VAMPYR #1 : Newborn

VAMPYR #1 : Newborn

Okay, so it’s safe to say I’m having a bad day. And the only color I can see is red. I suppose I should follow that. Am I, I mean — Is that somebody talking to me ’cause if so, I can’t understand… Alright that’s a person. And they’re glowing. This is not good. Can I — Can I talk to that person, or is that a really bad idea? I’m gonna guess it’s a really bad idea. I’m just uh, not seeing — okay, it’s a woman. Hello? I know this person! Okay. Oh, no, that’s –. Oh, this is not going to go well, is it? Did they say “kill it”? Alright, they know what I am. God, there’s a — ow! Okay. Yes, but where? Is there a — ‘Kay, nope nope nope nope nope — oh! Just follow the path I guess? Yes! Just follow the path, of, whatever this is! Okay. Press to perform a melee att– Okay, I can defend myself. I just… Okay, can I jump? No. I, can I climb? Oh. Can I climb up there? No, I. I can’t actually can I break them? Oh I can break them. Okay. I can break them. All right! Okay, just Lock on enemies! Just hit him I guess? Yeah. Alright. I’m not seeing many alternatives. Oh, god. All right, is he What is he Okay, all right, there’s people in there I might — do I have any choices here? I have a feeling I do not Do I I saw, yeah I see someone over there, could I Can I get around? Can I climb? No. Did I see something? I thought I saw Alright, no, I guess Fine, I guess While locking on to, oh Alright, there’s two, there’s two, there’s two! He’s gonna He’s gonna fire — he’s! Okay, he’s firing, he’s firing Okay. Come on come on come on Oh I can’t All right, I’ve got stamina and I can’t dodge when I don’t have stamina, all right that’s good to know Although I’m a vampire. Why don’t I have stamina? Why am I breathing heavy — oh. Okay, so my, oh right my health is now down. Do I have any way of fixing that? Is there Yes, I’m looking for loot! I’m looking for loot. Alright, is that a flamethrower? That is a flamethrower! That is probably bad, right? Oh God. Can I–? He said find a place to hide. Okay, does that I think I’ve been spotted. Oh my god, that is a Oh! Oh. It’s a, okay! Hold to — oh it was a crossbow with bolts. Okay. All right, yeah, yeah, yeah So, I need to find a place to hide. Okay. That’s gonna be locked as well. So red red means locked! Sorta, if it’s the, if it’s the handle that’s, never mind. Alright. Okay. But, out of curiosity, if I’ve bitten Mary Doesn’t that kind of mean Okay, that can be opened. I mean Okay, we’ve got, we got stuff! I suppose I should actually check to see if I’m alone first of all. Oh ‘Kay… That is a very dead person. I-is that my watch then, or is it just a watch that was– Why am I — oh! I was dead, they threw me in a pit, I came back, I’m a vampire! Dude. Watch plus one. But, does, is that my watch? Oh, is that just another watch and it made me have a flashback? Alright, let’s start here. Fire and Sun, new collectible. Out of curiosity what does that…? Alright, okay, I can Right. So I’ve, I’ve got whatever that is, that’s a map. I’ve got a citizen menu. Men– oh my god. Citizen menu! I– You know, I mean, I know it’s a menu, but also considering what’s happening here, it’s You know, what’s on the menu tonight? I mean it’s a little Yeah Fire and Sun, a page probably stolen from some sort of manual or guide. Weaknesses of vampires. Leeches do not fear the sun or fire and they do not burst into flames or ashes when they are caught under the rays of daylight but it hurts them good, really good! I’ve personally chained a vampire to a tree to see what would happen when the sun rises Its skin blackened in a few minutes as if it was burning from the inside Its eyes and flesh melted and I saw it its unholy bones move and squeal as the beast tried to escape all day long. In the end, only a desiccated corpse remained, which started to slowly regenerate when the sun disappeared behind the horizon. I cut its head off to finally destroy it. And when I tried the same test with fire, the bloody leech never came back from the ashes. Fire is our weapon of choice, brothers. To burn the beast is the best way to kill it for good. From “Know your enemies” by Carl Eldritch, Priwen leader. So fire, fire is bad. Sun is bad. Having your head chopped off is worse ‘Kay, it’s just loot. It’s just loot! I say “just loot,” I didn’t mean that as any disrespect to loot, you know, I-I have all the respect in the world for loot Yes, I do Do we have Oh, do I have to get quite, I actually have to get quite close. I should really be a little more careful and make sure I’m Close enough to activate everything. Yes, I should. All hail the loot and all that. Bottle of alcohol! Not sure what use that is Can I drink alcohol? Can I remember where my inventory was? Okay, those are weapons, weapons and modules, samples and ingredients, ammunition Junk! Average resale value, this item could be recycled into components. How do I recycle? How do I recycle? Que– all right. Okay, we’ll figure that out at some future date, I guess. Recycling Right. This Why is this place barricaded like this? I mean, is, is, is the place under attack by vampires? I mean, some of the people hunting me obviously know Okay, obviously know what I am. Wait. So I do reflect? Okay, so I have lots that needs doing apparently. Good, good to have purpose. For right now my purpose Oh ‘Kay that man had a gun in his hand. Blew his brains out? So I now have a gun. So I’m a doctor, who doesn’t mind killing. Alright, I’ve got one I’ve got one bullet. Um… Let’s have a lo– ammu– No where was ammunition It says I’ve got no ammunition. I can carry up to about 18 and does this mean I’ve got No, I mean it looked like there was one round in Didn’t it? Okay. Was there anything else? Can I not take his watch? I’m on a sort of, watch, okay Blood diary! That’s a diary covered with blood stains, found in a sealed-off house. 15th of October. Bad sleep. Becky coughed all night, and the fever made her delirious. I heard a loud noise in the morning. It’s a big machine some men brought by the banks to dig a hole in the ground. It was some sort of mechanical shovel. Maybe I could go there, and ask for some work? Becky needs medicine. There’s a plague going on, right? I mean that’s, that’s, it’s not just vampires. There is a plague going on. 16th of October. I talked to the men with the mechanical shovel. They told me that they’re digging mass graves all around London. Safety measures apparently. Is there a new epidemic? Is the flu coming back? They had no work for me. Becky slept a little last night. The foundry has been closed, and there are no more jobs nearby. 19th of October. I went to London to find some groceries, and drugs. No trains. It took me a whole day to cross the Thames and come back. Becky seems better. I made a soup she ate. I found no drugs, only a few syringes, and some sleeping pills on the black market. We’ve no money left. Maybe I could go to the Pembroke Hospital tomorrow? But it’s so far, and I fear leaving my wife for so long. 19th of October. Becky threw up the meal a few hours after she ate. She’s so frail now it makes me cry. She says she hears voices outside at night. She says she wants to eat meat. Where would I find meat? Tomorrow, I’ll barricade the house to protect us from looters. 21st of October. The men with a mechanical shovel have stopped digging the mass grave. I heard shouts last night, as if they were attacked. Now, there are only a few boats throwing bodies day and night into the giant hole. The smell is terrible. We should have left this house a week ago, but Becky… She refuses to leave. She’d rather die, she said with a nasty smile. Why is she torturing me so? 22nd of October. Becky just attacked me! She jumped on me from the stairs, and tried to bite me. I had to smack her, but she smacked me back. I went upstairs and locked myself in the bedroom. Now I can hear her crying and mumbling downstairs. I retrieved the gun and I hidden the ceiling since the war to protect the house. Now, I’m ready to use it to protect myself from my own wife. She turned into a vampire then. 23rd of October. I could not sleep at all. Becky spent the whole night scratching at the door, asking for my help, begging me to let her in, but I was too afraid to open it. I’m just waiting for her to die now. It would not be long. I pray God it will end soon 24th of October. I was so hungry. I tried to go downstairs this morning. Becky was sitting in the armchair by the chimney. She was panting like a dog, looking at me without moving, just following me around the room with her eyes. I pointed the gun at her sore face but she did not react. I could not pull the trigger. I went back to my room. 25th of October. The house is silent like a tomb. No more noises. Becky is dead now. Forgive me, my love. I was unable to save you. I’ll be with you soon enough. Okay. So she It sounds like she was infected via vampire? Was there some letters there? Is that is that just a side effect of the plague? They go mad, as well. Are the two connected? Possibly. I think I’ve got everything I need. Which is everything I can take. She does look pretty bad. So. Can’t take the hammer. Oh. Um… How, precisely, do you want me to do that? Do I need to go to sleep or something? Can I use the bed? I can! I can use the bed which has a feather. Is that, because there’s a feather pillow or Kind of looks like on a right on the bed, doesn’t it? Was there anything else? No. Okay and I have to be that side. What sort of nightmare do you have where you go to sleep in it? Oh ‘Kay, am I gonna– but I have no bullets! I have no bullets, how There was one bullet in that gun, there was! Shoot? Do I have a choice? Do I have a choice? Can I, can I– Is this gonna be a case of, I’m literally playing chicken with myself here– Fine! So now I’ve got no bullets! Whoa! Okay! Hideout beds allow you to evolve and rest. Spend experience points to level up and improve your vampiric skills. Okay. Oh. Alright then, so I’ve What is, right 1735 experience, that’s, is that level 1. Passive skills. Body condition: plus 50 health. Physical prowess: plus 15 percent endurance! Increase your stamina. So I don’t run out of breath every like, 10 feet. Blood capacity: increase your blood capacity. Increase your blood absorption. Science! You can now carry three serums on you. Increase the number of bullets you can carry. Yeah, so this Ultimate? Rage: you lose control and let the Beast take over for a short time. The Beast teleports itself to all enemies around you, and strikes them with furious blows. Alright! Cost none, recovery 99 whatever that means. Level 10 required. Shadow: You create a shadow vortex at your target’s feet. Coming to life, the Shadows interrupt an enemy in the area and inflict tremendous damage. Okay. Begin by selecting the available skill: autophagy. It’s the only thing I can select. You drain your own blood to heal normal and aggravated damage instantly. Oh. And that unlocks another tree! Select the first level of autophagy and spend enough XP to unlock it. You drain your own blood to heal normal and aggravated damage instantly, and that requires what, 600 XP and I’ve got 1,700 and Alright. The vampire uses the power of his blood to heal normal, and aggravated damage, increasing his flesh, nerve, and bone regeneration. With time, this vampiric ability can be extremely powerful, and is sure to surprise any unwary Vampire Hunter. We think of vampires is immortal, but if you can block their own natural regenerative, –regenerative capabilities, they’re more vulnerable than you think. Oh. Oh! I have to, right. Oh! Okay, that’s kind of cool. You drain your own blood to heal normal and aggravated damage, this is more healing, but it requires level six. I am level two. You’ve leveled up and feel stronger, go back. Ah! This has now unlocked some other things You have enough XP to unlock an aggressive skill. Choose one to unlock now. Claws: a close-range strike that will cut through all living creatures in front of you. Interesting. Bloodspear: you throw a spear made of blood which can pass through enemies in front of you. That could be useful as a Shadow mist: place a cloud of shadows at the targets feet, or yours. The cloud will explode after a short time causing heavy damage. It sounds kind of cool. So that’s like a claw damage. That’s Wait what bloodspear– this, oh this requires My blood, 25 blood, this requires 25 blood area 2 meters. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do, but I’m going to select shadow mist. I think. Alright, place it, yes, and we can up– the vampire concentrates shadows around the prey to make them explode after a countdown. The explosion will injure anything in range with needle-like living spears. Vampires often use this ability to wipe out groups of enemies from a distance. They think they can challenge us with their tools, but no one can defeat the shadows. So I can actually just look at all of them. In more depth. Natural predators, vampires have received some gifts from Mother Nature, like claws instead of fingernails These supernatural weapons can easily cut through tissue, and are very useful for piercing appraised arteries. If you use your claws, you will see humans differently… like soft, tender meat. Okay. And blood spit. Okay. That does look kind of cool. The vampire wields their blood and throws it like a spear. This power can take time to charge, but it’s deadly effective at medium to long range It’s a powerful supernatural tool for vampires who don’t like close combat If you cannot avoid the bloodsuckers attack, just keep your mouth closed. Oh, ew, ew, is that what you said, ‘Cause you’re saying you don’t want what– you know what I don’t even want to, I don’t even wanna think about that one. Oh, well, then which one then? Which? One? Vampire concentrates [inaudible] Honestly, although my initial thought was shadow mist I just. I like the look of that! I do, I like the look of that. Okay. So now I’m level three and I have Now select confirm to save your choices. Oh, so I could, could I undo it? Can I undo it? No? I don’t think I can, no, all right. So once it’s selected, it’s selected. I’ve got to then confirm But it’s nighttime. So now I can Okay, so I need to find my Maker. Reach North Bank. Right. Okay. Now, now, Let’s have a look. I now have I still have my weapon, but I don’t have any bullets for that, which is going to make this very useful. One, and two. Oh, can I? This is two, alright! So I can select which is which Autophagy: you drain your own blood to heal normal and aggravated dama– oh wait, so. Oh, I’ve already healed though. By the looks of things. So sleeping heals aggravated damage. I need to get blood to be able to use autophagy or the spear and… What else? Okay, that is Ooh! I can, I can sense blood, and I can sense Somebody is alive down there. Alright then. So if somebody is alive down there, I’m walking here and then I run there. Okay. I should be somewhat care– Oh, they’re banging on, they’re trying to get in here, okay, so I have got to leave and Conduct research on my new condition. Identify and confront the vampire who created me. Night is here again. I am in London now. Somewhere near the East End Docks, I suppose. I don’t know this part of town. All I know is this: someone is killing people, here. Murdering them. Butchering them. Drinking their blood. Making them like him? Is this what happened to me? Well, obviously. My poor Mary. My poor sister. I must follow the blood trail. Find answers. Maybe I should start by gathering information about what happened to this place while I was away. Then, I will find out who did this to me. Who made me what I am now. Reach the North Bank. So I’ve got to follow the blood trail… Okay some All right. Yeah! I know, I know. Oh… ‘kay, how do I get up there? All right–whoa! Okay! So I can do that, then.

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100 Replies to “VAMPYR #1 : Newborn”

  1. You did say the controls are iffy in the intro video, these kinds of games are meant for a controller.
    But you'll get used to the keyboard and mouse, they're not as bad as the ones in some other games like this.

  2. @Gopher…WTH, you were going on in the early minutes about a thought of Mary whilst in the abandoned house, but you got so freaking distracted that you never finished your thoughts on it! So frustrating to me! Please, for the love of God, if you have another thought like this, shut your eyes to the world and finish what you wanted to flesh out in your head! Thank you!!

  3. @Gopher…How on earth did you not notice the man's wife who WAS lying on the floor next to the fireplace had gone MISSING?!

  4. I'm guessing that Gopher didn't notice that the women who was lying on the floor in that house had disappeared, after he woke up and went downstairs.

  5. This is fantastic! I have been curious about this game since it came out but couldn’t decide wither or not to buy it. Watching Gopher play is even better than playing myself. It’s only the first episode but I’m already enjoying it a great deal. Now I get to watch even more Gopher! This has been a wonderful surprise 🙂

  6. Is he a bullet sponge…or bullets can't kill him? Getting big time 'Murdered: Soul Suspect' vibes from this game.

  7. Do the first few lines remind anyone else of the Ring Verse from Lord of the Rings?
    Twelve dreams for the Red Queen under crown of stone
    Eight voracious beasts born from eight restless nights
    Four nails piercing the flesh of the sinner
    One prayer for the summoned called by this song

    Three rings for the elven-kings under the stars
    Seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone
    Nine rings for mortal men doomed to die
    One ring for the dark lord on his dark throne

  8. Only thing I don't get is why every person who's blood you have to drink dies while in combat it is only a limited amount

  9. Love to see you playing a new RPG, Gopher! Don't get me wrong, Skyrim is great, but it's nothing new. Love to see your blind reactions! This is going to be awesome!

  10. it's cool that these vampires have a reflection given that after we stopped using silver and moved on to aluminum vampires should be able to see there reflection.

  11. A game perfectly tailored to your playing styles Gopher, above all an excellent story. Thanks for playing it.

  12. I hate rushed beginnings. You can't understand what is going on as you panic and run aimlessly. Looking cool nonetheless.

  13. This isn't a judgement on this game, but an overall view of the industry as someone that suffered through that intro and the awful dialogue of Pathologic HD. There isn't an industry on Earth in more dire need of really good writers than the videogame industry. The dialogue that the people around come up with now is almost unbearable in it's lack of skill. Dialogue in games is either fake macho stupidity or vapid intellectual masturbation. Either way it's really, really atrocious.

  14. Not sure why people like this game so much. Vampire the Masquerade is much better. Gopher consider playing Kingdom Come much more interesting.

  15. The only issue with nice lets plays like this is that you have to wait for a new episode to come out after watching one…

  16. the game has a great concept, some things just become so annoying/tedious or repetitive after playing a while that I would just say it is just solid overall.

  17. Yes! You do narrative games so well that i've been stalking your feed waiting for this to show up!

    Also, is your dad The Mighty Jingles? The two of you have nearly identical dulcet tones. 😂

  18. This was the first game I’ve ever preordered, no regrets. Just finished this game and it’s absolutely great.

  19. Aggravated damage? Is this running on some version of the many vampire rules from White Wolf games or is this some sort of unlicensed copy that just copies some concepts?

  20. Has anyone ever played vampire the masquerade redemption? This game reminds me a lot of it… and I played it a lot back then.

  21. It looks like the movement system is total garbage. Makes me nauseous just watching. Really glad that I didn't buy this now!

  22. “Please let me explain”
    “Don’t shoot!”
    “I’m sorry”
    “Please stop!”
    “Oh no, what have I done?”
    “Listen to me”
    “I need help!”

    He says all this whilst running away and killing everyone in the way…

  23. Strange. On one of my computers I have the option to watch in 1440p, and on the other, it isn't there.

    Sadly, the option is missing on my computer that isn't pushing 8 years old. So I may have to settle for 1080p.

  24. @Gopher
    Regarding vampires and mirrors, the theorized reason why vampires could not see themselves in mirrors is because they were often backed with silver, to which vampires have a high aversion to. Modern mirrors no longer are back with silver, so it is possible that one backed with aluminium (As modern mirrors are) would show a vampire's reflection.

  25. I Know you don't make mod manager video's anymore (Or you do idk :P)
    But i have a question it keeps saying (cannot reach the nexus login server either your firewall is blocking bla bla bla)
    How do i fix this ???

  26. Does he change activation hey to c on all games? I have always wondered if he manually changes it or what?

  27. the other youtuber i watched seemed to lose interest in the game, so im very glad to see you pick it up. ^^

  28. Very interesting start – my son was raving about this game and he finished it by doing one scenario – apparently the story changes depending on what choices you do – I look forward to see how this story turns out – thanks 🙂

  29. Thanks Gopher for introducing this game to me. After seeing the 1st 6 mins of gameplay i just had to go get the game and i love it!

  30. You know I've seen several play throughs of this game and no one has interpreted the beginning poetry. The first part is so easy to understand, as is the last few questions. Why has no one put their 2 cents in on it

  31. You're crazy to play this game on keyboard! (or even your special gamer thingy).
    The game is really much more comfortable to play on a controller.

  32. Not sure I can be bothered to watch another LP of this, would have been usefull to know you was going to do a LP on this ffs!

  33. What lore sources would you be using for your logics and so forth for this LP? I would hope they apply proper logic in this game, meaning effects are reasoned and not just applied without lore reasons… which is a big concern on mine for vampire and other "monsters" that have a lot of lore and many that vary. For example, vampires being unholy creatures and therefore holy effects work against them with great strength. I just hope it is explained and true to that lore, not effects for effects sake.

    I did like the intro, it didn't feel as weak as some have said, to me anyway.

    I sure do also hope that you will be able to maintain the blind play. Although in that attempt, I may have to wait until the end for my answer about lore sources/ lore logics and so forth. It kind of feels like they will go with the unholy lore path type and if so, I hope it is well done… as sometimes they get super lazy with that…

  34. Gooooodddd this game is so melodramatic and cringey. Really hoping the writing improves, and especially for this MC to eventually grow a few brain cells.

  35. Hey man I doubt you’ll see this comment but I’m on my second PT of Dishonored 2 right now (I bought Dishonored 2 limited edition which included Dishonored definitive) and I haven’t played the first Dishonored before. I kind of want to play the original but I’m worried I won’t like it as it is difficult jumping into a game with worse gameplay (what I’ve heard). However, I heard the story makes up for it. Let me hear your opinion on the matter if you don’t mind. Also, sorry if you’ve answered this question in the past as I have been trying to find an answer to my question for a while but all the talk about D1 and D2 only lasted through the beginning hype and people who uploaded videos have either changed what they uploaded or stopped uploading altogether. You were pretty much the only person I could find to potentially answer my question as you do still upload, but I have yet to see your videos (I just found your channel) and saw that you played D2 and rushed to get my question out as quickly as possible in hopes you’d see my comment. Nonetheless, I was looking through the playlist on your channel and it seems that you have a pretty good taste in games (Fallout, Skyrim, D2) so I will make sure to subscribe and check it out. Thanks a lot man and sorry if I sound dumb here as I am very new to your channel.

  36. Very minor complaint, more constructive criticism. the video picture thingy that you click on (don't know what it's called, the click bait picture thing) is all red at the bottom below where it says Vampyr. This hides the red bar that shows that you've watched the video or your progress through it if you didn't finish it yet. Like I said; very minor, not gonna loose sleep over it but thought you'd like to know because I know you are quite the perfectionist. Love your work as always Gopher. Massively enjoying the Leonard LP and looking forward to where this Vampyr LP goes.

  37. Gopher playing a vampire. I dont belive he was vampire in Skyrim so this will have to do. …Anyway, without snarking I was looking forward to seeing this game and Gopher delivers. Thank you, good sir.

  38. "Confronted by the eerie and unknown, mortals became desperate for answers. A flock's flight makes for an omen, the falling of a star a dire presage. Turning to priests for interpretation when there was no reason to be found. When religion failed, men turned to science. I saw them build such vain cities. Crafting machines made for endless war. New questions flourished as old answers withered. What is darkness but lurking sun? What is wall but enslaved stone? What is glass but tortured sand? What is song but a call to arms? What is hate but jilted love? What is life but death pending?"

    Why is it so many people can read or hear those opening lines and come to the conclusion that the game's writers are being edgy? This is an immortal's criticism of mortal humans and the absurd depths of cynicism we can reach when rationale fails us. Some people criticize the game because of these lines, but these philosophies themselves are being scoffed at by the narrator. Especially when the narrator then immediately winds up saying something much more positive and poetic, admittedly about death, that sounds more like something Peter Pan would say.

  39. I knew you would play this game, it's a beautifull game…and I have seen your playthrough of Vampire the masquerade many times (Loved it)

  40. I love "Predator Vision" in this game. Comparing it to Skyrim, I like it a lot more. But that is only my opinion, so you don't have to get butt-hurt over it.

  41. I literally left my pc alone for an hour at the attempted suicide part. I just went to the store hoping I'd come back to some other option…come to think of it, I did that a lot in this game lol.

  42. Ah should have chosen shadow mist. Hardly anyone is resistant and those that are still take a shit ton of damage. Where as blood spear doesn't do as much damage an a lot are resistant to it. Good thing you can change your skills huh.

  43. This game is awesome, so excited to see you play it. I think it will suit you! I couldn’t finish it because it was too scary <_> so watching you play it will be a treat!

  44. I look forward to seeing you Out-Goth(Traditional, not hipster) the good Doctors' poetic gothlike narrative.

    I doubt I will be displeased.

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