Single Girl Starves Six Toddlers In The Sims 4 | Ep 49

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100 Replies to “Single Girl Starves Six Toddlers In The Sims 4 | Ep 49”

  1. Another day at Sims school
    Phoebe’s friend or teacher: “Phoebe, why are you so tired?”
    Phoebe: “I was forced to stay up all night and read vampire books.”

  2. Here are some names from my favourite book series!
    Girls: Blue, Maura, Calla, Jimi, Persephone, Piper, Neeve
    Boys: Gansey, Declan, Grey
    (I would include the other boys but they're names are already used)

  3. If you take control of the toddler and click on any adult and click on help they give you the option to ask anyone to help potty train. Just thought you’d like to know

  4. Kelsey: “she also hasn’t spent 10 hours exercising apparently I’m kinda surprised about that.” Also takes Kasey out and stops immediately because she sees a hot guy. 😂

    Boy – Ezra, Hunter(Boyfriends name), Rolan
    Girl – Jessica (my name), Lyanna, Kerrigan (daughters name)

  6. Could you name a girl Julia after my girlfriend? (or Julian/Jules for a boy) Her birthday is in a couple weeks and she's a really big fan! You always brighten her day (and mine) and this has kind of become our Saturday tradition where we make tea and popcorn and watch this series in a blanket fort. It's pretty rad. Anyway, I know it would mean a whole lot to her!

  7. I was playing my own 100 baby challenge this week. I had an outfit that made my matriarch playful. But apparently if you wear it too long or become hysterical for too long, your sim can die of laughter. I had only a teen and kids and toddlers in my household and so I lost 😭😭😭. 67 kids with one matriarch.

  8. Names from charmed would be amazing! For a girl: Piper, phoebe, Prue, Paige
    For a boy: Leo, Wyatt, Cole
    Would be amazing!

  9. Me, and my friends both watch you, and they both have babies named after them… (Brooke, and Olivia) And they always laugh at me, saying I don’t… So could you please name the baby Naina (pronounced 9-uh) pretty please? It would mean a lot 🙂

  10. I also play this challenge. I don't get woo-hoo in closet or in shower options. and the pink heart image beside the options are not same as it is in my game. and the Christmas tree I got to buy from the shop doesn't look as much good as this one. this one looks classier. please tell me which version do you play in?

  11. I’m not sure exactly what you did in settings, but I do know a way to stop Kasey’s kids from dying without breaking the rules! Make sure all of the households with her kids in them are marked as “played”, and then change the auto age setting for played households to “only active household”. That way only Kasey and her current crop of kids will age. It’s worked for my challenge! 😊

    Also, Darrel is a spellcaster! I’m interested to see if Kasey has any magical babies. 🥰

    A couple of girl name suggestions: Charlotte, Coraline

    P.S. Great episode! ✨

  12. The reason they get so smelly so quickly is cause you haven't been changing their nappies so they get dirty super quick 🙂

  13. Holiday Baby Names
    Girls: Belle, Noelle, Ginger, Virginia
    Boys: Balthazar, December, Winter, Ebenezer

    Also still waiting for more blonde kiddos 😉

  14. Kelsey, please have the toddlers watch the other toddlers potty. They can level up without kasey potty training them.

    Also please name a boy Chaz or hcaz after Zach

  15. This show is so much fun! Lol I love that Pheobe is a total criminal but actually saved love day. Maybe she's l like the Dispicable Me seiries type of a criminal.

  16. toddlers get attention from babbling to the bear!!!! also kelsey i'm gonna need you to guest star on buzzfeed unsolved thanks in advance lol

  17. Hi Kelsey here baby names for you


    Hope u like them please use them

  18. For a girl: Annikka, Nyssa, or Faye
    For a boy: Mason, Griffin, or McKinley
    named after my siblings and i, we all watch your show together!!

  19. Is nobody upset that Kasey’s first born children have died? She has outlived her own children, something Chelsea didn’t do! RIP Teegan and Archer!

    Suggestions for baby names:

    Lina or Eunice if it’s a girl

    Mario or Benjamin if it’s a boy

  20. you need to fix the one todd-bed, its clipping through the wall. also:
    girls: emily, ashley, jenece
    boys: damien, maddox, bryan

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