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Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

- [Sam] Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight's guests, strutting in like he owns the place, it's Josh Ruben!

When my husband knew I was pregnant, he loved me even more!|ep27-1

How is the little miangua Good, you don't have to worry too much Mr. Chen visits her often He always

100 Replies to “Mother And Daughter Who Admit Resentment Toward The Other Face Off”

  1. Um I don’t care what’s your situation you don’t fake a pregnancy! The girl has problems if she keeps faking a pregnancy. Which she does . People out their can’t even have kids and trying for years and this girl thinks it’s okay to fake it . Everyone is mad about the mom it’s not the mom it’s the girl

  2. I get her pain because I feel the same about my mom. The mom doesn’t want to face the truth. The daughters wrong for faking the pregnancies but at least she holds herself responsible for her own actions. The mom not as much or at all.

  3. Just because had thing happened her doesn’t mean she should pretend to be pregnant and she needs to return all the gifts and apologize to everyone

  4. My parents always treated like I'm a mistake this is me but I'm currently having a cancer scare again I'm done keeping my mouth shut

  5. This may seem rude…but if she could lie SO many times about a pregnancy…..fake a gender reveal party…fake LOSING a child….
    Who can really believe all of her tears?

  6. But is any of this real?the sexual abuse or the abuse in general she’s a pathological liar and she very well could be lying about the abuse

  7. Man that mom acts mad at her for not telling her of the abuse. Judging from the way she’s acting on stage no wonder that girl didn’t tell her mom about it. Stop being defensive for once in your life and actually listen to what your daughter is saying.

  8. Even though she’s lied about something so serious for so long, I cry with her become I feel the same way.. it’s so difficult trying to pour your heart out to the person you love and they take a trivial topic and turn it all back on you

  9. In all honesty, the mother seems to lack so much empathy, which REALLY irks me. She doesn't seem to notice, nor even care, that her daughter is pouring her heart out. SMH, the mother is so self-centered.

  10. I'm sorry but their comes a time in everyone adult life where they have to stop blaming everyone else for your shortcomings and bad behavior. Her childhood trauma does not excuse what she's done. She says she was trying to get her mom's attention but what about all the other times when she said it to keep guys from breaking up with her? Her behavior is cruel and manipulative and she needs to really be taken to task about it instead of giving her an "out" by blaming her mom and the past.

  11. As someone who was abused as a child in many ways I can say that most of us don't act like this. This girl isn't genuine in what she is saying.

  12. I totally understand this mom, sadly maybe… but come on, lady you’re a grown up now. Quit blaming your mom for your issues. She apologized now move on and quit lying

  13. Wow..she grew to be a woman scorned that explains should have been more attentive she is to blame as attention to your children people please

  14. I’m sorry, after I hear this daughter, i can’t judge her harshly. I hope she gets the love and validation she deserves.

  15. My sister started lying and stealing at a young age. My mother would just look the other way, ignoring it, hoping the problem would just go away. It just got worse sad to say.

  16. The daughter is so self-reflective and critical about her thoughts and feelings. She can clearly identify the parts of her history that caused her feelings and future actions. She’s open and honest, while her mother is so checked out and self-absorbed. She obviously wanted this experience to be focused on her daughter and her faults instead of recognizing the joint accountability they share.

  17. I was sexually abused/molested as a child by my baby sitter’s teenage son, my parents both worked 2 jobs to make ends meet and to give me everything that I needed. They never knew until just last year that I decided to tell them. They were shocked and felt absolutely terrible BUT i never once lied for attention and told them that they failed to protect me. I never allowed myself or others to feel bad for me or call me a victim. It didn’t affect me at all.

  18. Ugh you know .. a lot of child are abused and don’t grow up and forever blame their parents she needs to stop being a victim and blaming everyone else she’s a grown up adult boohoo . Ugh I would be over her too she does not own everything she has done she goes from crying to talking to calm speaking she’s so manipulative. Have to stop babying people , we have all been hurt some more than others majority of women have been violated my gosh but don’t turn out like this what an insult .

  19. I couldn’t imagine not being their for my child tho. Knowing all their business. Know yours kids business. Idgaf. Always ask them questions. It’s your right to know.

  20. Shes more than likely lying about the abuse. Shes got a pathological lying problem. Her mom seems like a good decent person. Notice to tone of voice change.

  21. I mean she's right. If the mom didn't know about the sexual abuse she must have know about the physical abuse and she still didn't protect her own daughter. I would resent my mother too.

  22. I would feel resentment too if my mom bought a strange man into the house and he ended up abusing me. The mom doesn't seem to get the huge impact abuse can have especially on young childeren. You carry that burden your whole life through the bad and the good. Abuse doesn't just go away when your older, infact it effects every part of your life way more becuase now you can really understand what happend to you and it's depressing. It a lonely life when you've been abused at young age becuase nobody understands you and you still have to carry that heavy mental load around everyday.

  23. Victim mentality no one is gona safe you but yourself be responsible for your actions love yourself in a healthy way .

  24. Ugh, feel terrible just having this thought. But I wonder if she's actually telling the truth about being abused, or just wants to get attention? It's incredibly hard to trust someone who's been lying non stop. I hate that I'm questioning her honesty about abuse, but since she lied so much, I don't know what to believe. 🤷‍♀️😵

  25. I’m sorry but her childhood still doesn’t excuse her for faking pregnancies, allowing all these people to buy her gifts and get invested in the situation. She didn’t just punish her mother she lied to many many more people!

  26. I’ve been abused emotionally my entire first 18 years of my life and I was even sexual assaulted at one point as a young adult right out of my teens, I didn’t have a super close bond with my mom until I because a adult but I NEVER did anything or even thought to do anything like this girl did for attention!!

  27. She just like forgot she was crying mid sentence, weird on an adult. "I loved you." Past tense, sounds like maybe she's putting all anger & blame on mom. Maybe even to the point she did this to torture her & family a bit. The mom does need to show support but the past is gone, she neither can fix that. I learned if I didn't tell someone, i can't be mad when they didn't protect or save me at the time. After realizing that, & knowing they would've, its possible to start healing.

  28. I faked pregnant and made the whole family grieve over the death of a baby that didn’t exist but my mom doesn’t love me so I’m a victim.

  29. I don’t blame mom for closing her emotions off from her daughter. Daughter is manipulative and a liar that has hurt the family over and over, and just doesn’t seem to care about what she’s done. It’s everyone else’s fault she’s doing this and that. She really has some maturing to do

  30. Awwww she broke my heart. No wonder why she faked her pregnancy she wanted love and support from her mom 🥺🥺😔😞

  31. This mom is kinda weird, she doesn’t show the daughter any empathy or even show that she’s sorry. The second the daughter cried about her mother not protecting her as a child her response was a dry “wow”…

  32. I would love to reach out to this girl and offer her support. She is clearly intelligent and articulate If somewhat sociopathic but she needs love. I wish I could meet her and give her a cuddle

  33. I love my mom and we’re best friends now but when this girl explained how she feels towards her mom and her mom got defensive. I feel that completely

  34. It sucks when you go through things as a child and your parents should of been there more, or better in certain situations. But they never ever take the responsibility of that: and then once your an adult trying to fix things from your child hood it’s even more of an excuse to them like “you’re an adult now not my problem” 🙄🙄 been there…

  35. I understand where the daughter is coming from. Faking pregnancies isn’t a good thing, but she wanted attention from her mother. You need to protect your children no matter what.

  36. She's not super mom okay, the mother is trying her best to support and love her. And from the video showing the gender reveal and all that shows that this woman has an amazing family, I truly can see the love they have for her and just wanted the best for her. And can you blame the mom for being a little defensive, this woman is trying everything she can and still get's blame for not doing enough?

  37. I personally feel like she’s holding on to a lot and she uses it as an excuse because she can’t come to terms with the things that happened to her. She an attention seeker. Nothing wrong with her.

  38. Sorry but I'm on moms side. She was an adult when she found out and she said she'd support her daughter in whatever way she wants. You can dwell on abuse or move on. Did she take the therapy her mom offered? Or just said to herself mother doesnt care. She clearly offered and wants to help her daughter

  39. Dr Phil has worked tirelessly to bring reality back to society and done so with humour at times because honestly if I was he.. I could have punched quite a few people in the face. I don't have his patience. Yet he has persisted and for that I will always be grateful.

  40. What people need to understand? Yes, she needs to take responsibility for faking pregnancies because that's horrible. But there's a lot of deep trauma that happens here for parents who have an issue with their adult children. Tell them when they were younger they did not get what they need and it screwed Them Up and Away guess what as a parent you have to own that the problem is the art of conversation cannot be valued or treasured if you have a parent that's never willing to take responsibility for anything. Some parents like to take the route to say I did my best but guess what you can do your best, but if your best was not good enough to give the child what they needed then in some way you did not do your best you did your best and which made you comfortable as a parent?

  41. i actually feel bad for the daughter. she's felt abandoned all of her life and her mother is doing nothing to try to fix their relationship:(

  42. That immediate voice change is kind of strange. I feel for the mom here because ultimately we all have choices in life we can make. This girl chose over and over again to get attention by lying and by blaming people. She can point the finger all day at the mom but you have got to start being resilient.

  43. This is right here an amazing actress … manipulator…. do you see how she started “crying” then magically stop ? This is sickening … that gives her no right what’s so ever !

    As someone who has had been sexually abused and even gone through more trauma then just that and now
    I suffer from ptsd from those things that happened,


  44. Hmmm I don’t think the mom gives two flying donkeys that her kid was abused. She doesn’t seem to care at all. Hmmm. I hate parents like this.

  45. If she’s being manipulative at all then that still means there’s something there thats bothering her mentally or emotionally and yes it’s still bad but she is owning up to it shes making it aware that she knows she does this she’s stuck in a pattern she’s in a way programmed to do this and it’s hard to break so be kind

  46. The moms reaction to her talking about how she felt after all the sexual abuse is honestly disturbing, she didn’t seem to show any regret or genuine hurt over what her daughter went through she immediately went into defensive mode

  47. That mom is such a boomer. Turn a blind eye, don't acknowledge the wrong that you did, when she's confronted she goes to victim. Everyone else needs to own up to their mistakes, heal, THEN move on..

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