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Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

- [Sam] Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight's guests, strutting in like he owns the place, it's Josh Ruben!

When my husband knew I was pregnant, he loved me even more!|ep27-1

How is the little miangua Good, you don't have to worry too much Mr. Chen visits her often He always

88 Replies to “Mom Says She Believes Daughter Fakes Pregnancies For Attention From ‘Whatever Man She’s With At T…”

  1. I honestly feel bad for Taylor. She stresses through tears in the previous videos about how her mom was never there for her when she was struggling with abuse. Even though her mom knew something felt off during the time that she was being abused. Leading to her faking these pregnancies to make herself feel wanted and cared for.

  2. Gee, I wonder if Taylor has abandonment issues….🤔 Let's see, sexually abused and Mom did nothing about it. Now she lies to keep boyfriends from leaving and the lies also happen to garnish the attention she has always needed, wanted and never received from her mother. Seems simple to me but Mom is still making the shocked Pikachu face. 😩🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Plot twist: she was actually pregnant the first time and she doesn’t know how to let go of the trauma of her miscarriage

  4. That’s so sad fr she may be hurting but she should’ve have went that far. Now when she really gets pregnant she gonna need a psychiatric evaluation that’s crazy

  5. What's going to be really sad is when she is legit pregnant, there's not going to be any excitement or any parties or anything. They're going to think the baby is fake, yet again.

  6. The one reportedly documenting a fake pregnancy appears to be somewhat insecure and jealous of the woman who is pregnant. The woman who is pregnant appears to simply be living her life.

  7. Why are they so happy that she finally seemed pregnant. Ridiculous! The whole thing is stupid. The mother being soooo excited for a person who lies and lies and lies 🙄🙄🙄

  8. Why are these people holding out hope that she really is pregnant? The last thing this girl needs is a person to be responsible for 😳

  9. This seriously makes me angry. I’m pregnant with my third and have never had a baby shower or any celebration so I decided I didn’t need gifts and threw myself a gender reveal. My mother in law spoiled the surprised and this is likely my last child. She has people to love and support her and takes it for granted… ugh I’d give anything for a mom that did that for me.

  10. This is horrible… She faked so many pregnancies and when she actually gets pregnant no one is gonna be happy cuz they will think shes faking it…

  11. My daughter had her cord wrapped around her neck. After 16 hours of labor I had an emergency c-section and she was born healthy as could be. Not saying it couldn’t have been worse, but I think the cord being wrapped around the neck a relatively common and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a death sentence.

  12. My grandmother actually have birth to my uncle who was stillborn because he had the cord wrapped around his neck, that was such a difficult part of my grandmothers life to get past, you could still see the sadness etched in her face when she spoke about it many many years later, and for someone to lie and say something like this because they simply enjoy the attention it brings them, its awful. What worries me is, what if she decides to steal someone's child down the road or become one of those women who kidnaps a pregnant womam and cuts her baby out to keep up with her lie, its always a possibility, that kind of thing happens far more often than it ever should.

  13. "I had no reason not to believe her"
    … .. Girl she faked pregnancies with all her boyfriends…..what you mean you had no reason ?

  14. Buy her a doll or a dog that she can keep I her hands and pregnancy will look less fake… And some cake for displacement energy.

  15. It’s sad that she could lie at the age of 14 saying that she’s pregnant. At 14 I was still playing with my Barbie dolls.

  16. As someone who HAS lost a baby, this is sickening and she is a vile person. It is the worst heartache I’ve ever been through. She needs help!!!

  17. Girl's that pull this kind of fake pregnancies over and over again should have some kind of consequences!!! To use a baby for their own gain or attention is really pathetic!!! Plus I believe that the last thing this girl needs is a baby in her life!!! She obviously can't even take care of her own health let alone a newborn baby!!!! There are way to many kids out there having kids theses days!! I wish all new parents where required to take classes on child care and how to properly raise a child!!!

  18. It looks like Taylor just wants the attention of her mother, but the mother puts all her attention on the sister. Also to keep her man… for attention

  19. I mean why not just sit down and talk to her about it and actually talk to her about it.

    She’s doing it for a reason, sure it may be a bitchy move but people fake it for a reasons.

    I’m not saying she is a good person, she is obviously a bad person for faking pregnancies but she’s lying for a reason so maybe just sit down and talk to her about it.

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