– What’s up! It’s Collins Key. And today I’m doing the
most difficult challenge I’ve ever done on this channel. And to help me out I need my
little brother, Devan Key. – [Brothers] Hey! What’s up bro? Hey! For today’s video, Devan
and I are going to be doing the Try Not to Laugh challenge. And if you guys know us, you know that we laugh all the time. I don’t think there’s a
single video I’ve posted on this channel that we
haven’t had just a moment where we bust out laughing. (laughs) Like literally, I don’t
think there’s a video that we haven’t done that in.
– Yeah. So, this challenge is going to be extremely difficult for us. And if you want us to do a
Try Not to Laugh challenge but where we have water in
our mouths and if you lose, you’re spitting the water
out on the other person, let us know by liking this video. And if this video gets enough thumbs up, then we will do that
in our next challenge. So give the video a
thumbs up if you guys want to see us just spit water
all over each other. Oh it’s gonna be gross. And also we wanna let you guys know that we are doing a
live stream this Sunday. Where we’re doing
challenges at 4:00 p.m. PST. And if you guys wanna join us for that, I’m gonna put the download
link for the live meet in the description down below. – Make sure to follow me on my Instagram, my Snapchat link is over there. His Snapchat link is over there. – Oh, Devan is on today, man. – Twitter, Instagram, all
that stuff is down below so make sure you go check it out. – Yeah bro, hold on, why
should they go follow you dude? – Cause I do stuff so…
– Yeah! He does stuff! Whoever laughs and grins the
most during this challenge they lose and the other
person gets to make them do something super
embarrassing on their Snapchat. So make sure you stick around to the end of the video when we post that Snapchat. But right now let’s get into it. It’s the Try Not to
Laugh or Grin challenge. So let’s do this. Warm up, okay. (laughs) And shut it down. Alright here we go. – You tell me your name. [Jeff] My name’s Jeff. (man screams) (laughs loudly)
– I suck at this so much. – I’m doing it. – Did you finish your food baby? – Yeah. – Do you care if I go
check the garbage can? – I’m like crying, there’s tears. – [Jeff] Run. (child screams) Cause later the bear was spotted behind this home in Moreland Hills. This re-creation identifies
how witnesses say the bear escaped into the woods. (laughs loudly) – That’s so bad. (laughs loudly) Okay what hold on, hold on.
(laughs loudly) (dramatic music) (laughs loudly) (laughs loudly)
(mumbles) (laughs loudly) – Simon, why are you not cooperating? (laughs loudly)
– Two of them. I don’t know why it’s so funny. (laughs loudly) Sorry. (laughs loudly)
(mumbles) (upbeat music) – So basically, what I was thinking of… Is… Ah…I can’t believe you’ve done this (laughs loudly)
– Ah – Sorry – [Jeff] Oh my God, trampoline. Trampoline. – [Jeff] What? Oh, oh my… – You so stupid. (drum hit) – Oh that was great. He was waiting for that the whole time. – I’m trying my hardest. This challenge is so difficult. – Oh, really? (plates crash) (upbeat instrumental music) (laughs loudly) It’s tough to win the
challenge with this guy next to you man. (laughs loudly) – I’m crying so much. (upbeat flute music) – That is the worst broken… [Brothers] Oh no… – Oh no. (laughs loudly) – Do you feel blame? Are you mad? Do you feel like… (mumbles) (laughs loudly) (dramatic orchestral music) (Laughs loudly) – It’s just got me. (child sliding) – [Jeff] Wee! (gentle music) Okay that could’ve been much worse (laughs loudly) – It’s not even funny. – You asked for it. A whole video devoted
to the rainbow sponge. Now, not a normal sponge. I want you to look at all of those wiggles (laughs loudly) Oh my gosh. (laughs loudly) Wiggles, oh my gosh. I love to wiggle the whole thing. Of course you can go straight. Okay, calm down Dee. Oh, earth tones. Look… (laughs loudly) – Earth tone (laughs) sorry… – Yes, new stamp out. (laughs loudly) Look at that… (mumbles) Okay, and then that, and that… So hard to stop. This was one night that I did not sleep. (laughs loudly) – What is this? Okay… – I’m holding it together man. – Okay I did not make him do that one… Sorry… – Hey ain’t nothing but a fart man. – That’s actually pretty funny. – Do you ever have dreams that… – I’ve seen this one. – I’ve seen this video. – That you have… You could… You could do… You want them to do… – It’s getting harder – What you could do anything – It’s only game, why do you have to be mad? – Drop it (techno music) (laughs loudly) – What is this? – I can’t do it… – It’s the… – Okay – Thank goodness it’s over. (baby laughs) (dramatic orchestral music) – So I keep like eight cans at a time. – Oh girl let me give
you a kiss, that is good. – That was… Got it Got it Got it I fell on my booty. – Pretty much everywhere
it’s gonna be hot, Charlotte. – Then I don’t need a jacket. (laughs loudly) Thanks Arthur. – Hold on, right, hold… (foreign language music) (laughs loudly) (foreign language music) (laughs loudly) (foreign language music) – What? (foreign language) – [Group] Welcome. – [Group] Welcome. – [Ladies] Welcome to Jonesboro. – [Cyclists] Welcome to Arkansas. – [Bikers] Welcome. (dubstep music) (laughs loudly) – Part of the video… (mumbles) – Oh my Gosh. (squeaky toy) – How does one do that? – Oh my gosh. (ice breaks) – Nice. – [Jeff] Chelsea. – What? – [Jeff] Behind you. (plate crashes) (“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus) – I came in like a… (child screams) (laughs loudly) – This is not gonna go well. This is not gonna go well. This little kid… Oh I knew it.
– I called it. – It’s either baby or ball. (laughs loudly) – What is that? It’s like a giant roll of tape. – It’s the biggest roll of
duct tape I’ve ever seen. (laughs loudly) – That thing got air bro. (laughs loudly) – Woah. – That’s insane. – Crazy. – Oh no. (girl laughs) – That must’ve been super
fun up until that point. – Yeah. (girl laughs) – She’s all can’t do it. Alright I laughed. Thumbs up if you guys want a part two of this where we do water in our mouths for the Try Not to Laugh challenge and be spitting water all over each other. So yeah thumbs up if you
guys want to see that and I want to keep this super short so I’ll see you guys, bye.

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