… – What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and today, as you guys
can tell by the title, i’m doing a try not to laugh challenge prt.2 … but first of all the video’s gonna get kinda lame rn cuz I’m getting my little bro join me Hey Ayy no hey – No, no, alright so
today we are doing the try not to laugh challenge: Part 2, but today we gotta up it a little bit. So what we are doing is, No,no, alright so today we are doing the try not to laugh challenge: Part 2. But today we gotta up it a little bit so what we are doing is, we are doing the water version of this. Don’t do that, Bro! So how this works, we’re watching a Try not to laugh compilation with water in our mouths try not to laugh compilation
with water in our mouths. And so hopefully, we are not going to be spitting the water everywhere. (so gross:V) Actually we’re going to
be spitting the water, literally, everywhere.
– Yeah. You guys saw us in the first challenge. We absolutely suck at this.
– Yeah. Thumbs up if you guys want
a part 3 to this where we face each other and do this and spit the water directly at each other. – What? – It’s gonna be wild,
so thumbs up for that. If this video gets enough
thumbs up, then we’ll do that. Comment down below who you think is going to win this challenge. It’s not me.
– It’s not going to be him. – I’m giving away an iphone 7 this month, and all you have to do if
you want to win that is download a free livestreaming
app called – And the link is below, so yeah. – You were waiting a long time for that. – I was waiting forever, Bro. – Yeah, the link is
down in the description, so be sure to go download that. And you must also watch
Devin and I as we do our live streams every single Sunday at
4p.m., pacific standard time. It goes down. I was going to get you so
bad bro., but you’re a ninja. Also want to let you guys know, make sure you guys go follow
Devin and I on Snapchat. – All my links are down below. Oh, my Snapchat link is right there. – I was about to say, what are you? – My other links Instagram,
Twitter, and stuff is down below, so make
sure you go dab on it. – Go follow us. Whoever loses this challenge
at the end of this, gets a whole thing of
water dumped on them. – What? – So, there is incentive
to no longer to lose. – Okay. – And without any further ado. – It’s the ice bucket challenge. It took me a second to get that one out. – Yeah let’s just jump,
let’s just go into the video. That was bad bro. Alright, so here we go. So Devan take a mouth full to begin with. – Alright. ♫ You can wipe off that grin. ♫ I know where you’ve been. ♫ It’s all been a pack of lies. – [Boy] Stop it. (car engine revving) – Ugh, okay, I hate this challenge. ♫ Can’t touch this (car engine revving) ♫ Can’t touch this (car engine revving) (laughing) ♫ If you love me, you’ll let me go (crowd cheering) – Oh, jeez. Oh my God. (buzzing) (laughing) (speaking foreign language) – [Collin] Oh my God. (speaking foreign language) let’s go down this slide Not gonna go well.(come to my van it’s down here!) (screams) (wait let me go back up!i forgott my kid!) – Well, we are going to
give this one a gander (mmmmmm) and see how she tastes.(SHE?! OH thats the only girl he can get) They have tons of, they have shakes, and I’m gonna get rid of this
lettuce, lotta lettuce here.(because lettuce is poison) I’m gonna tell you what
I think, right now. On a scale of one to nine, an 8.5. (9 as in”on the age of 1-9 i like 8.5year olds What would have made it
maybe a nine, I would have a lot of lettuce here.”(Really that TINY PIECE OF LETTUCE.) I’m going to get rid of this lettuce, a lotta of lettuce here. ♫ Hello – Hey. ♫ How are you? – Pretty good. (when you see a spider) – So you want to learn how
to beat-box, it’s easy. – It’s easy, okay, let’s go. – You say booty. – Booty. Okay. – Watch. – One, two, three, four. ♫ Booty, booty ♫ Booty, booty (throat clearing) ♫ Booty, booty (wheezing) – I didn’t make this kid
pass out on my floor.(i “helped”him sleep) (screams) (birds squawking) – Look at all those chickens. – [Joy] Do you ever look
at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head? (banging) – It went out my nose. Ah, it went out my nose, oh, God. jiggle (slapping) – [Collin] What are you doing? – [Piano Player] Okay. ♫ Well you done done me ♫ And you bet I felt it. ♫ I tried to be chill, but
you’re so hot that I melted. ♫ I fell right through the cracks. (heavy breathing) ♫ And now I’m.(dead) (laughing) (jabbering)(my brother singing) – [Man In Video] Today
I’m going to teach you how to face your fears. Now the first step to
facing your fears is ahh. (baby jabbering) (cat meowing) – [Man] Meow. (cat meowing) (dramatic music)(when your parents have to sign your report card and it is BAD) – [Cook] The Dr. Pepper starts
sizzling or steaming up, that’s it, just take it off
and poor it in your glass. And if you’re using a glass
glass, glass made of glass, like I am between each– ♫ Hello darkness, my old friend ♫ I’ve come to talk with you again – [Collin] I half swallowed it
and put it back in here. – [Man] They are playing the
most wildest game of ping-pong. With that many balls, that’s
just like, that is insane. She can’t handle it, she’s got
two bats, it’s that insane.(it looks like my friend in sport) – [Man] So many balls. – [Man] She’s not even
playing, that’s so many balls. She’s not even playing against
anyone, she can’t handle it. – (screaming) Skittles! – [Narrator] EA Sports. It’s only game, why you have to be mad? – [Narrator] Was this man
barking up the wrong tree? – I told him to get out of my tree. He says, I’m going to pick
your avacadoes, old man. What are you going to do about it? – What would prompt you to
do something so stupid, sir? – Guacamole. – [Man] Public input. Any members of the
public wishing to speak? Seeing and hearing none. (fun music) (goat barking) (clapping and shoe squeaking) ♫ Fah. (clapping and shoe squeaking) ♫ I just can’t get enough. (crowd screaming) (laughing) – [Collin] If I had to– No. Bad Devan. – [Devan] That was great. (dramatic music) – My biggest dream? I was in like a pool of spaghettiOs, and I was swimming in it and like– (elevator music) (rap music) – [Vin] You’ll always be with me. – [Interviewer] What is up for Hurambe? – [Man] Ahh. Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahh. Ahhh. Ahhhhhhh. Ahh. – [Man] It instead,
backfired on the students. A blind folded, half-court shot, that is now the talk of campus and beyond. – [Woman] You. – I’m looking at a couple
of different ways, one is. (symbols banging) – Is that real? Is that real?
(sirens) No way. (sirens) What? (sirens) ♫ Huh, yeah! ♫ What is it good for? ♫ Absolutely nothing, say it again y’all. (fun music) – I already know what’s going
to happen, this is great! ♫ You’ve got a friend in me ♫ Can’t touch this – I think you guys can tell
by our shirts, who won. – He lost.
this challenge. – So Devin gets to dump
one cup of water on me. – Yep, I’m excited.
In the meantime, I hope you guys have enjoyed this video. Let us know by liking it. If this video gets enough thumbs ups, we will do a part three where we spit the water on each other. Oh my gosh, it’s so cold. So cold. That’s actually a lot more
water than I expected. So, wait wait wait. I’m like in shock, okay. And then also. – [Devin] Ohhh. – Okay. – Thank you guys. We should do another one of these. – Yeah.
Give it a thumbs up. – Bye. – [Woman] Great job. (laughing)

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