolls: Oh, what did you forget
Peppa? Peppa Pig: Well, in order to get over to George’s
fort, we do it in a super fun way! StoriesWithDolls: Oh really? Show us! Peppa: Of course!! Up here!! Up here!! StoriesWithDolls: Oh, where’s Peppa? Where— Oh!!! There you are haha!!! Peppa: This is how we go over to George’s
fort. Woohoo!!! StoriesWithDolls: Friends, Peppa was right!! What a fun way of going over to George’s
fort! Richard: Did you hear that George?! There are invaders in our fort! We have to be ready to attack!!! George: George al attaque Peppa Pig: Ouch!! George!! Why did you do that?? George: Oops!! Haha, sorry Peppa!! George did not know it was you Hahahaha Richard: Haha, it’s because we thought you
were an invader! An intruder! Hahaha. Sorry! George, we should’ve climbed up here to
the tower to see who it was before we opened the door. StoriesWithDolls: Oh poor Peppa!! I’m sorry Peppa! We should’ve let the boys know that we were
going to come look at their fort. And speaking of boys, friends, I wanted to
tell you that this set comes with Richard Rabbit! (Kids laughing)
You bumped me!! You can’t get me now!! (Kids laughing)
Yes I can (more laughs)
Hey that’s not fair, you hit me harder. (laugh) so I win
wheee!! Yummy, this cotton candy is the best I ever
eaten in my entire life. Your birthday party is super fun Crystal. Yes, this is my favorite place. Can I have a turn bowling? Oh of course, go for it. OK let’s see… I am going to bowl as hard as I can so I can
knock down all the pins. Achoo!! Awww I didn’t even knock down one! But I wont be sad. I am going to try again. Achoo!!
(kids laugh) Well at least I knocked down one this time. (more laughs)
Girls, come here it’s time to open the presents. Yay!! Presents!! Mine first!! Noo, mine!! Noo mine!! (laughs)
Don’t worry girls, I’ll open all of them (girl crying) What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Because I didn’t get you a present. (cries) Aww don’t worry, I like presents but the most important part for me is that you guys
came to my party. Really? Of course!! Come on let’s go and open the other ones. Storieswithdolls: We were playing with these two Shopkins
playsets. Cotton Candy Party and Party Game Arcade. This one comes with a bowling set, bumping
cars and a slide. Let’s open this one first. Here in the back of the box we can see how
much fun the Shop kins are having. And now, let’s take a look at everything
that come with the set. It comes with four exclusive shop kins. The three bowling pins are called: Penny Pin,
Pippy Pin and Pina Pin and the ball is called Strikey. Here we have the game arcade that comes with
a lot of different shelves where we can put our shop kins as prices. It even comes with these three balloons that
we can put them here on top. Here we have the ramp where the ball comes
down, when we try to knock down all the pins. Here we have three holes where we are supposed
to put the bowling pins. And now I am going to throw the ball and see
how many pins I can knock over. Ready?? I am going to knock over all three at once. Here I go!!
(laughs) She only missed one but I have a second chance. Here I goooo!!
(laughs) Now Strikey was able to knock all the pins. Yuppee!! Yuppee!! This set also comes with this set of bumping
cars and the Shopkins fit in here as well as the Shopkin dolls. And since this place is for a birthday party
let’s try it out with the cake Shoppies We are going to put this one in this other car. Ohh!!! hahaha How do you drive this thing!! It is spinning around. My car is all spinning around. (laughs) Look this is how you drive it!! And this is how you bump someone else. (laughs)
Noo!! Don’t hit me. I don’t even know how to drive this car!! And here we have the slide which is super
fun because it comes with this little car and the set didn’t comes with this little
shopkin but still I am going to use it so So we can see how it works. We slide down here, and with this
lever here, pop!! (laughs)
The shopkins comes out. And since this is a place where they have
birthday parties, I went to go and get all my cake shopkins or anything that was dessert
related and I am going to used them to decorate the set. Here in this balloon I am going to put this
piece of cake. In this purple balloon I am going to put this
cupcake. And in this blue one, I am going to put this
one. Awww! It looks like this is where the prices go. This is for first place, let’s say that
they win this cupcake. This is for second place, let’s say that
they win this second place. And this is for third place and let’s say
that they’ll win… It looks like a lemon bar. And on this shelf I am going to put a smaller
cupcake. This cake that says Happy Birthday and this
other little cake. And here we have this first Shopkins play
set. The other play set I have for you guys is
this Cotton Candy Party playset. And here on the back we can more or less see
what the toy looks like. But let’s open it so we can get a better
look. It says that it comes with six exclusive shopkins
and of course at least one of them has to be cotton candy. Ohh!! And it looks like this one is also cotton
candy, but this one comes in a container. We have the stand here, and we have another
stand here but we can put these that came here. Awww, these are so cute, they come in different
colors. And here we have the sign for decoration. It comes with this table where we can put
the container filled with cotton candy. It comes with this bag with these sticks which
are for us to decorate the sour candy. And here the machine to make the cotton candy
is super fun because we put the shop in there and we push this button, and wheeee…..
(laughs) That Shopkin must be having so much fun there. I want to do it too. Ok let’s put the container too. Yahoo!! And this shop didn’t come with the set but
we can put her here so she can be the sales person. And here we have the second Shopkins set. (music) Friends in the comments let me know which
of these two sets you liked more. And for those of you who haven’t subscribed,
don’t forget to subscribe so you can get notified everytime I upload a new video and
we can get you early to watch it.

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