Remy Ma: “REVOLT’s State of the Culture”

Remy Ma: “REVOLT’s State of the Culture”

(Wendy Williams Show Theme Song) Please, welcome back to our show Remy Ma. (audience cheering and upbeat music) Come on, now. (audience cheering and upbeat music) Wonderful. Thank you for coming back. (audience cheering) Wait, hold on. (audience cheering) Prayer cloth on aisle two, please. Prayer cloth on aisle two. Prayer cloth on aisle two, please. Yeah, no, Rem. There we go. You see? It’s not Versace. Uh huh. Uh huh. Yep. Look it up, Rem. Mmm hmm. No, unfold it so it glitters. Oh. Yeah, you know the show. Okay. Girl. (audience cheering) Shoe cam, please. (magical harp music and audience cheering) Thanks.
Versace all the way down. Yeah, yeah. You look beautiful. Thank you. You do, too. Now, I heard that you fired your stylist. I wouldn’t say fired, I just don’t use them anymore. Fired is such a mean word, right? I just don’t use them anymore. It’s been about two years now. I feel like I know my body better than anybody.
Yep. And my body changes, like every woman. Sometimes I’m up. You look at my closet, you’ll think three different women live there. There’s like a size four to a 10, and I know I’m gonna be all of them at some point. Right. It doesn’t make sense to me to pay somebody $5,000 to spend $5,000 on clothes when I could just take the 10,000 and do a much better job, in my opinion. (audience cheering and applauding) I understand that. By the way. Wait, can you show that picture back, where she’s wearing the red fur? Those boots. Can you please explain to me? What– Those are some red bottoms, actually. I bought those in Miami. Those look really beautiful. I think tall girls, we do well with over– Mmm hmm, mmm hmm. Whenever I could find a thigh high, like that’s all me. Then, you don’t have to really work that much on the outfit. Everything else doesn’t matter once your boot looks crazy. Yeah. (audience applauding) And, the front end. That don’t hurt either. So, your daughter turned one. Congratulations. (audience cheering and applauding) Hi, baby. She’s at home watching. Hi, Kenzie baby. I love her. She’s amazing.
You had a party that you spent too much money on. Go ahead. Okay, so what happened was, and you know that they’re one, so you’re like, “They’re not gonna remember it. “It doesn’t make sense. “I’ve done this before,” and I said, “Max, I’m gonna spend 10,000.” That’s ’cause we have a lot of people coming. You have to have food and refreshments. Okay. $50,000 later we had Kenzie Land. It was amazing though, but I tell you, people, for those that don’t know, I love party planning. All my friends call me Remy Martha because I’m like the hip hop Martha Stewart, (audience laughing) and I found this great lady, Neveah Events, I hope I’m saying it right, and I needed somebody to help me, ’cause I can make it, but I need somebody to execute day of. Yes.
It was perfect. She follows directions, she improvises without having to ask me every single detail.
I love your poofy skirt. I love your look, her look, and Pap’s hat. (audience applauding)
Thank you. Look, I got him to wear pink. He’s a good guy. Is he here in the building today? No, the baby had a cold. We were gonna bring her so you could see her, but she has a cold. So, he’s home on daddy duties. Aw!
Yeah. Just a cold though. No, just a cold. Just the cold, not the Corona virus. (audience laughing) It’s just a cold. Just a cold. It’s going down out there. This is serious. They got the boat docked out in Jersey out there. I feel like they should send it– Let me tell you something. Did you hear? Nobody on the boat had the Corona virus, but there was a dead man in the other room. Now, what I want the news to do is tell me how he died. That’s information that we might need to know. You know what I’m talking about? Yeah. No, I watch that news. I’m on it every single–
It’s close to New Jersey. I feel like, why’s it docked? Send it in the middle and quarantine in the middle of nowhere. Remy. What? Mmm mmm. You live in Jersey. We gotta–
No, I don’t. I’m divorced. I live in Manhattan. (audience cheering) Okay. My bad. My bad. I forgot about that little detail. I live up the street. I just feel I’m in the city, as well. So, let’s go. I’m happy. You look great. If anyone has to tell you, whenever I tune in and I see you you’re just like glowing, like yes. (audience applauding) New lights. You know? I love it. (audience applauding) We covered your story with the parole, and I know we have each other’s numbers. I don’t like to even talk to you about that mess because I know that you’re busy with Pap, the kids, you got a whole life going on, you’ve got an album that you’re about to release. Yes. (audience cheering and applauding) Finally! (audience cheering and applauding) But we covered the story, so the girl with the pink hair, she tried to say you did something that you didn’t do. Well, the case was totally dismissed. Totally. (audience cheering and applauding) Get it out of my court room. No.
Brittney Taylor. Yeah. Well, I don’t wanna say her name because she might try to sue me for deformation. Oh, well.
(audience laughing) Well, that’s how she spells it. That’s how she spells it, so you know. Deformation of character.
(audience laughing) I just feel like a lot of times when you’re in the public eye, there’s a target on you. Anything you say, everything you do, everyone’s looking for a quick dollar, everybody’s so, what can I– I walk down the street with some of my friends, they go, “Oh, I should’ve fell in that ditch “’cause I would a sue.” I’m like, “So, you’re gonna break your leg “so you can sue?” That’s like people who go to the grocery store and slip and fall and try to like– So, I feel like, I’m just happy that the New York State, New York City DA’s office saw through it. Investigated well. Exactly. And they dismissed it. A lot of people–
(audience cheering) So, because when you were going through that– I was still on parole. And I saw you. You had an ankle bracelet on your ankle, she’s carrying a baby like this, Pap is on her arm like this, like a loving family of three. She’s got the ankle bracelet on and still trying to be Rem, in the meantime, you were going– It was hard to be able to travel.
You hadn’t even covered the ankle bracelet. You sported it. ‘Cause first of all, it was rubbing on my leg. Whenever I tried to cover it, like if you see I covered it now, but I have permanent scars from this thing. Oh, you got a tattoo over where– Yeah, but– What’s that say? That’s my husband’s name. Oh. Aw.
He’s gonna be my husband forever, so I’m not gonna regret it. It’s not one of those tattoos. (audience cheering and applauding) When you have these stipulations, it’s hard to take bookings because you don’t know if they’re gonna allow you to travel. I had a curfew where I had to be in the house– Be in by eight o’clock. And I couldn’t leave before eight. Look, I saw her. It was like 7:05, the last time I saw you, and you had the ankle bracelet. She said, “Wendy, I gotta go.” I’m like, “What? “Eight o’clock?” You have to be in way before the 10 o’clock. Yeah, I don’t want no problems with these people, but now it’s all done. I don’t have to have no attachments to the legal system and no– (speech muffled by applause) No pending cases, not pending law suits, civil suits, and it’s good that I can have freedom. Does that girl still have a problem with you? Is she still trying to come back at you? I haven’t really heard anything about it. I think she has her own problems with herself. I don’t think it’s specifically with me because I didn’t do anything to the girl. Yeah, no. But that’s what she’s doing. I have bigger and better things going on. So, I saw a picture
(audience applauding) of you on stage with Joe at Radio City, celebrating Pun. Oh, gosh. And, I’m sure it was a great celebration, but I was distracted by the coat. Remy.
Well. Because you’re tall. It’s dragging, and you got the thigh boots. You got more use out of them. Rem. Hi, Joe. Sorry. This is about the coat right now. Coat talk. Okay, so my guy, Daniel’s Leathers, it’s out on Orchard Street, he makes me anything. So, we came up with this one. I told him about this coat about three days prior, and he’s like, “You want it floor length?” I’m like, “No. “I want it past floor length.” And let her drag! I needed to be dragging on the floor. Wen, I’m five nine, so with heels I’m about six, six one. I needed something dragging.
Remy, believe me you, believe me you, I understand. But it was a movie. I can’t believe it. It’s been 20 years since Big Pun has passed. I can’t believe that either. It sounds like just yesterday. I met him, I was in high school, and he’s the reason I’m able to sit here and talk to you. 20 years. (audience applauding) It was an amazing show, though. WuTang, they did a tribute for Prodigy, as well, because he was also Sound Alive Records, and it was very hip hop. DMX came out. I heard everybody was there. Boof was telling me about it. It was so, so nostalgic. I felt like I was in high school again. So, you’re working on new music. Yes.
And I just wanna talk about are you collaborating with any of our girls that we know? Can you please bring out Foxy Brown? Can yo please, please, please bring out Lil Kim? I’m sorry, I can’t. I can’t, Wendy. (laughing) I love Kim. Me and Kim, actually, we did a record. Before I had the baby, we did Wake Me Up together. I want more. I love– When I tell you I literally love Kim, whenever I just have a moment, I text her, we call each other–
you and Fox aren’t cool? No. Okay.
No. How about Eve? I love Eve. I love Eve. Eve’s silly.
(audience applauding) I really don’t have any issues with any of the women. I think that right now is a great space for women in hip hop in general. Yeah. And the problem is that sometimes, I think, it’s the other people on the outside that’s like, “Oh, don’t work with her “because you’re gonna get her out, “or don’t work with her ’cause you don’t need her.” It’s never really the women, ’cause whenever I see any of them from when I met the City Girls, they were super cool. I talk to Cardi all the time. We run into, we have mutual friends. That’s what I say. But it’s like when it comes to working together. People get in the way. Other people that has their hand in it, they’re saying, you know, “Don’t help her or nothing.” I never have a problem with helping somebody. I love working with other women, and we both look fly, we both come in with our hair done and our makeup and everything, (audience applauding) so I’m all (mumbling) with anybody. You know. So, the State of the Culture show. Yes. You’re featuring some of my favorites, including Joe Buttons. That’s my brother. Okay. I’m surrounded by a lot of Joes. You know what? I like him though a lot. I loved him for years, but I like this show. Can you tell us about this show real quick? So, the State of the Culture– Thank you, by the way, for the– Yeah. I just got one, too. They was like, “Oh, we have a sweater for you to give this.” I was like, “Really? “Can I get one as a host of the show?” So, thank you for helping me get one, as well. Uh huh. Uh huh. But State of the Culture, what we try to do is we wanna be that voice for the culture that’s unfiltered. A lot of times you have these different outlets and these blogs and everybody’s scared– Not you. Everyone’s scared to say how they really feel because of backlash. They try to say the popular opinion. We talk about music, we talk about sports, we talk about politics, we talk about every day habits, and we’re all from different walks of life. Me and Joe is kinda more of the similar because we’re both rappers, but he’s from Jersey. He’s the guy.
Yeah. I’m from the Bronx, and we have Ebony K. Williams who’s a lawyer, graduate, she has background in the news world. We have Jinx, who he’s a Morehouse graduate. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is like– I thought, when we first started, we were like bumping heads. If anybody says anything, I have to protect Jinx at all costs. That’s how I feel about it. It’s such a great mesh of all of us together. Different perspectives, but we’re all for the same cause. Give it up for Remy Ma! State of the Culture airs February 18th on Revolt. (The Wendy Williams Show theme music)

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100 Replies to “Remy Ma: “REVOLT’s State of the Culture””

  1. Wtf was wendy asking about Eve? Did remy & Eve have beef or something? Cause i feel like I'm missing something lol

  2. Anytime, a man wears PINK for his girls, you know his soul is purer than the emerald pool in Krabi. he is a wonderful dad and husband. I love their interviews together. Remy Martha is so blessed.

  3. I somehow feel like she wants to be cool with Foxy. I remember when she mentioned Foxy Brown on "Sway in the Morning". Foxy sent a reverend to visit Remy at Rikers Island even though they were beefing and Remy thanked her for that.

    That is also why I was surprised when she started dissing Foxy again. I also believe she only teamed up with Lil' Kim to weaken Nicki Minaj. I mean that is my opinion. I mean there could be several reasons for that collaboration, but I do think it mostly had to do something with showing unity against Nicki.

  4. Wendy should have Rapsody on her show! She's a female Emcee that doesn't get enough push for whatever reason. Super dope artist. Nominated for awards but doesn't get the credit she deserves.

  5. Love Rem..but where did she get all this coin? She's never had a hit album or no type a merch. Also I've never heard of a Papoose.

  6. Shorty been out of jail for like 3 years and STILL ain’t put out that album.. what happened sis, you realize nobody really fucks with your music like that so you had to become a “personality”? 😂

  7. The sad thing is her wigologist is a friend of mine and I've been thinking the same thing…don't have the heart to ask what's been going on lol

  8. People die on cruises all the time. Will the coronavirus outbreak force law enforcement to actually investigate the mysterious cruise deaths

  9. I havent even started watching yet but Remy i want you to be blowing 2020 off and throwing things around in music videos, thankyou please

  10. Ok this was a very good positive interview I love Remy ‼️ and yea Wendy’s wig a lil ruff today she probably was running late to the set but the interview was really good love to see Wendy and Rem vibin

  11. I hate when Wendy interviews people 😒, she'll ask a question and then literally cut them off as they are answering and try to answer for them or go to another subject….likeeeee ma'am we wanna hear this answer before you go to the next question 🤦🏾‍♀️ it's so frustrating!

  12. I almost didn't listen to anything happening here because Remy looks phenomenal. Like….Nikki could NEVER. That's all real woman right there.

  13. I like Remy. Yeah she's been in some negative headlines but she's confident and I feel she's fed up with drama and just wants everyone to at least coexist together. I liked her and she looked great! And her man is every gay guys dream lol

  14. Remy Ma… throw the entire outfit away, you can do better with less spending. WENDY YOUR WIG IS CRIMINAL! STILL LOVE YOU BOTH, JUST IRRITATED, YALL DESERVE BETTER.

  15. We already know how a good woman helps elevate a man but when a woman gets the love and support of a good man, you get a Remy Ma. She is just glowing and looks content. Thank you Pap for holding down our sister like you do man 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  16. Remy had amazing stylists this past year. Guaranteed she wouldn't have needed a modesty cloth if she still had them around. That's what stylists are for!

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