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Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

- [Sam] Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight's guests, strutting in like he owns the place, it's Josh Ruben!

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68 Replies to “Why A Dad Says He Feel’s Responsible For His Children’s Drug Abuse”

  1. It is NOT your fault that your children chose to use your help as a handout instead of a hand up. But it IS your fault that this family didn't seek help long before now. But better late than never….sometimes. Good luck.

  2. I am the 38th comment on this video yes 38th comment comment comment comment on this comment comment video yes comment more comment Yes phil Comment in comment 💯💯💯 remember to comment on comment 🙂

  3. It’s sad the father feels responsible because he is an addict himself (still is) and is to blame for his kids addiction but it’s sad cuz I know firsthand about drug use running in families being passed down from the parents…addiction is generational curse! 😪

  4. When you give your kids everything sometime you give them death 💀 in Spanish it make more sense but in other words yea cut them off from the roots they have to step up

  5. I knew a parent like this. Always cleaning up his son's messes, making excuses, hiring attorneys to save him from consequences. His son is now in prison for murder.

  6. XANAX is just as addicting as alcohol and opiates!

    Listen to Dr Phil here! This is how many addictions start, with prescribed drugs. The longer you’re on any of these meds the less effective they become and the more dependent your body becomes on them. This is where most people become confused. Just because it’s prescribed by a doctor and you’re using as prescribed doesn’t mean you cannot and/or will not become dependent/addicted to them.

  7. First off I am so sorry for your loss. I am in fear my child is going to end up dead or in jail. I have a 33 year old son that I'm going through the exact same thing with and I dont know what to do. It started about a year ago or more. He started using street drugs. Started with buying pills, then buying the fake oxy pills and is now smoking heroin. We found drug paraphernalia and burnt up pieces of foil in his room and in the garage. His behavior changed, becoming angry and aggressive at times exspecially when I wouldn't give him money. He would shake, freak out and run out of the house. He stole so many things from our house and either sold the items or pawned them. He was asking me for money everyday. Has had 8 jobs in 2 years. I was supporting him. This is a long story, to long. I do not feel responsible for his drug use. It's not my fault he made the choices he has made. I have tried and tried to get him help. He now has to choose to help himself or nothing will change. I gave him a choice. Either go to rehab or he had to leave our home. He chose to leave. I have let him back in the house 3x but I cannot this time. We have given him so many chances.

  8. Dr phil is so right. You have to take a hard stance. It's not the parents fault these girls got into drugs. They made that choice. And dr phil is correct about how much the addict lies. The stories and lies are unbelievable!! I wish I could talk to dr phil about this!! I dont know where my son is. First because he dosent know the truth from lies and he lies just to lie. When I found out about the stealing and the drugs i stopped giving him money etc..that's when things got real bad

  9. Obviously he has Adicton to benzodiasepins
    So he doesnt take action he has relapsed
    The doctos has to be a specialized in adiccion 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. I’m curious what med he is on, and the dose…..I do find it funny that Dr. Phil is a PhD, not an MD, but he’s questioning an actual medical doctor….now, I know that a lot of MD’s are quacks, but the mighty CDC would tell us plebs that we are never to question doctors, even when we think they are wrong, but now Dr. Phil is implying you should question them….the CDC, government, and Dr. Phil wants to have their cake and eat it too and IT’S HYPOCRITICAL AND OBNOXIOUS (I’m not bitter/annoyed at all, can you tell? 🙄😏)

  11. I'm parenting a generation that has WAY more than any generation before it. These children have nicer and more expensive cars, phones,clothes, etc than me. Not my kids though. I can see the kids who have all that don't appreciate any of it. They expect it.

  12. How does she even get methadone? You have to do UA'S & be clean of any other opioid in your system, before you can get methadone?🌙⭐

  13. If people were more open to show who felt more personal guilt and shame instead of who beside themselves deserve it, the world would be a better and cathartic paradise.

  14. Mercy. You would think whoever posts for Dr. Phil's show would know how to use the apostrophe. Embarrassed for him.

  15. The son is like those people who quit smoking and then tell everyone how much they stink and how bad smoking is as if they didn't smoke a day in their life

  16. Who does he think he is judging what his physician has prescribed for him he is not his doctor and has no business judging why he’s taking them

  17. Wow, my grandmother used to always blame herself because all of her kids were drug users. She would give my mom money every day. I asked why did she do that when she knew that she would buy drugs. She said that she didn't want my mom doing strange things for change in order to get high. She would feel bad if something happened to her if she was to do that and get hurt so she would voluntarily give her money for drugs.

  18. I honestly love that Dr. Phil always says sorry for your loss no matter if it's been 20 years or 10 minutes. Coming from someone who has experienced the loss of a child, that condolence is appreciated to the fullest!

  19. This family absolutely rips my heart into. So incredibly sad. The parents seem like such nice people who have had more than their share of pain.

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