Why I Never Date Outside My Class: Best Bits Of Fern Brady’s Live From The BBC

Why I Never Date Outside My Class: Best Bits Of Fern Brady’s Live From The BBC

Now, I went out with someone at uni where the break-up was embarrassing,
to say the least. I went to a posh uni. I don’t know if you know,
Edinburgh Uni is like Hogwarts. So it was important to me to go out
with another commoner like myself, cos I’m going to tell yous right
now – I don’t fuck outside my class. LAUGHTER Don’t know if you think that’s
judgmental. Love crosses all boundaries, what about Kate Winslet
and him out of Titanic? Well, the poor person drowns
at the end of Titanic cos the rich person is
hogging all the resources. LAUGHTER I like how one girl in the
audience is like, “That’s so true.” Britain is dead class obsessed
and no-one will ever say it, but at the end of the day most of us
want to end up with someone where, when you go to their parents’ house, the furniture doesn’t make you feel
vaguely uncomfortable. And I went out with
a posh Scottish guy by accident. This isn’t me railing against
posh English people. If any of you are in,
I love how jolly you are, I love your limitless sense of
entitlement, you’re great. LAUGHTER This guy was a posh Scottish person, and I should have known he was posh cos first off, his name was Miles,
right. No-one in my town has that name. If you are a boy in my town,
you have one of three names. You’re called John, Paul
or John Paul. LAUGHTER I get this thing around my boyfriend
called intrusive thoughts, where I have these bad thoughts
that I don’t want to have. Lots of people get this when they’re standing at a busy
train station, for no reason their brain will go, “What if you jumped
in front of that train the now?” And then it goes, “But I don’t
want to come in front of the train.” Don’t worry if you get it,
it’s a way over-anxious brains try and overcompensate
to stop you having accidents. Lots of my audience have told me they get it when they are
driving their car. Their brain will go,
“What if you just went – wahey! –
and drove into a tree?” I get very creative ones
cos I’m an artist, so the latest one is, I love
cute babies, but for some reason when I see a cute baby in a buggy,
half of my brain goes, “That’s a lovely baby.”
Then the other half goes, “Yeah, but what if for no reason
at all you booted that baby
out its buggy… “..and it went flying
like a rag doll… “into the fucking sunset?” And guys, I was always disgusted –
I really mean this – disgusted by couples I would see
where the woman is significantly taller than the man. I hate tally-smally couples. I know this is taboo for me to
say as a Scottish woman where I get off the train there and feel like I’ve stepped into
Gulliver’s Travels, but I don’t like them,
I think they look silly together. It’s against nature
and God’s wish for us as a species. Like a total hypocrite,
guess what I go out with now? Tiny little Irish man. He’s tit-height. Shoulder height when he wears
his wee walking boots. And I’m fully aware that we look
stupid together, and when we go out in public people think I’m taking
my young son out for a walk. I know I’m a pervert, but I can’t
help it, I love that little guy! And I miss him a lot
when I go away for gigs. I was away on tour and
I came back after two weeks away. I opened the door to him
and I couldn’t help it, I just picked him up
and spun him round… ..in the air.
His little legs went flying.

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100 Replies to “Why I Never Date Outside My Class: Best Bits Of Fern Brady’s Live From The BBC”

  1. Is anyone game enough to point out that Jack staying in the water wasn't a class thing? Or will that wreck her worldview?

  2. Its all about looks and resources lols lovit beauty entitlement 😍😘🤩🦊🦄🦄🦄🦄🦒🐾🐾🐾🕊🕊🦅🦅☕🍽🥃🍸🍷lols

  3. I never ever think in terms of class.
    I'm only looking for a man with a specific character, I don't care about anything else. When the economic collapse and the war begins there will be no more class differences class everyone will be the same. If ur lucky extremely poor and if ur not…dead. I only look for a man and a character and I will wait until in find him. In the mid time I just have to abstain if wasting my time with a guy for supperficial reasons.

  4. Oh man, she’s pretty funny. However, because of her accent, I couldn’t catch on to most of the jokes

  5. I have those thoughts. Except they’re more like “what if I pushed that little old lady in front of that train?”
    “DONT push that little old lady in front of that train”
    “But what if I did? What would happen? What if I somehow lose all control of my body and mind and I unconsciously do it? What if I’ve already done it and I’m just crazy?”

  6. !!!! It is So uncomfortable going to someone’s house and feeling like you don’t belong there! Can’t relate to people saying “I need a sugar daddy”.

  7. I have intrusive thoughts as well, but they are normally just my brain remembering embarrassing moments from the past and telling myself how stupid i am

  8. A family friend of mine can’t go skiing because she is terrified that she’s gonna have a sudden urge to jump from the ski lift

  9. I'm surprised how much I had to pay attention cause the accent was deep, it was like listening to this two rowing guys from Ireland that won a silver medal in the Olympics

  10. 2:39 This reference doesn't make sense. Does she mean she's taller than most, or shorter than most? Stepped into Gulliver's Travels, sure, but whereabouts? Lilliput, where people are tiny? Brobdingnag, a land of giants?…

  11. Better to have more in common. Otherwise your just groomed to become whatever or represent whatever. Arguably a woman's virtue. Or vice.

  12. Why does everyone in this comment section act like our accent is ‘so exotic’ one minute then proceed to mock our lack of English?

  13. I didn't even crack a smile. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad not to have to hear the word pussy every other sentence. But where is the funny here?

  14. Sadly I didn't understand a word. Argh argh I'm so disappointed in myself… I want to know what she was saying… Argh

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