When Your Ex Leaves You with 2 Babies, Then Dates Your Friend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

When Your Ex Leaves You with 2 Babies, Then Dates Your Friend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Arbogast v. Vess.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Arbogast, you are in court
today claiming the defendant started denying
your 2-year-old
daughter, Kinzleigh, once he got
into a relationship
with your former friend. ARBOGAST: Yes, Your Honor. You claim the defendant has ignored
the needs of your children so you are suing
for the maximum amount
of $5,000 for child care expenses.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Vess, you are here
to testify the plaintiff’s
promiscuous behavior is the reason
you believe you are not
Kinzleigh’s father. And until proven otherwise, you refuse
to financially support her. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Arbogast,
has the defendant helped
at all financially? If you say $100
over two years
is helping, then… I mean, if that’s
in his eyes, yeah. $100 over two years? No, he hasn’t
really helped at all. You haven’t been
helping at all, Mr. Vess? Uh, no,
because how can I take care
of somebody’s daughter that may or may not be mine? Okay, well, just because
you don’t wanna take care
of our daughter, we still have a
3-year-old son that you
haven’t helped for either. JUDGE LAKE: So you have
another baby too? Yes. And there’s no question
as to the paternity
of that child? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But do you help
financially with that child? I have in the past.
But recently,
no, I have not. You… You have not helped
in the past. Not at all. You’ve helped $100
per both kids in two years.
Two years. JUDGE LAKE: So, if you
don’t have doubts
about the older child, why are you not at least
providing for that child? I have been providing
for that child… When? But recently, I have been having bills
and everything else,
that, you know… How much money do you say
you’ve contributed
to Kinzleigh? Kinzleigh… Probably $100. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
so, she’s right? VESS: Yes. No, he… No, he’s claimed $100 for Kamren
and Kinzleigh. $100 for Kinzleigh.
I’ve spent a heck of a lot
more on Kamren than that. No, you haven’t. Actually, you have
no say in this. You don’t know me
and you barely know her. Oh, he barely knows me?
I dated him for a year
and half in middle school. And I’m sorry, when you
walk in my door… But he doesn’t know me. You walked in my door
two months ago… He has no right to say. …and our 3-year-old son
looks up at you
and says, “Who are you?” Oh, and then he turns
around and says, “That’s right, you’re my dad.” VESS: That would
be your fault. No, that’s not my fault.
You’ve been the absentee
of his life. Yeah, and… JUDGE LAKE: Let me… Hold on.
Let me understand this. And Mr. Fritts
is your current boyfriend? ARBOGAST: Yes, Your Honor. And you… So he’s the person
helping you raise… Yes. …Mr. Vess’ children? Yes. He’s the one
who they wake up to
every morning.He’s the one
who takes them out,
does things with them,
plays football with them.
He does the father role.
Not Mr. Vess. You’ve taken an active role
in the children’s life? FRITTS: Yes, Your Honor. How many times
have you witnessed
Mr. Vess support… Financially support
his children? One time, since I’ve been
in their lives for the last
seven months and that was $20
for Pull-Ups and diapers. So, you’ve developed a bond
with the children? Yes, I have. JUDGE LAKE:
And Kinzleigh’s two? ARBOGAST: Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
That’s about the time they
start saying, “Da-da.”
Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So… She hasn’t…
She knows no other man
as “Dad” besides him because he has refused
to claim her. But he’s the one who signed
the birth certificate
in the hospital. You’re the one that makes
all your boyfriends… He didn’t decide… …called “Dad” by them. He did not decide
to disown her until he left me
to get with her. And then
all of a sudden,
“Oh, that’s not my baby.” JUDGE LAKE: So, wait a minute.
Take me back. You were in a relationship? ARBOGAST: Yes. We got into
a relationship in 2012. We got pregnant
with our firstborn
in November.We had him in
August of 2013.
We… Oh, I don’t know if
you older people do it, but us young people,
we go at it like rabbits. So, “you older people”… ARBOGAST: Obviously,
he wanted… Jerome, is that us? (LAUGHS) That’s anybody
older than me. Not me. I’m not old. (LAUGHS) Shoot. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Um, he obviously
wanted it a lot.
So, I gave it. Our date of conception
was between August 11th
and August 13th. Then, he told me I couldn’t be friends
with somebody I had been
friends with for nine years. He told me… If that’s…
“If you did go
have sex with him, “that’s the only way to break
your emotional connection.” And I have witnesses,
plenty of witnesses, who can attest to him
saying this and have
heard him say it. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. You say Mr. Vess told you… ARBOGAST: Yes. …the only way to break
the connection you had
with this friend, but he says, “You need to
go have sex with him?” Yeah, to break
the emotional
and physical bond of friendship
that I had with this man. But when… ARBOGAST: Then he decided… What? ARBOGAST:
But the whole pregnancy… Who gave you
this advice, Mr. Vess?
Where’d you come up with this? No, I never said that. That never came out
of my mouth. Oh, yes, it did. So, listen. August sex
with Mr. Vess. ARBOGAST: Yes. Then he tells you
to sleep with
the other friend… I did not have sex
with this other man
until August 29th. And our conception date
was August 11th to the 13th.
In between them days. So, wait, how did this
happen then? You, you just go up
to this guy and say, “My boyfriend says
we should have sex”? It was late at night,
he came and got me,
we went to the lake and… Well, we went
to the gas station, bought condoms,
went to the lake, did our deal,
and I went back home
and got in bed with him. Well, took a shower
and then got in bed, and he was all good. You say she’s making this up? VESS: Yeah, I do. We were arguing about
something. I don’t know
exactly what. I got mad, so…
And I told her that
she should go and, you know, be with somebody else
if she wanted to be. I guess she took me serious. When did you
find out about him? After we broke up. He knew that same night.
I was at the lake, he was texting me
the whole time. “Baby, when
are you coming home? “What time are you
gonna be here?” “When I get done
having sex with the person “you told me
to go have sex with.” This doesn’t even
make any sense. He knew about it,
that’s the thing. He says he didn’t know.
He knew about it. JUDGE LAKE: You do admit
to having sex with this other guy? Yeah. Did you use protection? Yeah. You said you guys
stopped to get condoms. ARBOGAST: Yes. So, you used protection
with the other guy? Yeah. And I was already pregnant
at the time I had sex
with this other man. He’s sitting on the couch
in the hospital, holding her after she’s born. He held her before I held her. Yeah, I thought
she was my daughter until
you told me that she wasn’t. I never once told you
she wasn’t your daughter. VESS: It was on speaker phone. What did she say, Mr. Vess? We were on speaker phone
and she blurted out that
Kinzleigh may not be mine. Ms. Glover, I’d like to know
if you know anything about when Mr. Vess found out
that Kinzleigh may not be
his biological daughter. I don’t know if it was
out of anger or what, but, yeah, she has…
She did say it shortly
after they broke up that Kinzleigh
was possibly not his. How old was Kinzleigh
at this point? At the time of our split up,
she was two… She was just shy
of being two months old. You ever tell him
she wasn’t his? ARBOGAST: No, I never
once told him. If that wasn’t his baby
and I knew that
wasn’t his baby, why would I let him
sign the birth certificate
in the hospital? JUDGE LAKE:So, you
signed the birth certificate,
Mr. Vess?
Yes, Your Honor,
’cause I thought she was mine. I wanted him to also
be a father to our son.When our 3-year-old son
looked at him and said,
“Who are you,”
my heart shattered.Okay, that hurts.That’s our 3-year-old. But, yeah, he can be
a father to her kids
and their new baby… I’d be a father to my son
if I actually had a chance
to see him. If you didn’t have a damn… You would see him if you were
a constant role in his life. I’m not gonna just
let you take our son
when you haven’t been around because that is not
comfortable with me.
He knows me.He knows my boyfriend.
He knows my family.
VESS:Yeah, for how long?ARBOGAST:He doesn’t
know you.
And, Mr. Vess,
you’re just jealous
because you got replaced as a boyfriend
and as a father. And you will too. Oh, no, he won’t. In a matter of time
you will be replaced. ARBOGAST: Oh, no, he won’t. Three boyfriends,
in how many years? ARBOGAST: I’ve had two. I’ve had two until him. VESS: Three. We’ve been asking
for a DNA test since
the time she told us that Kinzleigh was
possibly not his. ARBOGAST: No. GLOVER: I heard it first-hand.
He was sitting in my house along with other people. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s when
he was on the speaker phone? Yes. And what were
her words, exactly? “Kinzleigh is possibly
not even yours,”
is what she said. He automatically
hung up the phone and walked out
of the room in tears. You say,
“It’s pathetic that you still
don’t wanna grow up “and claim your daughter.” Mr. Vess responds,
“I would claim that thing
if I knew she was mine.” A “thing”? Okay, but you want me
to see my son, but yet you want me
to sign my rights
away to him? No, you’re the one
that said you was gonna
sign your rights away. No, I never once said that.
I would never say that. ARBOGAST: Yes, you did. In the case of
Arbogast v. Vess,
it has been determined
by this court… Yeah, I thought
she was my daughter until
you told me that she wasn’t. I never once told you
that she wasn’t your daughter. It was on speaker phone. ARBOGAST:I ain’t ever once
told you she was
not your daughter.
I never, ever, ever
have told him
that Kinzleigh’s not his. I have been begging
for a paternity test. I even asked him
to go and buy
one of those $35 kits off the shelf
DNA paternity tests that you do at home
and then you send it to a lab. “Oh, I don’t have
the money for that.” Okay, but if you’re the one
begging for it, why didn’t you go
get it yourself? You’re the one who… Because you’re the one
who denies her. So you should pay for it. Okay, but I have been asking. Oh, you have? Hmm. Yeah, I’ve been
asking for a while for a paternity test. No, you haven’t. I have been begging
you to be around and you say, here, I have this
text message right here
that says, “I would claim that thing
if I knew she was mine.” So you’ve been asking
for the paternity test? No. JUDGE LAKE: What do you have
there, Ms. Arbogast? I have text messages of him
and the disrespectful… Let me see that. Things he’s said. I also have proof of all
the non-finances that he has not helped with
that I have spent
to put a roof over their head. Bills paid, clothes
on their back… So these are text messages
between you and Mr. Vess? ARBOGAST: Mmm-hmm. You say,
“It’s pathetic that you still
don’t wanna grow up“and claim your daughter“that you signed
the birth certificate for.”
Mr. Vess responds,
“I would claim that thing if
“I knew she was mine.”Ms. Arbogast says,
“Oh, so now
she’s just a thing.”
A “thing”? That could potentially
be your daughter. I shouldn’t have said it.
I was angry and, yeah,
I regret saying that. I do. No matter if you claim
Kinzleigh or not, our son still don’t know you. How’s that make you feel?
He has no idea who you are. You haven’t been around. He would know who I am
if you allow me to see him. I’m not gonna just
let you have him when I don’t know
who you’re gonna
have him around and you haven’t been around
so I’m not gonna just let him
up and go with you. But yet you want me
to sign my rights away to him? No, you’re the one
that said you was gonna
sign your rights away. No, I never once said that. BOTH: Yes, you did. I’m not gonna sign my rights
away to my own son. I would never say that. ARBOGAST: Yes, you did. And you said it
about Kinzleigh, if she wasn’t yours
you were gonna sign
your rights away. VESS: If she’s not mine,
I’m gonna sign
my rights away. And then now all of a sudden
you wanna change your story and say you’re not gonna sign
your rights away
if she is yours. These two years are the most
important years of bonding
that you can get with her and you haven’t been there. She knows him as “Dad.”
She don’t know you at all. She looks at you like you’re
a complete stranger. So, these were pictures
that were submitted
to the court.You believe,Mr. Vess, that
you see a resemblance with
Kamren but not with Kinzleigh?
VESS:Yeah, I see the
resemblance between
Kamren and Kinzleigh
because, yeah,
they’re siblings.
But do you
have a resemblance… But I don’t see a resemblance
to myself in Kinzleigh. JUDGE LAKE: You do not? No. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Arbogast,
do you have any
doubt whatsoever? I don’t have any doubt
that she’s not his. Because let’s be honest,
I mean, the window of time
which you slept with Mr. Vess and then other guy
is just about two weeks. You say you used protection
but we know that’s not
100% guaranteed. Do you have any doubt at all? No, I think in my heart,
in my stomach that I think
that is his baby. Think or know?
That’s two different things. I know. I know that she is his
just by looking at that face. But you understand
that I’ve got two people
here now that say they heard you
tell him this is not
his biological child? I’ve never once told him that
that was not his baby. Never. Why would I let a man
sign a birth certificate
to a baby if I’m gonna turn around
later and say,
“That’s not your baby”? That makes no sense. But why would you go
sleep with another man
at the direction of one man… ARBOGAST: To make him happy. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Yeah, you’re sleeping
with another man
when I’m with you… How in the world is that
gonna make him happy, to potentially make
a child with another man? Because he’s the one
who told me to go do it
and we used protection. This logic is faulty. We had a lot of
faulty logic today, Jerome. I thought I’d heard it all. Just faulty. The only reason that I want
to have these answers is because that little girl
right there deserves to know who her biological father is. He says he’s a father by DNA, but acting as one,
he’s absent. And that must
hurt you somewhat. ARBOGAST: It does. It breaks my heart every day. You don’t ever wanna think
somebody is neglecting
your child. ARBOGAST: No. That doesn’t feel good at all. When our son
called him actually
in November of last year and Mr. Fritts was standing
right there when it happened. Called him on his birthday to tell him happy birthday.Bubby asked Sissy,
he said, “Sissy, you wanna
talk to Daddy?”
He straight told
our 3-year-old,
“That’s not my daughter.”
Mr. Vess, I know you weren’t
talking about paternity issues
in front of 3-year-olds. No, I’m not. JUDGE LAKE: So, you’re
saying that never happened? No, y’all just wanna
make me the bad person because I’m the one
standing here wondering
if that’s my daughter or not. I was standing
right next to her on the phone when you said it. I don’t care if you were. You are in bed with her,
so, yeah, you’re gonna say
what she wants you to say. You told our 3-year-old son,
“That’s not my daughter.” And I said, “What am I
supposed to tell him?” And you said, “Well,
you can explain it to him
when he’s older.” Do you have any witnesses
that aren’t mutual? If we sleep in the same bed, doesn’t mean I’m
gonna agree with
everything she says. Yeah, right, okay. So listen, I can see
this is going to keep going on until we get the results
and I have those results
for you. Jerome? Here you go, Your Honor. Thank you. You’re welcome. JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. Even when there was
a paternity question
related to Kinzleigh,there was not one
related to Kamren.
And you still weren’t
showing up for him. That’s gotta stop now. It really does. Everything is connected
to not just the mother,
but to the father as well. These two years are the most
important years of bonding
that you can get with her and you haven’t been there. She looks at you like
you’re a complete stranger. Y’all just wanna make me
the bad person because I am the one wondering
if that’s my daughter or not. In the case
ofArbogast v. Vess,when it comes to 2-year-old
Kinzleigh Vess, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Vess, you are the father. ARBOGAST: See? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) This situation’s
got to change. You guys are gonna
have to figure out
how to end this war, because Kinzleigh’s losing. ARBOGAST:Mmm-hmm.JUDGE LAKE:Ms. Arbogast,for two years
you’ve taken care
of this child by yourself? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You presented
expenses for $5,000 even. And they are all expenses
that you need
to raise a child. My ruling is
for the plaintiff
for $5,000. Mr. Vess, you have
to reclaim your place as
their father in their lives. And even when there was
a paternity question
related to Kinzleigh,there was not one
related to Kamren.
And you still weren’t
showing up for him.
That’s gotta stop now. And Kinzleigh needs
to see you, she needs to grow up
knowing what it means
to be loved by her father because that’s gonna affect
the way she operates
in her life. Everything is connected
to not just the mother,
but to the father as well. So, we have counseling
and resources for you. I want you all
to talk to Dr. Jeff. I want you to figure out
how to take the first step
towards co-parenting in a healthy way. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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