Pear Escape THE GIANT BABY!!! | Roblox Escape the Daycare Obby

Pear Escape THE GIANT BABY!!! | Roblox Escape the Daycare Obby

– I got mad jumping skills. What the? There’s a giant baby, oh no! (techno music) (laughing) – Hey hey, what is up guys and we’re playing the most
extreme game of all time and you’re making me play Escape the Daycare Obby! Ah, no. Oh wait, okay, I’m escaping the crib. Here I was worried that there
was gonna be babies involved but apparently I’m the baby although I’m looking like a stylish baby I got to say look at this outfit. Look at those pears. Oh yeah, looking good. Those glasses. Got my pear suit on. Seriously this is the best
looking suit I have ever seen. Alright which way? Okay, looks like we’re going down here. Yep, can’t we go that way. Ah, you guys are just
jumping into the whatever, whatever toxic stuff is in the crib, you’re just jumping in it and dying. Supposed to go this way. Spilled Crayons. Ha, some people would
say that’s a problem. Not for me. Oh, oh, that person definitely
would say it’s a problem. It’s been a while since
I played some Roblox. Army attack, yeah kick it freestyle. Alright, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay tank geez. Can I get in this tank,
that will be awesome. No, can’t get in the tank. That’s cool, I’m just gonna use these legs and I’m not used to having legs. Quick up this way. Alright, you got it bro, just ask the guy with the pear suit. Got mad skills. Okay, looks like we’re going up here. Alright, some more army men to get … Ah, what. I’m pretty sure I didn’t
even touch that guy. And why can I jump on top of the tank but I can’t jump on top … ah whatever. Let’s just not even analyze it. That’s one of the things
about these Obby’s Sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense. Like you can touch some things but not others, whatever, whatever. Excuse me, I just walked
right through that lady. Was that lady a ghost? Is that what’s going on here? Rolling with ghost’s. Okay, shaking or shaky planes. Ooh my favorite, I love shaky planes. Actually I don’t, that sounds like barf city. Just sounds like a recipe
for motion sickness. I don’t like it when planes shake. What am I supposed to do here? Oh, okay jump on the bottles, okay. (shouting) Yeah this crib has nothing on me. I am outta here. Like whose keeping me
in this crib anyways? Did I get captured? Who put me in the crib? I’m not a baby, in fact nobody’s
figured that out right now I’m just, I’m a pear. I’m small, but I’m not baby small. Actually I am smaller than a baby but you get what I’m saying right? I’m a pear, not a baby,
don’t put me in the crib. I don’t want to be in the crib. I definitely don’t want to be in this ventilation system either. Least I got my sweet
… ooooh, what is this? Oh, alright, I think I might have to jump over that. Looks like a laser, alright, yeah. I got pear skills, oh yeah. Who says pears can’t jump? It’s probably a thing that most people say because pears usually … They don’t have legs, so pears just assume … Or people assume that pears can’t jump but look at those jumping skills man. I got mad jumping skills. What the? There’s a giant baby, oh no! The baby is attacking. No! Why is there a baby attacking me? (screaming frantically) I’m gonna hide back here. You can’t find me. I’m hiding from the giant baby.
We don’t need giant babies. Don’t need babies at all, get outta here. No babies, noooo. I don’t like this. Okay, please don’t reach
down and grab the pear, the pear’s not delicious. Oh no! Oh no. Here I was thinking I was gonna get killed by the giant baby but no
it was actually water. Water! Apparently I … that’s
my one weakness, is water. Who would have thought, I, yeah I really would have thought it would have been the giant baby. Ah man! That is terrifying, one more look, oh that is so scary. No! No giant babies up in here. I’m not even gonna jump. Look at this. Oh, I got mad pear skills. Yes, see what I can do when I’m trying to get away from a baby. Okay, we need to get across. Hop across the pacifiers. Ewe, gross, those had better not be, have been in any babies mouths, otherwise I am not gonna be happy. Getting baby drool all over me. I guess the only thing that would make me even more upset was if I was actually in the babies mouth and he was drooling on me. I would, that … I would
definitely not be happy. Do not wake up … Oh, the baby! Ooohh, there’s a giant baby. Why, why does there
need to be a giant baby? I don’t need this, I
definitely don’t need this. Oh, don’t, don’t fall. Don’t fall into the baby’s diaper. Oh, that would not be good. I would just have to
delete Roblox completely. Not just my account but like everything. It would just … we’d
have to wipe it all. Oh no! I was too busy
worrying about baby’s diaper. Let’s try that one more time. Alright, okay, no, no, no! Now I got to jump over
… okay, if I fall, if I fall I really am
gonna land on … oooh, in it’s mouth! Okay, I don’t want to
be in the baby’s mouth. Oh okay, okay, he’ll use me as a pacifier. I’ll be a pearifier! Ah, that sounds terrible. What the? Being, oh no! I don’t wanna be eaten. Why do I have to be eaten? I’m not gonna go up there. I’m just gonna hide behind this hamburger. There, can’t see me, can’t eat me. I think that’s how it goes right? That’s the law of physics. Pretty sure, oh man, why do I have to keep playing this game? Giant baby, don’t eat me, I
am just but a simple pear. I know I’m wearing the suit but oh, I look too delicious don’t I? Yep, I’m in the inner workings. We’ve been eaten. Noooo! There’s a gap in the teeth, can I get out? Nope, can’t do it. We’ve been eaten. Yeah, you’ve been eaten too and you’re not even wearing
anything that looks like food. Are these intestines? I don’t think that’s the proper
place for these intestines. Okay, in the stomach. Ooh, goody. Oh no! Well I prefer not to, you know tight rope walk on intestines and I don’t know, vital organs. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m not sure what these things do, are these blood vessels maybe? That … I bet you that’s what they are. Baby has a total of what? Five blood vessels. Baby should probably see a doctor because I don’t know
how baby is still alive. Alright, yeah I know, I’m taking things a little too literally. It’s because I’ve been eaten. I don’t like being eaten. I don’t want to be used as
a pacifier, a pearifier. Get outta here with that. Alright stage thir…, nothing! What, okay. Stage 14 food jumps. Oh, this is eezy peezy. I got this. We got this. That’s not a problem. Okay, can we just make … I know I’m jumping on my food friends but can we make more of
the stages like that? Being pooped out, no thank you! It happens in every one
of these Roblox games. You get eaten. Somebody eats you and
then you get pooped out. How is that fun? How is everybody .. watch
out for loose boards. Watch out for me running
around your navel. Yeah, what the? That wasn’t … that,
okay, it wasn’t loose, it just killed me! I’m not even quite sure why? Why did it kill me? Well, oh oh! Okay, I was like almost all the way across the board and it killed me. What are we doing here? I guess it’s the middle one, it has to be. Alright, thank you. You gonna murder me again? Okay, lets try this one. Ah man! I choose wrong every time. Am I gonna seriously have to go across every single one of these things? Alright, let’s try the one on the left because I can’t touch the board, I can’t touch the water. Oh yes, alright. Got mad pear skills. Hopefully no babies in here. Colorful checkered jumps. With, oh, pacifiers hanging over the top. No, thank you. I’m assuming I’m not
supposed to touch these. Can I touch the crayons? I’m not even gonna try it. Forget it I’m out. I am not being used as a pearifier. This is not happening, it’s not a thing. Do not even try, do not do it. Stage 18 almost there! Oh seriously, did we escape
the giant baby you guys? We escaped! We made it! Alright! Giant baby has nothing on pear. I’m telling you can I get in this thing? I really want to get into this car. What do you guys got going on? What, oh, you’re giving me things. I’m like … whoa! Holy cool pads. They’re like little pads you can run on, they make me super fast, it’s radical. Or since they’re red,
should I say redical. Ha ha! Whoa! Whoa! Check out giant baby down here. I don’t know if I want to. Oh oh, oh oh, lets see
if I fit in his hair. I do, I fit in his one hair. I don’t know why I’m doing this but okay, whoa, look at
those creepy eyes man. Seriously do you have red eyes? That’s super creepy. Oh man, okay, I’m gonna go down. Oh no, oh no, no I don’t wanna, no don’t go up against his mouth, he might just make me a snack and I don’t want it. Hey, what’s up lady? Are you jelly, are you jelly? Look at this, look at this! I got … whoa, where am I going? Oh, I’m back in here. I thought I came to a different area. That was weird but that’s
not how I got into this room. I don’t understand. Alright whatever! Either way, I bet you’re
totally jelly hey? Check it out I can float
in mid air, you can’t, ha! Look at me get across those obstacles like nobody’s business. That’s right, baby has nothing on pear. You can’t use me as a pearifier
if you can’t catch me right? Right, skip right over these later. Oh no! I totally meant to do that, totally totes, totes my goats. Check it out, there’s another baby. Okay that’s the other baby. That’s the baby that eats you. Let me go see, check this one out, see what’s going on. Yo, what’s up baby can’t catch me now. Oh, he still ate me, oh no. Oh no, now I’m stuck in his mouth. Ah, I’m kinda crammed up
against the roof of his mouth, ah that’s not good. Alright, okay you got
nothing on me intestines. Alright, I am gonna rock out. Ah, you guys keep living
that extreme dream, you know what it is. Ah, peace out! I said that really weird. No, I don’t want to get pooped out! (techno music)

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