Sidewalk Cops 3 – The Litterer

[MUSIC PLAYING] [BIRDS SINGING] -Look at all this trash. -It must be that litterbug
we’ve been trying to catch. -Yeah, let’s fingerprint this. [SPY MUSIC PLAYING] -Let’s see if we can lift
any fingerprints off this. [SPY MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] -Looks like we got
a good fingerprint. -Let’s go get him. [MUSIC PLAYING] -911 Emergency, 107. Hello? -And the tree was on fire. I was like, ooh,
the fire likes me. Aah, your fire is biting me. -Hey, there’s a call coming in. -Let’s listen. [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] -Roger that. We’re on our way. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Are you the person that just
called about the litterer? -Yes. -What color was his car? -Red. -What color was his hair? -Blonde. [MUSIC PLAYING] -This calls for a stakeout. -Yeah. It’s the only way we’re
going to catch this guy. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey. Where are you at? I’m going to the south side. -I’m at the stakeout position
on the south side of the park. -I’m looking for the
guy in the red car. -Finding this guy
might take awhile. -This is going to be a long
day, but we’re going to get him. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I see him. Micah, I spotted him. -Which direction is he headed? -He’s headed south,
headed our way. [MUSIC PLAYING] -He’s coming my way. [SIRENS BLARING] -You chase him around this way, and
I’ll block the sidewalk. -Roger that. [SIRENS BLARING] -Stop. Stop. Freeze. -Stop. [MUSIC PLAYING] -You’re under arrest. -You’re under arrest. -You might think twice
about littering now. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Don’t push me. -Now that’s one more bad
driver off the sidewalks.

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