Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #133

Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #133

– You laughed before the punchline!
– I know, because I knew something funny was gonna come
running around the corner! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So we brought you in today
to be a part of one of the last Laugh Challenges to ever
appear on this channel. – What? – (FBE) We’ll still be making
and releasing plenty of shows on the REACT Channel, but not the
Try Not To Laugh Challenges, ’cause those are gonna be
officially moving to our new Try Not To Channel.
– (both) Oh! – Okay.
– I was about to cry! – I know, me too,
I was like why are you doing that? – Why?
– That’s cool! So everyone should go subscribe
to that channel! – (FBE) So you know how this works. If you smile or laugh
at any point during the videos, you will get a point,
and of course, the point of the game is that the person with the least
amount of points wins. So how do you think you’ll do? – Honestly, I have a really good
poker face, so I’m gonna kill it. – Here’s the thing. I either do very well on these,
or I do [bleep]. So let’s see what gamble
we’re taking today. – (narrator) Grain-free
Blue Wilderness. (Sarah laughs)
– What, nothing even happened! (buzzer rings) – (narrator) Inside your dog
is the soul of a wolf. (Becky laughs)
(buzzer rings) – Aw, baby! (both laugh) – Nooo!
(buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) (Keith laughs)
(buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) – (laughs) That poor dog. – You’re making me laugh, stop!
(grunts) Stop it. – That’s a smile!
– (laughs) That’s my… No, that’s my emphysema.
(buzzer rings) – You laughed before the punchline! – I know, because I knew something
funny was gonna come running around the corner.
– Ah. – Honestly, I thought
you were showing me some lame commercial just to
kinda be like see, “this girl will laugh at anything”, but I wasn’t expecting that.
(laughs) – That one was fairly easy,
I feel like. – (FBE) Okay. – Yeah, [bleep]!
Damn! (FBE laughs)
(buzzer rings) – Was the dog okay?
– No. I mean yes, he was okay. – (FBE) He’s a wolf, he’s a wolf.
– Yeah see, tough. ♪ (upbeat rock music) ♪ – [Bleep]! (laughs)
(buzzer rings) (Vanessa laughs)
(buzzer rings) (Becky laughs)
(buzzer rings) (both laugh) – I love that.
– Ugh! – That’s too funny!
(buzzer rings) – Daffy Duck is going crazy, geez.
(Sarah laughs) – My God, why does it keep going?
(buzzer rings) – Ducks, ducks galore!
Look at all those chickens! – (laughs) This makes me nervous. – (FBE) But you laughed!
(buzzer rings) – I appreciated that one. – The song is Who Let The Dogs Out,
not who let the ducks out! – Any time you get a bunch of
ducks running, it’s good stuff. – So many ducks. – They’re running for their lives.
– It’s pretty funny! – Okay. (exhales)
(laughs) (buzzer rings) ♪ (upbeat techno music) ♪ – (laughs) Wait, that’s everything!
(buzzer rings) (Stephanie laughs)
(buzzer rings) – (laughs) That’s, damn.
(buzzer rings) – Don’t trip, don’t trip, oh!
I knew he was gonna trip. – What? – Oh God, I wish I had
the kind of I’m so hot confidence. (both laugh) – You know what it remind me of? Trevor.
– Me? – It reminded me of Trevor. (laughs) Trevor, I miss you!
(buzzer rings) – Wait, that was not
part of the show! – (FBE) No, it wasn’t. – So he went even further,
like he was like “I need to commit to this
as much as possible.” Wow, who is he?
He, honestly, he has my heart. – You know what’s not funny,
is when someone leads you on to think they’re about to get hurt, and then they
turn it into a spectacle, because then, we have no one to laugh, we, as the internet,
like to laugh at people, and if you’re gonna
promise me an injury, I wanna see a [bleep] injury.
That guy did not get hurt, but you know what did get hurt?
My sense of expectancy. I can’t believe
I got dressed for this. – (child) What the [bleep]? (Becky laughs)
(buzzer rings) – (child) What the [bleep]?
(people laughing) (buzzer rings) – (child) What the [bleep]? (people laughing)
– (man) I’m glad you’re recording! – You gonna be on the naughty list,
little girl! Santa’s putting you
on the naughty list! You can’t say that.
(buzzer rings) – That one almost got me,
like that was really funny. – She had such a potty mouth! – It was a LOL Suprise egg, I think.
– That was. – LOL Surprise, kids love that stuff. – She didn’t, she was like
what the [bleep]! – I walk into my house
to find my frogs reacting. The Titanic, aw!
(buzzer rings) – Oh, I’ve seen this. I want to laugh,
but I will not. (Becky laughs)
(buzzer rings) – No, like I don’t… (laughs)
(buzzer rings) – Shut up. I take back what I said about
not finding animal ones funny. – (FBE) I think that’s a smile.
– Ugh! (buzzer rings) ♪ (sweeping choral music) ♪ – You know what makes that funny? And I really wish I could smile,
but I need to win this, was the hands, the hands
that are doing, that was hilarious. But I can’t smile. (Becky hums)
– It was very funny. I didn’t understand
what was happening. – It wasn’t like humorous funny,
it was just more like oh, that’s cool. I had never seen frogs do that. – If they’re doing the Titanic,
are they gonna die? – No, how are they gonna die?
They can’t drown! – ‘Cause they died in the Titanic. – Yeah, but they can’t drown,
they’re already. (laughs) That’s horrible,
they’re already underwater, they can’t drown!
– Did you get that? – They’re frogs, they swim!
– Did you get that? (buzzer rings) – (boy) I’m in the mother [bleep]
suburbs with it. (beatboxes)
– (FBE) You smiled! (buzzer rings) – (boy) The suburbs with it.
(beatboxes) Hey yo, Terry! (both laugh)
(buzzer rings) Hey yo Terry!
[Bleep] going on? (Matt laughs)
– (Terry) Hey, how’s it going? (buzzer rings) – (boy) Hey yo, Terry!
[Bleep] going on? – (Terry) Hey, how’s it going?
(buzzer rings) – Shut, that’s alright.
– (Terry) Hey, how’s it going? – Oh!
– (FBE) That got you. – That was good!
That one’s good. (buzzer rings) – You wouldn’t expect those words
to come out of his mouth. He looks more like the kid
that like, you know, he’ll like take your Cheetos. – Honestly, I was just like kid,
you is so disrespectful. You need a spankin’. – No, no, the kid,
he runs those streets. He runs those streets,
up on what, Appletree Lane? – ♪ We wish you a merry Christmas ♪
– John Cena! I don’t see anything! – John Cena, oh wait,
you can’t even see him. – I like him, that’s the,
what’s his name, Channing? What does he got? – ♪ We wish you a merry Christmas ♪
♪ We wish you a merry Christmas ♪ – Oh no, oh no. – Happy holidays John!
(laughs) You know what he’s gonna do with that! He gonna… (coughs)
(buzzer rings) – Yeah, we couldn’t even see it.
It was John Cena. I think, I couldn’t see it.
– Couldn’t see it. – My mind started going
to like Vines, where John Cena’s face
would pop outta nowhere. So it’s just like, you know,
you gotta be very zen with this. You gotta be like tapped into
your meditative side. – ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – I already know what’s
gonna happen, dude. – ♪ Happy birthday ah ♪ – (laughs) What?
(buzzer rings) – ♪ Happy birthday ♪ – (laughs) Oh no!
(buzzer rings) (Matt laughs)
(buzzer rings) – ♪ Happy birthday ♪
(buzzer rings) – ♪ Happy birthday ♪
– Oh no! (people laughing) (both laugh)
(buzzer rings) – (woman) Why did you do that? – (laughs) The [bleep]?
– Why did you do that? (buzzer rings) – That was good. If I was not playing a challenge,
I would’ve smiled. – He’s a little rude, isn’t he? – He didn’t get the present he wanted. – It was cake!
He had cake! The perfect cake, and then he
woop-ssh, this isn’t chocolate! – I firmly believe that that’s
why no one likes kids. If I had the kind of family
that would throw me that grand of a birthday party
for five measly years of my lazy ass life,
I would not be throwing a cake, and you thought I’d find that funny? That kid deserves to have
his 401k revoked one day. – I think he was right.
– That is a bad boy. – It’s his birthday, he can do
what he wants. – (gasps) He didn’t buy that cake. – Some kinds don’t like
to be sang to, and they kept doing it,
and like parents, whatever, we’re gonna sing to you,
and he showed them. I think he stood up for a lot
of children who hate their birthday. – No, that was a bad boy.
He’s going to his room. – Were you gonna say Hell
for a second there? – No.
– He’s going to Hell. (buzzer rings) – Oh, I love Indiana Jones. Or is this Harry Potter? – (Vernon) I demand that you
leave at once! You are breaking and entering.
(Becky laughs) – (Hagrid) Dry up, Dursley you…
(gunfire echoes) ♪ (somber music) ♪
(buzzer rings) – (Vernon) Breaking and entering!
– (Hagrid) Dry up, Dursley, you… (gunfire echoes) – (laughs) Oh, he’s gone!
Oh Hagrid’s gone! (buzzer rings) – (Hagrid) Dursley, you…
(gunfire echoes) ♪ (somber music) ♪ – That wasn’t funny.
You’re about to laugh! – (laughs) I’m sorry, I’m sorry!
I can’t! – That wasn’t funny.
– I know, it wasn’t funny. – Why are you laughing?
– I don’t know! (buzzer rings) – That just pshh,
right above me. – I knew what was coming. (laughs) And I was like what if Hagrid
did die at the beginning? – I had to work pretty hard
on that one. I’ve seen a lot of those edits,
so I’m used to that style of humor and I figured it was gonna be
one of those, so I kinda got,
I saw the curveball coming. (Matt laughs) – Wendy, what are you doing?
Door malfunctioning. (buzzer rings) (alarm blares) (Stephanie clears throat)
(buzzer rings) – Oh, these are funny edits,
when it’s just like super, they take out all the sound. (Wendy gasps) (Andrew laughs)
(buzzer rings) – This is so awkward.
(JC laughs) (buzzer rings) – Oh Wendy, you know
how to make me laugh. (gasps) I’m not laughing.
Thinking about dead people. (Veronica laughs) (both laugh)
(buzzer rings) – I’m gonna explode right now.
– Ugh, I feel so uncomfortable. (Kian laughs)
– Oh my gosh. How long does this go for? (laughs)
(buzzer rings) – I love all the foley
of the jingling, of the loud silence noises. Yeah, I didn’t laugh, but,
I would like to say whoever made that video,
very well done. – I really liked that edit. – She’s quiet and awkward.
Like, there’s no context. It’s just so funny.
– The clapping one. – Will Smiths in their
natural habitat. (Will Smith laughing)
– (laughs) God, I can’t, I can’t. (buzzer rings) (Will Smith laughing)
(buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) (Will Smith laughing) – (Will) That’s hot. (Keith laughs)
– (FBE) Ah, Keith! – I liked that one. That one was good.
– I knew he was gonna go. (buzzer rings) – That was good.
That was very good. – Wow, I have such a feeble brain. Like really, that’s the [bleep]
I’m like, that is solid entertainment
right there. – (FBE) So Brandon, you won. – I did, yes I did,
and I’ll tell you how it feels. Ask me how it feels. – (FBE) How’s it–
– Great. – I didn’t win?
– The Becky didn’t win? – What about me?
– She barely laughed. – I… what?
– You guys are wrong! You’re wrong, and we’re gonna
flip our birthday cake. (Becky grunts) – Thanks for watching us
Try Not To Laugh on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe to all the creators
in this episode. – Links in the description below. – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. Thank you so much for watching
this laugh challenge. Now remember, if you wanna see
laugh challenges moving forward, you will have to subscribe
to the all-new Try Not To Channel. They’ve got tons of amazing stuff
going on over there. So be sure to check ’em out
and subscribe. Bye guys!

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