Will and Grace Tell His Mom They’re Having Babies – Will & Grace

Will and Grace Tell His Mom They’re Having Babies – Will & Grace

Uh, Mom, remember
when McCoy and I talked about starting a family? Well, even though we split up, I have decided
to go ahead with it. – [gasps]
– On my own. I just found out my surrogate
is pregnant, which means… – I’ll be a grandmother again. Oh, Will.
Aww. And it’s so good that you can
do this too, because you still can. Not like us old broads, huh? – Well, actually– – Oh, God, can you imagine
being a 50-year-old woman, having a baby by yourself? I mean, you really would have
to be brain-dead. What’s–what’s your news,
Grace? – [clears throat] – Well, two pieces of news.
– Hmm. – The first is, I am not 50. I am forty-yay! And second, I am pregnant. I am having a baby too,
on my own. There are two new babies
in the family. – You mean, the baby won’t have
a young father after you’re gone? – Mom– – Oh, we’ll get back to your happy news soon. Grace is in crisis. – I’m not in crisis. I don’t need a man to raise
a baby. – But aren’t you worried about doing this on your own? – Of course, I’m terrified. – Oh, Will,
you remember that boy you used to play with
in middle school, Timmy, with the wonky eye? I bet he’d like Grace,
don’t you think? – Maybe. – I don’t wanna marry
Timmy with the wonky eye. And maybe?

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23 Replies to “Will and Grace Tell His Mom They’re Having Babies – Will & Grace”

  1. Is it just me or does Debra Messing’s face look different? Like Botox overdose? Not to be mean, she is beautiful but I feel like it’s altering her natural beauty.

  2. Debra Messing should be counting her lucky stars for Megan Mullally. Without the characters of Karen and Jack, the show would have been cancelled after the 1st season.

  3. Shouldn't grace be showing by now? It's been 5 or 6 months she should be showing and can tell what the sex of the baby is.

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