Woman Certain That Man 20 Years Older Is Child’s Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Certain That Man 20 Years Older Is Child’s Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Moyett v. Lester.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Moyett,
you’re here in court today to prove that Mr. Lester,
a man who is 20 years
older than you, is the father of your
three-month-old daughter,
Nyla Moyett. Is that correct? IRIS MOYETT: Yes, Your Honor. You claim Mr. Lester
has done nothing
for your daughter, therefore you are suing for half of child
rearing expenses. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Lester, you say, that you and Miss Moyett
were never in a relationship and that she had
multiple sex partners during her time of conception, so you are 100% certain
that you are not the father
of baby Nyla. Yes, Your Honor. So, Miss Moyett,
what has been
Mr. Lester’s involvement in Baby Nyla’s life
since her birth? Well, Your Honor,
Mr. Lester has hardly
been involved in Nyla’s life. Um, besides the fact
of three cases of diapers, a onesie that
he bought for her,
which was a boy outfit, um, other than that
me and my mother
have been providing for her food, milk
and everything
and things like that. I also have evidence
here showing you that, um, I have been
buying, providing clothes, um, food, cribs, everything. Let me see that evidence. Mr. Lester, you haven’t done
anything for the child? LESTER: That’s not correct,
Your Honor. I did buy sleepers, bottles
and things of that nature. JUDGE LAKE: Did he buy some
sleepers and some bottles? Yes, Your Honor. So, this list of expenses
that you’ve presented
to the court outlines various
monthly expenses. Formula, diapers,
wipes, clothes. Expenses total $1,109
in child care expenses. Mr. Lester, you say
you’ve contributed
to some of that. Yes, Your Honor. MOYETT: He’s contributed to three cases of diapers
and some sleepers for a boy. Okay, but she
can still wear them. She could still wear them
but the thought is, “You know I had a girl.
Why you coming in my house
with boy clothes?” No, I understand that.
So, diapers and some onesies,
uh, you’ve purchased? How much do you think
he spent on your child
thus far? MOYETT: He spent maybe about
$250 on Nyla so far. Do you agree
with that, Mr. Lester? I don’t keep a count
on how much I spent… JUDGE LAKE:
Do you have any receipts? No, I don’t… Without any receipts or proof
of what you say you spent I can only go off
of what Miss Moyett
says you spent and what the evidence
is thus presented. I understand. Let me move forward
and hear more about the case. I’ll get back to this
in just a moment. When you told him
about the pregnancy,what was his reaction,
Miss Moyett?
MOYETT:He was not happy.I actually planned
this pregnancy. I went over to his house
the day I was ovulating. Okay, and I let him know. “Babe, I’m ovulating.
I want to have a baby.” We did nothing… LESTER: That is not true. MOYETT:We did nothing
to prevent Nyla.
And to make matters even worse
since I’ve had Nyla, we still haven’t done anything
to prevent another one. He’s actually even told me… LESTER: That is… I went to my sixth week… We don’t even have sex. Yeah, I’m, um,
can I speak, Mr. Lester? Actually, I went to
my sixth week
prenatal appointment and asked him,
“Yes, they are gonna ask me,
do I want birth control. “Should I get on it?” He told me,
“No, ’cause I’m gonna
want another one soon.” Your Honor,
that is so not true. Your Honor, yes it is. Not only… Not only do we not
have a sexual
relationship now, we haven’t,
since she told me
she was pregnant. Your Honor, that’s a lie.
There is not… Your Honor, we’ve had sex
since I’ve had my daughter,
five times. I’ve counted. That’s not true. JUDGE LAKE: What, she’s only
three months old. MOYETT: Exactly. So, Mr. Lester, you’re saying
that this is all in her mind? Yes, Your Honor,
it’s definitely in her mind. We’ve had sex
and I don’t know
why you’re lying. Like we did,
we just had sex
yesterday. AUDIENCE: Oh! Is that true? Yes, that’s true, Your Honor. That’s true. Well, can I explain,
Your Honor? Yesterday we did have sex. That is true. Prior to that… Yesterday when you had sex
did you use protection? Yes. No! I was… Your Honor, I have
no reason to lie. I planned my baby’s pregnancy. I planned this.
I wanted to be with him.
I still want to be with him. What she’s saying is, you were
having unprotected sex
with her then? And even since
this child’s birth you’re still having
unprotected sex with her. Which means that
you are a possible father if in fact that sex occurred
during the window
of conception. I understand that, Your Honor. So, do you agree that you had
sex with her during the time
when Nyla was conceived? Yes, I did. And that sex was unprotected? Without protection, no. Your Honor, that’s a lie.
Me and Nat have never
used a condom since the first time
we’ve ever had sex. Now, that is a lie,
Your Honor. That is not a lie. And you’re saying,
Miss Moyett,
you planned the pregnancy? I planned the pregnancy. Are you deciding
in your own mind,
“I’m going to have a baby.” Or are you consulting with him
and he’s agreeing? No, I consulted,
he didn’t agree. Oh! Oh, wait! So, you said,
“I want to have a baby.” And he said,
“I don’t want to have a baby.” And then you went on ahead
and had a baby. Correct. Well, she told the truth. Yes, she did. Mr. Lester? Yes, Your Honor. You weren’t interested
in having a child? No, I wasn’t, Your Honor. I only was interested
in a friendship. She became more obsessed. Every time she’d express, um, how much she cared for me,
how much she wanted to be
in a relationship. I expressed
how much I didn’t want. And I never misled
Miss Moyett or anybody. When I told her that this was
strictly about sex… I did want a sexual
relationship without… Without being in a
committed relationship. I did… I did want that
and she agreed to it. I agreed to it
in the beginning. And when he told me
that he loved me it opened me up to the fact
that, well, maybe it could be. I mean, my background
is not the best, as far as me and my father. So, him coming along,
being older, being what I wanted
from my father,
I clung to that. When you’re with someone
every single day and you’re at his house
every single day,
how are we not together? How are we not
boyfriend and girlfriend? And my mother
could contest to that. Your Honor,
that is so not true. We were not together
every day. I wasn’t mentally ready
for a committed relationship,
but I did… But Mr. Lester, whether
you were ready or not has absolutely
nothing to do with
whether or not you are Nyla’s
biological father. You understand that? I totally agree. Because, look,
you’re 45 years old. Absolutely. So, when a woman says to you,
“I want to have your baby,” and you say,”No, I really
don’t want you to,” and you’re still having sex
without protecting yourself you’re setting yourself up. I’ve only had sex with Iris
five times… That’s a lie.
You’ve never used a condom. With the girls
that he’s cheated on me with, he used condoms,
but he’s never used a condom
with me and you know that. So, stop lying! Stop. Your Honor, not only
did we use a condom… I never used a condom
with Nathaniel! Why would I get on national TV
and say,
“I never used a condom.” That’s not a good thing. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That is very
honest testimony, Jerome. Mr. Lester, I want to ask you,
what are your doubts exactly? I have at least five doubts
and I would like to show. I see you brought an exhibit. LESTER: And…
And, um… (CHUCKLES) Go ahead and over to you. Thank you. And represent yourself. My first doubt, is when I first met
Miss Moyett, she told me her name was Mia. Okay. Come to find out
her name was Iris. I left her name
in my contacts as Mia ’cause she was always
missing in action. That’s what M-I-A stands for. Two. She told me
out of her own mouth
she had a boyfriend. When she didn’t appreciate
that I wasn’t
spending time with her, I don’t show her any affection and now she has a boyfriend
that’s better than me, and I asked her,
“Why’d you call me tonight?” Her response to me was, “I could do both of you.
I could do him Monday
and do you Tuesday.” (GASPS) Your Honor,
that’s a lie. Let me tell you.
That’s a lie, Your Honor. Thirdly, I come by, I see her
with the same guy
over and over and over again. The neighborhood guy? The neighborhood guy. Yes. Over and over and over again. She admitted to having sex
with that guy. That is true. I asked her,
“Why you always…” That is true. That is true.
That is true, Jerome. Four. Spoke the truth again. Fourthly, she used to ask me
to take her over
to her relative’s house. Come to find out, that house, I’ve learnt
through the street,
is a party house, A.K.A. a sex house. A sex house? MOYETT: That’s not true,
Your Honor. Wait a minute. First of all,
tell me what a sex house is. What’s a sex house? A sex house is a party house. Miss Moyett, were you
having sex at the party house? No, but he did drop me off
at that house occasionally.
He did drop… Was it the party house? No, it’s not a party house,
it’s a friend of mine house. Do people have sex there? She doesn’t allow anyone
to have sex in her house
but her and her husband. LESTER: That’s not true,
Your Honor. MOYETT: And number three
to one it ain’t true. I know for a fact that that house is a party,
is not good. Fifth. “We always had protected sex.” We had protected sex,
Your Honor. Let me explain.
Let me explain. Mr. Lester and I’ve never had
protected sex. Only when I was… Forced herself on me,
did we not have protect… Whether I forced myself
on him or not, it was always unprotected. I know how old I am
and I know what sex leads to. And I just want
to point out to you the percentages of older men
having babies
and how it declines. So, more research? Yes, some research… Let me see that, Jerome. Mr. Lester,
you’re trying this case.
You better go ahead. Um… You got your evidence. Yeah. So, it says,
between the ages
of 30 and 50, the average man’s sperm
declines by
up to 30% in volume and swims up to 37% slower. Yes. So, your research shows
that you’re slowing down. Exactly. With the fact that,
she has other partners, so the chances of me
being the father is very slim. Do you have any children? Yes, I do, Your Honor. Who he does everything
in the world for. LESTER: Absolutely. And won’t even
acknowledge my daughter. Do you know how hurtful it is
to be on the phone with him and he’s planning his future and my daughter’s name
won’t even come up. And that’s just hurtful
’cause that’s mine and… I don’t know. Like,
he wouldn’t even rub my belly
when I was pregnant. He wouldn’t, you know… It was like, I couldn’t even
get him to acknowledge
the fact that I was pregnant. I couldn’t get him
to take a look at
an ultrasound picture with me. I couldn’t get him
to do anything. I couldn’t ask him for ice
when I’m getting irritated.I couldn’t ask him
for something to eat
without me getting kicked out.
JUDGE LAKE: I have to say this
to young women all the time. Why are we having
children by men that don’t want us
or children by us? Why are we making
these decisions? Do you understand
what I’m saying? Yes, Your Honor. You brought a witness.
I want to hear from her. Your name is? Tyra Williams. Miss Williams, thank you
for being here. You are Miss Moyett’s… Miss Moyett’s mother. Mother. Okay. What do you know
about this situation? I know what’s been put
in front of me, Your Honor. I know he lied about his age. He did? Yes. He told her
he was 39 years old. Um, it wasn’t until later on,
she found out
that he was 45 years old. I’m 44. Okay. He was calling me Miss Tyra
all the way up
until I found out. And I told him,
“Don’t call me Miss Tyra,
you’re older than me.” And you knew that. My age has nothing to do
with two grown people having a child. Because you were old enough
to be her father. Is there a reason why
you go in after
25, 26-year-old women? Your Honor,
I’ve never misled Iris on our status. Do you hear what he’s saying? Yes, Your Honor. I know when you say, you had
the love of an older man, it was filling a void you felt
for not having
the love of your father. You were saying that. But regardless of what
this result is today I don’t want you
running around
behind him. Do you understand me? Yes, Your Honor. You’re better than that
and you deserve
more than that. Thank you, Your Honor. All right. I’m ready
for the results, Jerome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Moyett v. Lester,
pertaining to three-month-old
Nyla Moyett, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Lester… Yes. You are Nyla’s father. Yes! Yes! Ma’am. I told you.
Didn’t I tell you? Ma’am. Ma’am. Didn’t I tell you? Ma’am, you need
to be respectful. Didn’t I tell you? Ma’am, I understand
you’re upset,
but use proper language. (CRYING) Didn’t I tell
him, Mom? Go ahead and have a seat. Mom, I told him
the baby was his. MOYETT: I know it is. I know, but it’s over now.
It’s over. Take a deep breath,
Miss Moyett. MOYETT: I’m sorry, Your Honor. (CRYING) It’s so sad because like, I got to protect her
and it just hurt for me
to look at her every day knowing somebody denied her. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Lester,
what do you feel? Torn, because I never ever
meant to hurt Iris
in any type of way but I was always stern
on how I felt
as far as the relationship. JUDGE LAKE: You didn’t
protect yourself. So, you set yourself up
for this one. And if you’re going to play, you now got to what? Pay. Pay. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I don’t have a problem
with that… Miss Moyett, you presented
expenses to the court
totaling $1,109. Mr. Lester did contribute.
You both agree. $250 towards
child rearing expenses. That leaves a total of $859. Half of which is $429.50. For that reason, my judgment
is in favor of the plaintiff for $429.50.
Are we clear? Miss Moyett, you do not
have to chase behind him and endure
the level of rejection
that you’ve endured thus far. You have people in your life
that value you and love you
and will help you. Okay? MOYETT: Yes, Your Honor. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: You’re welcome. I wish you the very, very
best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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