Period Sex, Pregnancy, Menstrual Cups! | The Hormone Diaries Q&A + TOUR! | Hannah Witton

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  1. The last thing you said about girls not knowing what a period is beforehand reminds of the 2013 movie Carrie, based by Stephen King.

  2. i hate my period. i've been on the pill for like 6 years, and my dr. changed the prescription so that i actually get 4 packs every 3 months so i only have to have a period every 3 months. except now i've gotten less used to it and it's maybe even more annoying when i do get it. mine isn't even that bad compared to other people's, i just don't like it. i tried to ask my dr. about getting an IUD after hearing you and other people talk about how much lower of a dose it is compared to the pill (but also especially after i learned my mom had gotten one since her menopause went haywire and she didn't have any bad side effects) but she said they don't like to do IUDs just for "period control" when the pill is still working fine, since the potential complications from an IUD are, well, more complicated. so that was annoying -__-

  3. As someone who had no idea what period was when she got her first period(11-12), I thought I was dying…and I literally tried to use tissue to wipe off all the blood that was coming from my vagina bc obviously I didn’t know pads and tampons at that time as well. I was literally crying bc I was thinking how the hell could I get this thing done. Education on this is so so so important.

  4. I'm overweight and because of that I didn't get my period for a long time. Now I'm always very excited when I get it, because for me it's a sign that my body is healthy enough for it.

  5. Hate my period, but I’m stoked for the book! I live in Canada though so I’ll be ordering it from the Book Depository!

    Ps. I’m also on my period on publication day. I’ll try to be happy for you while my body is falling apart.

  6. I knew about periods but was ten or so when I got mine, so I still panicked and was like NOT YET PLEASE GOD. Now, pretty much the same thought with less panic. Don't hate it, but don't love it: it's freaking annoying.

  7. I have a love-hate relationship with my perioood ugh

    Im kinda sexually active but birth control is so inaccessible where I live and our government sucks at making women live comfortably so I have to be sooo careful (although the sex and government-involvement part of things is a whole different subject)

    But getting my period is very painfully relieving for those reasons and Ive learned to appreciate it more

  8. When you say people are starting their periods younger and younger… Is that a thing?!? Is the age people get their period getting younger?

  9. I guess the English version should be available right away, at least around Western Europe. I've preordered it to Switzerland from a Swiss bookshop and did the same thing for Doing It, which came in just a few days after the release date ☺️

  10. At 11, almost 12, I was an early bleeder and that is what came as a shock to me. I knew what a period was, but all my YA books were about girls 13+ anxious to finally get their period which is why I never figured it in my cards to start so early. My mental age barrier was 12 at the earliest and I missed it by one month which is why I cried in shock and desperation when I discovered it after getting up from the breakfast table one morning.

  11. I started my period when I was 10 years old, and I thought I had UTI because my privates hurt so much, and there was blood on my panties for days before I had the courage to tell my grandmother what was happening to me. The "talk" was very awkward. Either ways, can't wait to get my hands on this!

  12. Just ordered 😍 so excited! I'm part way through 'period repair Manuel' by Lara Biden – so amazing! So excited to be learning so much about periods 👌😎 thanks Hannah xoxoxo

  13. You should be really proud of this accomplishment Hannah! My 15th birthday is in two months and I still haven’t got my period, soooo I’m a little confused about how you were saying people are getting their periods younger now 😆 I guess I’ll be super prepared. I also just wanted to mention, it’s not necessarily a great thing to be waiting this long – every one of my friends has had their period and don’t get why I want mine to happen…I guess it’s more about not knowing when it’ll happen that freaks me out a tad. So just if you’re my age and have a friend like me, just try to listen…it’s not as fun as it seems to be the one who hasn’t got it. Anyway, thanks for reading my rambilngs 🥴 I just giggled a little when you said it was for people 15+, so people who’ve had their period for a little while already 😋 sending you a hug, Hannah 😘 I really love your videos 🥰

  14. I despise my period so much. It doesn't matter what I do, I just can't can't get used to it. Even though it's been 12 years 😂 Very excited for the book!

  15. I'm afraid that the book'll arrive to me late, even though I pre-ordered. Amazon does not like the Netherlands, Melanie's book has been out for almost a week now, but it'll arrive to me halfway through June as well (also pre-order)

    I have no idea if others feel the same or if it happened to you but…
    I had absolutely no idea about periods so it really came as a shock to me, especially when you're 11 or 12 years old. Not just that but, yes Hannah (to quote you), some people (ME), did think they were dying when first seeing blood… so yeah… that was fun not knowing what the hell was going on at the particular moment in your life. ':) Eventually, though, my mum came home and told me oh so nicely (while I was panicking for almost 4 hours straight beforehand) that it was perfectly normal for teens bc it's a sign of "your becoming a woman!" type thing.

    Trust me when I say this, you (and possibly many others) were so lucky to know about this beforehand. My life was amazing that year- correction, ahem, month/day was totally great. Please note the sarcasm there.

    Happy note: Have fun with life everyone!! xx

    P.S – Loved your video, Hannah! xx xx

  17. I won't imagine you as one big period cuz I don't wanna cuss at you.

    The Mooncup is a contraception method? I thought it was to collect period mess? (if you meant the latter: yes, do it, it saves so much money.)
    Would you say that someone who's just had their first period/is a bit younger than 15 shouldn't read this book? It still sounds like it could have handy information, even if you're kinda new to the whole thing. I mean… if you have your period you can also get pregnant. Probably more 13 year olds who are concerned with pregnancy (or just curious), than 18 year olds about menopause.
    Periods are shit and useless. Bleeding from your genitals doesn't even include the cramps and shit, so it doesn't sound worse than it is. I don't see a single positive thing about them, asid from, I guess you'd get to have a gore fest once a month without killing a goat/doing something more illegal. But smelly, blood smeared walls isn't exactly my aesthetic, so I got no use for it.

  18. I HATE my period, it's heavy, it makes my mental health very unstable, non stop pain, tears and worry. Menstrual cups made my period more liveable but I can't imagine ever being ok with having my period.

  19. Funnily enough, Hannah… Stephen King's first novel, Carrie, is exactly that. She has no idea what a period is and is bullied by her class mates when she gets her period for the first time in High School.

  20. My period is always very welcome! I started when I was 14 but only had one period a year or so until I was 23/24, because of PCOS, but for some reason it's started being semi-regular for a few months! So whenever it arrives I'm pleased; it means my body is working as it should.

  21. Here's the thing about coming off the pill causing weight gain: This is more common with oral contraceptives that contain estrogen. The progesterone-only ones tend to cause weight gain when you are on them, not so much when you come off (not oral, but the Depo shot is particularly known for this). So if anyone is concerned about weight gain and has the option to use an estrogen-containing product, you might want to lean that way. (Progesterone-only products are also more likely to cause acne where estrogen products tend to be the ones that may help clear acne, and progesterone-only products can sometimes cause facial hair growth. But sometimes you can't or don't want the estrogen product.)

    Your comment on people getting their period and not knowing what it is and how "you'd think you're dying," reminded me of Tamora Pierce's first book series Song of the Lioness. The protagonist Alanna was raised by an inattentive father (her mother was dead). Then when she was 10, she and her twin brother were being sent off to their own educational pursuits, and neither wanted the one they were being sent on, so they traded places, and she went to knight school in her brother's place. But girls weren't allowed to be knights, so she had to be in disguise as a boy. As a result, at no point in her life did anyone tell her about periods, and when she got hers, she did indeed think she was dying.

  22. When my mom first got her period, she thought she was sick and was gonna die because her mom just never talked to her about that stuff.
    She hid the first bleeding, but when it came back a month later, she then went to my grandma, crying and really convinced she was going to have to die.
    So praise sex ed

  23. My period and are not friends and thankfully don't see each other much these last couple years, I had a baby and then got the mirena IUD 10 ish weeks post-partum. I get annoying spotting sometimes but that's it

    It used to be an 8-9 day suckfest of pain and puking, usually missing school/work a few of those days so im pretty happy to just not have to live with that

  24. I started my period at 8/9 and it was the biggest shock, but my primary school handled it really well and my class had a whole lesson on periods and the products in ‘Bryony’s bag’ which was full of pads that the school brought for me to put in the toilet closest to my classroom. Sadly my period causes me a lot of pain and my skin aches and hurts to touch so I’m not a huge fan of it but I do love the idea of the process just not while it feels like my body is trying to attack me aha. Excited for the new book 🙂

  25. A benefit of this video being out of focus is that I can browse all the wonderful titles on your book shelves!

  26. I’m dyslexic and honestly, can’t read more than an article without screaming; will there be an audio version? Pleaseeeeeee?

  27. I did nothing you said about period sex. Did wear a sponge, first full day(on iud so compared to periods before i call it a light day), and it was a 3some 🙈😊

  28. I was 7. I literally thought I was dying for a week of spotting before it finally got heavy enough to bleed through my school dress and someone took me to a bathroom and handed me a pad. I had no fucking clue what to do with it and ended up sitting in the bathroom at school until my mum came to pick me up and showed me how to use the pad. Then, because my older brother and younger sister were also in the car, we didn't have the talk about how I wasn't dying until later that night. I mean I was an anxious kid, but also how is a 7 year old meant to instinctively know that bleeding doesn't necessarily mean dying.
    I do remember several years later, I was about 12 and watching an episode of Degrassi and a girl was wearing a white skirt and started her period. My aunt was over and she casually said something like it won't be long before you can't wear white skirts either. About 5 years too late and still not the most informative chat but that's about all I got.
    To this day I'm scarred by this experience, not the getting my period, but the withholding of vital information because of stupid social taboos. So now I talk to anyone and everyone about my periods, even though I don't actually get them any more because I use the implant.

  29. I actually quite like having periods, they're not very heavy which I suppose makes it not so bad but I like having them and often somehow I find it comforting, kinda like when you have a cold and have an excuse to just chill in bed all day with a hot chocolate (not that I'm able to do that so much now that I'm an adult). Also, using a menstrual cup has made my periods so much easier.

  30. I hate my period. I started menstruating when i was eleven, now im 28 and one would say i have get used to it but no. When I was a teen it was ok, i didnt get aweful cramps, just some headaches from time to time. When I turned 24 or so, everything changed. I started getting really painful cramps, even more painful and debilitating headaches and very frustrating mood swings. Adding to that, I've had chronic anemia the last few years and my period only make it worst. I have consider removing my uterous, I dont take any form of contraception because well, im a lesbian, so that would be my only solution, I dont want kids either so it is absolutly pointless for me to bleed every month or have an uterous. (yes, i know my hormonal system could be disturbed but hey, the less of two evils). Im so sorry if my comment sounds depressing). If you relate ,know that you are not alone, and I'm so very sorry. (Im mexican, pls be kind on my shitty grammar)

  31. When you said 11:11 in the video, I looked up at my clock and that was the actual time. Weird…
    Also how much info is there about endometriosis in the book? I'm fairly young and on the road to having it diagnosed. I haven't really gotten much information other than blatant confusing medical terms.

  32. Hey 👋 Hannah I just pre ordered your book 📚 so excited 😆. I live in America so it won’t get here until next month. ❤️ By the way I love ❤️ your dress 👗 so much. You do great work.

  33. My period typically only lasts 3 days (always over the weekend 🙄) and it actually doesn’t bother me to much. Especially since I started using a menstral cup! Menstral cups have been a life changer for me. I will never go back to using tampons.

  34. I don't think I could ever do period sex, seems really messy. I never gained weight coming off the pill, but gained weight with yasminelle, so I stopped it and the weight came off. Then tried Yaz and didn't gain any with that

  35. I've have harmony with my period. For a long time I hurt so bad I almost couldnt function but now with the pill it comes with a little bit of pain and then leaves after a couple of days. That's okay friend, go in peace

  36. I’m Australian and preordered through Book Depository – it is on its way and due to arrive to my granddad’s house ehehe

  37. Just went to Waterstones to get your book and they didn't have it. So disappointing 🙁 (they ordered it for me though)

  38. I don't have periods as I'm using the depo injection for contraception. Generally very happy with this scenario, although I am slightly annoyed that I cant then track my cycle and get to know my hormones/moods etc better, because I have no cycle to track!

  39. i used to be okay with my period and then last year, I got a seven month period and now we are on bad terms. I am working with my doctor to get my body back on track so I can stop being angry at my period but it is a long and painful process.

  40. I got the Mirena coil just a couple weeks ago, after years on the pill and hearing your experience Hannah, and I'm hoping for little to no periods for the next 7 years. Fingers crossed!

  41. My question actually made the video ! Yay ! Love you Hannah, doing a great job can’t wait to read the book and see you on tour ! Xx 💜

  42. Question about the audiobook… will it be available on other services besides audible? like maybe Storytel?

  43. I'm also on the mirena and I dont miss the menses at all. I listen to people talk about that and I just shake my head #livingthedream

  44. My period is the worst thing ever AND I hate children but for SOME REASON we don’t routinely neuter humans. Someone please spay me.

  45. I've actually found myself feeling grateful for my period since I have PCOS and it affects the frequency of it. I feel that I'm healthy when it comes! Lol

  46. So looking forward to your book! Especially the PCOS part, as I'm struggling with this for more than 8 years now and here in my country doctors or hospitals won't listen to me when I say it affects my life! But so truly happy you're writing about this in your book! Million times thank you for that! 🙏🏻

  47. I’m turning 24 in a few days and I want to buy it online so I can read it in book form. I love your Hormone Diaries series so I have high hopes for this book!

  48. I am on relatively good terms with my period. When I first got it I was in the middle of a school play … so that was ‘fun’.

  49. I don’t mind my period too much but am on the pill so only have one every 7 weeks or so and can delay it for holidays etc which helps. I’ve also recently made some cloth pads and am kind of pleasantly surprised when they work so have enjoyed getting used to them.

  50. 3:39 I know of someone (my wife has regular appointments with) who went through menopause aged 25. I also know someone (well) who had their last period aged 63. Those ages 45-55 may be most common but I think there's quite a long tail-off either side of that range (or else I just know some unusual people… 🙂 )

  51. I've noticed a few comments in your videos about pregnancy and labour being quite negative. I'd really recommend looking into the positive birth movement and hypnobirthing. As you are very sex positive, would be great for you to be birth positive too! I know a lot of your audience are not yet parents and many women are terrified of labour because of the media portrayal. I could go on and on about this but I'll just say that I had an incredible birth experience!

  52. Me and my period are probably acquaintances haha. I don't love it but I don't absolutely hate it either.

  53. I hate being on my period bc I get really bad pains and PMS and that whole week I'm just like high on pain killers, but one of my biggest dreams/goals in life is to have kids so I'm also grateful for my period bc it lets me know that one day when I'm older I'll be able to have kids

  54. Can't wait to get your book–I'm moving house at the moment, so I'll be waiting until I get settled and get my new address. Congrats on publishing another!

  55. My period and I are in a complicated relationship
    I cried for a solid 10 minutes when I got my first period but over the years I’ve grown to be sort of ok with it

  56. Ha ha just got to the bit where you explained the video was out of focus – I have been cleaning my screen thinking it was greasy 🤣😂🤣😂

  57. I use hormonal contraception to skip my periods every month and have for about 8 years. I'm happy with this routine and every time I miss enough doses to get breakthrough bleeding (no pregnancy scares, I track my fuck ups responsibly lol) or during the 6 month stretch I took a break from the pill I find my quality of life is generally worse with periods. I do feel a little out of step with my peers sometimes since its such a big part of "bleeders'" lives, but since I've been lucky enough to avoid serious symptoms with the pill I don't see any point in inconveniencing myself to commiserate lol.

  58. I always hated my period, especially since tampons and pads are so uncomfortable and when I was younger, I wasn’t aware of any other options. Then I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and I hated them even more due to the unbearable pain that accompanied them. So I took back-to-back contraceptives to stop my periods.
    Now we want a family so the pill is no more and I’m extremely grateful that I have regular periods, even if I can’t walk for 3 weeks of the month. So I guess how I feel about them has changed quite a bit over the years!

  59. My period could just go away and I'd be thrilled. I've got 3 kids, am all done having kids, and had my tubes tied after my youngest was born. So even though I can't have kids anymore, every month my period shows up without fail. It's just annoying honestly 😒

  60. I am always a bit relieved when my period starts, but OH MY GAWD, I hate having it. But, I've always had super painful cramps and heavy bleeding.

  61. "Is there a certain sex position that causes pregnancy, or is this a myth?" Anecdotally I find dick going in the vag tends to do it.

  62. Hi! I've just started reading your book and I was thinking about the paragraph on periods being gross. I think periods are gross (not the menstral cycle itself but the blood part) but I don't think that should stop people from talking about it and I think it's only gross for the people who have to deal with the blood. I found the idea of it being gross as a concept and it being gross because it's blood interesting… 🙂

  63. Why are girls getting their period younger? I didn’t know the age was getting younger and I’m very curious now you’ve said that!!

  64. Personally I don't mind the blood at all, but the cramps are terrible. It does indeed feel like dying:) People always told me it was just a matter of time for it to get better, but since my first period was when I was 10 years old, it has been 4 years now and it has only gotten worse. So yeah, please get that thing away from me, thank you very much.

  65. I´d got my period when I was 10 years old. Sure I knew what it was but when I saw that blood in my panties I freaked out. Cried to my mom and she just told my all about it. Went to buy me some pads and chocolate, so sweet. Had massive period cramps util I was 15 years old when I started on the pill and still have it today when I am 22 years old. The pill really works for the pain. Love to watch your hormone diaries and Im definitely gonna buy your book. I live in Sweden, so I have to order it online. Loves from Sweden!

  66. I hope to see/hear this in Audible!! ❤️ Do you think you’ll be releasing it there and would you be the narrator because that would be fabulous! Ahhh……never mind, it just isn’t available in the US Audible. 😭

  67. Hannah!! I finally had time to read the book after I finished all my exams and I was so surprised you actually used my story! I am so so proud and humbled to be in the book, and sincerely hope my story can help someone. Thank you so much!!

  68. I am a 30yr old male and I have night sweats, memory issues, trouble sleeping ++ 😴 🙂 all in fun great video

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