Mother Lost Son and Daughter on the Same Day (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Mother Lost Son and Daughter on the Same Day (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) JUDGE LAKE: You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case
ofKyles v. Lyte.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day! Ms. Kyles, you have
opened your case
to prove to the defendant that her deceased son, James, is your 14-month-old daughter,
Ava’s, biological father. You state that you
know the defendant is in pain
due to the loss
of her son, but so are you. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you
want nothing more
than to give her closure. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Lyte, you say, Ms. Kyles is
a pathological liar and you claim that as much
as you would love for a piece of your son to be here, you don’t trust
that baby Ava
belongs to him. Is that correct? JEANETTE: Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Kyles, you say
that you are hurt too. Explain. Ms. Lyte isn’t
the only one that’s hurt. I’m hurt too, and that’s
my child’s father. She wasn’t a mistake.We planned her,
and me and him
was together.
That was my boyfriend.And I loved him,
and he loved me. And he loved
his daughter. We were his family,
so I understand
she’s hurting and that’s her son, but, me and Ava
are hurting, too. Ms. Lyte, I’m sorry
for the loss of your son. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: I know
this is extremely difficult. Very. Ava is 14 months old. JEANETTE: Correct. Have you formed
a bond with her? JEANETTE: Yes. That’s my heart. (JEANETTE SOBS) My son was raising her. If she weren’t with my son,
she was with me. But… JEANETTE: I love her. The doubt JEANETTE: But? is still eating
away at you? It’s killing me. It was just
a lot going on. He came to me
so many times hurt after he moved
her to Oklahoma, and got everything
furnished, another man
answered the phone, and tried to claim
to be Ava’s father, and be in her life now. And all of this other stuff. That’s a lie. So, another man
answered the phone and told your son,
“I’m Ava’s father. “And I’m in her life now.” JEANETTE: And he had a baby
that wasn’t even born yet. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And so, Ms. Kyles, did another man
answer the phone? ANIA: That
never happened. Me and James
never had any fights
or arguments about any females,
any males. I was hormonal. I was going
through a lot,
I was stressful. Our arguments have never
been about other people
in our relationship. And so, why would
he make this up? With his mother?
I don’t… What motive
would he have to… Because he was mad,
because I wasn’t
letting him around me. When I was
pregnant with her, I didn’t let him
around me. He went back,
I was in Oklahoma. He moved back
to Chicago. He was trying
to reach out to me,
and I kept ignoring him, and I wasn’t
answering his calls, he was calling
my grandmother. I told her, don’t
answer her phone because I didn’t
want to deal with him. And from my understanding,
he didn’t move back to Chicago. He was kicked out,
from my understanding. He came to go
to a court date
that he had in Chicago. And that’s when he found out
he no longer
had a home in Oklahoma. His stuff had been
supposedly thrown out. And what
wasn’t thrown out, the man supposedly
kept what he wanted. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) That’s not true at all.
That’s not true at all. He got mad because
I don’t like everybody
in my house. He brought some other guy
with him to my house. I told him I don’t
want anybody in my house. My child…
I’m irritated right now, and I have
my 2-year-old here. I don’t want
anybody in my house. He furnished the house,
he can’t bring whoever
he wanted in here. I said, “No, you can’t.
This is still my house.
My name is on the lease.” So, I said,
“You can’t come in.”
Locked my door. He can’t come in,
he kept calling my phone,
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, babe. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I didn’t mean
for it to happen, “but, why you
just got me
out here like that?” I said, “I don’t want
anybody in my house.
I told you that. “Respect me.” All right,
so you were having
relationship issues in terms of boundaries
you set for your home. ANIA: Yeah. That was
always the issue. And this was all happening
when you were pregnant. Take me to the point
at which Ava was born. Was Mr. Miller with you
at the hospital? ANIA:No, it was
just me and my
2-year-old daughter.
And you were
still in Oklahoma?
ANIA: Yes. Did you call him to say
the baby’s being born? No, Your Honor. He would’ve
been there. He would’ve been there.
That’s something he
never would’ve wanted to miss. When do you
let him know
that the baby is here? I decided
to give Ava away to a family member,
and she named Ava Skylar. JUDGE LAKE: Why are we
calling her Ava? Because that’s the name
that me and James
wanted to name her. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. ANIA: She took her
back to Chicago, a week later,
I wanted
my baby back. She didn’t want
to give her to me,
so I had to call my mother
to get her back. She got her
immediately. My mom went
to go get her. My mom
dropped Ava off to Ms. Lyte’s house, where James
was staying at. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
Did the birth certificate
ever get changed? Is Ava on her
birth certificate, or is… ANIA:Me and James,on the phone,
we discussed this.
Only me and him,
no one knew about this. Only me and him. But did he know you were
planning to give the baby up for adoption? He knew afterwards,
when I got her back.
After that week. I called him on the phone
and said,
“I’m sorry I did this.” Me and him talked about it.
Me and him were
both crying on the phone. He said,
“I still love you. “We’re gonna
get through this.” We need
to get her back. Honestly, my son died
not knowing his baby’s
biological name. Because my son
had tattooed
on his face “Ava Jashea.” My son would have
told me something. My son would have
got the baby’s name changed
if he had known. ANIA: We couldn’t get
her name changed because we were
living in Oklahoma. They said we had
to wait till she
turned one years old to get her name changed. He died in May,
her birthday
was in August. He was raising her
before then. (JUDGE LAKE SIGHS) She was with
her daddy. Y’all is at Illinois
at this point. JEANETTE:She was
with her father
when he passed away.
She was in a car.What happened? All I know is,
something happened, girls arguing,
and another guy came and shot my son. And the girl tells me
that all she could do was try to pull him
into the car and drive off. And they kept shooting,
so, I know it was God.But, I don’t know
what stopped
the bullet hole
from hitting my grandbaby
other than God.
‘Cause it was a bullet hole
that either, the door
or her car seat, stopped it
from hitting her. Dear God. (JEANETTE SIGHS) And the only reason
I know that is ’cause
I seen it on the news. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
your son was raising her.He was her dad.She was in the car
with your son.
the driver’s seat, she in
the back seat in the car.
He’d just came
and got her from me. JUDGE LAKE: So, you all
were raising this baby. Like, this is your
biological grandchild, this is your son’s child, and he had her name
tattooed on his face. JEANETTE: On his face. Did he ever tell you that her legal name
was Skylar? No, Your Honor. No. How did you
even find out? We were supposed to…
I kept asking
about doctor’s appointments, ’cause I felt like she
may have needed her shots
and things like that. And that was the last thing
me and my son talked about when he came
and got her that day too, also besides her birthday
that was coming up. She wanted to talk
to me in person. And I do believe
to let me know. I was supposed to take her
to a doctor’s appointment, and then, we didn’t make it
to that doctor’s appointment. And I received
the texts letting me know that… She didn’t have
to tell me this, but my grandbaby name
is not Ava Jashea. JEANETTE: Her name
is Skylar Angel. And that’s how
I found out
a couple of weeks ago. On my son’s obituary,
and everything, it’s Ava Jashea Miller. But, in fact, her name
was Skylar Angel? And she did not
have your son’s last name. JEANETTE: Miller? No. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) (JEANETTE SNIFFLES) And my son
would’ve… He was a
good father. Can’t nobody
take that from him.He did everything
for his baby.
Cash, milk,
clothes, everything! Everything! For that…
Everything! For… For Memorial Day he asked me…
He brought her clothes
and stuff over there. “Mama, can you, um, do her hair
in a couple of ponytails?” Because he didn’t
allow nobody to
touch her hair. Couldn’t touch them curls. JEANETTE: He couldn’t…
They couldn’t touch her hair. And she hung out
with Grandma. She was with me. You never
received any word
from your son? “We discussed it.
Ms. Kyles and I. “We decided that we’re
gonna name her this. “But her name is
actually something else.” No, I think my son died thinking her name
was Ava Jashea Miller. And you believe
she has
a different name because another man is her
biological father? Yeah, I think
it’s possible. I mean… The situation
where she say
it never happened, where some man
answered the phone… Um… Situation when I
had to go find
my grandbaby one day. You know? The guy that
answered the door,
to me, he… He tried to favor my son.
He even got the tat… Something tatted
over his eyes. ANIA: Him and James
met before. They met. And so, you felt like
the guy looked
similar to your son. Somewhat. Not as handsome,
but somewhat. (JEANETTE CHUCKLES)Somewhat.And so you felt like
the baby also looked like
the other man. JEANETTE:The eyes.JUDGE LAKE:And so,
when you got
the baby that day,
and you took her with you, were you thinking
in that moment, “Lord, is this
my son’s child?” Yes. Did you talk
to Ms. Kyles
about how you felt? No, not really. And so, even knowing
the difference
in the name, even knowing that you
picked up the baby and she was with
this other young man, you still held out hope that this is
your grandchild
and your son’s child. JEANETTE: Yes.
My son loved…My son
loved her to death.
To death.But, now,
you’re afraid to really get attached
to the baby. I don’t know
exactly everything
they was going through. You understand?
I wasn’t there
all the time. I can only
know his side, when she was out there. When she
went out there,
my son asked me to call her and
get close to her. She didn’t respond to my text messages. She didn’t respond
to my effort. So, for her to say,
she felt like she
didn’t have anyone, she would
have had someone if she would’ve
responded and got
to know me. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) She didn’t have to
give that baby away, because that baby
would’ve been… And it is well
taken care of. (VOICE SHAKING)
I just want… That to be
my grandbaby, so we can
do the right thing and get her name
what it’s supposed to be. Ava Jashea Miller.And it meant
so much to my son,
and that’s why I know it,
because I lost a daughter
and her name was Ashea. She was 15. They was
very close. So, that’s where
her name come from. Ava Jashea. ANIA: My baby needs us. She needs me,
she needs her grandmother, she needs us. And this is not how
James would have
wanted it to be. It’s not. It’s not. I don’t want
to have animosity, I don’t
want to argue. But, you do
understand, Ms. Kyle, that Ms. Lyte’s
position is, she wasn’t around you all
in the relationship. Her son expressed doubt. He expressed that
he had experiences
that led him not to fully believe
that this child was his
biological child, and yet he
loved this child. But, James never, ever
once denied Ava. Never once
denied Ava to me, never once said that
to me at all. But you do understand
that she’s having
a difficult time believing that James
would ever allow Ava to have
a different name. To be named Skylar
in this entire… I told him.
I said, “Don’t
tell your mom “because I don’t know
how she will react.” So, just keep it
between me and us. My son don’t… Just keep it
between me and us. He knew I
would have did what it takes to
get whatever done that needed
to be get done. I know how
to take care
of things. That’s what
I know how to do. Well, he wanted
to just keep it to himself,
me and him. ‘Cause if he wanted
to tell her,
he would’ve told her. Obviously, he just
wanted me and him to take care
of our business, as a father
and a mother. JUDGE LAKE: But,
you do understand
how all of these facts grouped together,
it creates doubt. Do you
understand that,
Ms. Kyles? There’s a lot
going on in this beautiful
little girl’s short life. JEANETTE: And then she,
I gotta change.
She don’t know… She don’t know Skylar! So, Ava doesn’t even
know her name is Skylar. No! No!She knows Ava Jashea.JUDGE LAKE:That’s
what everybody calls her.
I can’t lose nobody
else in my life. I had lost a daughter,
I had lost a son. I can’t lose
nobody else. I can’t. And my daughters,
it’ll break them too. They’re already hurt. (JEANETTE SIGHS WEARILY) JEANETTE: I just… Want this to be
my grandbaby and get this done
and over with. And get her name changed. To what it’s
supposed to be. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Kyles. I’m about to go
to the results. Before I do, I just
want to make sure that there is
not any other
piece of testimony that you’ve left out
that you would
like to share, or you feel like
you need to share. No, Your Honor. I said my truth. I think it’s time
we get the results. Jerome. JEANETTE: Yes. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. You’re welcome. These results
were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read
as follows… In the case
ofKyles v. Lyte,when it comes
to 14-month-old Skylar, Ava, it has been determined
by this court, the percentage
of relatedness between Ms. Lyte and Skylar, Ava is 99%. JUDGE LAKE: You
are related. (AUDIENCE CHEERING,
APPLAUDING) Thank you. (SOBBING) (SNIFFLES) (LAUGHS) Oh, thank you. We can do
what we gotta do. And get her name. I’m very happy
I could deliver
this result today. ANIA: Thank you. Me too. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: Very happy. Not just for both
of you ladies, but for Ava, and for James. JEANETTE: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And I
hope he’s smiling
in this moment. He is. JUDGE LAKE:
If you all would like, I would love
to meet you
in my chambers and give you
an opportunity to hold
your grandchild without having any doubt
in your mind
that she’s yours. JEANETTE: Yes! JUDGE LAKE: Would
you like that? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Are you
okay with that,
Ms. Kyles? Yes. I’ll meet you there.
Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL)

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