Woman Leaves Through the Window at 3 AM (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Leaves Through the Window at 3 AM (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofHadl v. Andrews.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Hadl, after eight years
off and on with the defendant, the two of you
called it quits
just three months ago, because he denies your
1-year-old daughter,
Amerella. Now you wanna prove to him that he is her
biological father,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Andrews, you say you can’t
trust Ms. Hadl, because she’s
a serial cheater, and you are 100%
certain that Amerella
is not your daughter. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Miss Hadl, your relationship ended
because of paternity doubt? Yes, Your Honor. Explain. We have had a rough road
throughout these seven
and a half years. Uh, nine months
into our relationship, he, uh, impregnated
another female. Um, while he was
living with me, so I moved to Kansas,
and got away from him. Um, we then started
our relationship back, and, um, I had planned
on having another child
with him. So I did get pregnant,
Amerella came, and… I think the doubts came
’cause she looks different
than our other child. How does Mr. Andrews
relate to Amerella because of his
paternity doubt? HADL: Well,
he calls his child an Amerella not,
in front of our children. Really? Is that true,
Mr. Andrews? That’s, um, that’s not right. No, it’s not right.
That’s due to the things
that she has said done. She told me two
different names,
that my child could be, so my eldest child,
so how can I trust that? Then, at the same time,
I received a text message… Hold on, you brought
an exhibit. Correct. JUDGE LAKE: Is that
what is contained
in the exhibit? That information? Yes, it is. JUDGE LAKE: Step
over there, please, sir. These are the reasons
you believe you are
not the father. You saw sexual text messages
from another man.
Is that correct? ANDREWS: Correct. JUDGE LAKE: Explain. Same person I received
these text messages from is the same guy who she
was having an affair with,
all along, from the get-go. So when I seen
that text message, my whole thought
process was it’s gotta
be his baby. What did you read in them? Um, “I’ll let you
have it any time. “Um, and now you’re chicken,
you’re scared to come over.” Ms. Hadl, is that what
these text messages said? I can’t tell you
word for word. There was a sexual… I know word for word. I bet he does know
word for word,
but I don’t, so I’m not gonna
disagree, but anyhow. Was this a man you’ve
been intimate with? HADL: Yes. Were the text messages
leaning towards the sexual side of
the conversation? Most likely. Okay. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) So next piece of evidence. You jumped out of the
window at 3:00 a.m.? Correct. Who jumped
out the window? She did. I was trying to get
free from him. But the whole thing… He’s crazy. She leaves the
house every time, it’s always when
a private call come,
or it’s at 3:00 a.m. That’s the only time
he’s able to get away
from his wife. So-called… What? ANDREWS: That’s it. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Wait a minute,
wait a minute,
wait a minute. So she gets
a private call… Right. Then she leaves
the house. Right. And it’s 3:00 a.m. Right. How are you
getting up at 3:00 a.m.
and leaving the house? HADL: Maurice and I
were not on that term
of trust. So there was no trust.
I didn’t trust him,
he didn’t trust me. I get that you all
were in a bad place
in your relationship, but what does trust
have to do with you
playing Wonder Woman and jumping out
the window? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I couldn’t walk
out my front door, ’cause he was
barricading my front door. JUDGE LAKE: Where
were you going? I was going to find comfort. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Guess she told you. ANDREWS: I already knew this. So you got a smile
on your face, but you’re in
Paternity Court.
I am. I would like
for him to get this. During the time that
Amerella was conceived,in May of 2014, I told
Maurice everything,
who I was with, everything.And told him if he
wants to make it work,
we’re gonna make it work. And he came back to Kansas, and we conceived Amerella. We were trying for a boy.
And I wasn’t cheating. I stopped. I was
being faithful, and trying to be
a good woman to him. How were you
being a good woman and, look, I’m not saying
he was perfect, either, ’cause I’m getting
to you next. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Um, but how were you
being a good woman and you admit that you
were on the phone with men,
and getting text messages, going out, finding comfort. Flying out the window
at 3:00 a.m. This was after eight…
Seven and a half years.
Like this stuff built up. It was, more or less,
you’re doing this to me,
I’m gonna do it back to you. Listen, you all
have been together on and off,
for eight years. He has two
other children… Three. Three other children
outside of the relationship? HADL: During our relationship. (AUDIENCE GASPS) No. HADL: Yes. What kind of mess is this? HADL: Right. She’s lying.
She’s lying. You gonna get
the side eye now. Three children? Let me get back
to this exhibit, hmm.“Found a condom
in the car.”
I was using protection
and it ain’t… (LAUGHS) (ANDREWS MUMBLES) But she know I’m the one
who take my daughter
to daycare, every morning. I’m the one get her
in a dress, take her to
daycare every morning. The dirty…
Take the condom,
throw it away? If you found a condom
in the car… JUDGE LAKE: So wait. ANDREWS: I showed you. It was a dirty condom? ANDREWS: It was
a dirty condom… HADL: I don’t
agree with that, ’cause I didn’t see it,
he didn’t show me nothing. He showed me
a box of condoms. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Hadl, did you have sex
with a guy in the car? ANDREWS: Yes. No. He found condoms
in the car, but, like I said, they
were in a wrapper,
ain’t been used. And if he’s saying
he found a used wrapper
or a dirty… It was used. I did not see that. And I don’t know
how it got there. Couple times. Number four. “Four months ago,
Ms. Hadl told me “about two other
potential fathers.” ANDREWS: Correct. Really? Out of spite, she go
running her mouth, and when she get mad,
she told me herself. He’s full of it, but
I apologize, Your Honor. She told me two other
men was her daddy. His mouth, from
the time I wake up
in the morning, till I go to sleep,
does not stop. And all he does
all damn day
is talk, talk, talk about how bad of
a person that I am. So when I went out
and cheated on him, it was to find security
and comfort, because… I know what “comfort” means. I’ve been doing
this long enough,
and I’m a woman. Ms. Hadl, did you tell him that there were two
other potential fathers?
Did you say… No, Honor, this
is what I said, and I’m gonna let you
know what happened. He was stating, saying, “This person and this
person is her daddy.”
I said, “Okay.” And you just had affairs
with both of them. “Okay.” Then… No, I was not. Either way, so I just
agreed with him, ’cause that he
wanted to hear.
So I said, “Okay. “Like, I’m done arguing
with you. Okay, then.” You think I…
So you… Oh, you just said, “Okay.”
Okay, you didn’t come
to him and say, “I wanna tell you that
there could potentially…” HADL: No. There is no potential.
He’s the only one. As I stated, May 2014,
when I got with him again as in, “Let’s work it out,” we were planning
to have a child… How you figure that? ‘Cause I wanted a boy. So why would
I sleep around
with other people if I’m in love with him
and I’m trying
to make it work? No, no, you wasn’t. JUDGE LAKE: And so… Okay. All right. HADL: He’s insecure about
it ’cause he’s cheated and he’s made
all these babies. No, I’m not. I see proof,
I see proof, she… Put all the blame on me. Excuse me,
I’m a grown woman, and I’ll take the fault
for what I did, but… And managed to
turn it around. He got text messages too. Okay. But I’m not
bringing that up. It’s not about that.
It’s about Amerella knowing who her daddy is,
and I know who her daddy is. You. Okay, you said two
other guys… You said two
other guys was. I never said that. JUDGE LAKE:
All right, all right. Let’s get some water,
’cause you all
aren’t going anywhere. I know one thing. You all sound like
you like 16 years old. Trust me, I know. Arguing back and forth. And you got these
little beautiful children. Beautiful. And from what I’ve seen,
I don’t know how you have time to make babies, ’cause
you don’t stop talking! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) If you’re doing this in here,
I can only imagine what
you’re doing at home. HADL: That’s why he’s not
in my home no more. That’s why I left the home. HADL: No, he would not leave. Ain’t just your home,
it was mine too. (SIGHS) He would not leave. Let’s talk about the birth. I don’t even know
where you all were at
in this relationship when Amerella was born. Like, so are you
trying to work it out. HADL: I was eight
months pregnant. Or are you fighting? Are you all going
back and forth? What is happening
at her birth? So, eight months
pregnant, I find out there’s another female
pregnant, in the same town
that we’re living in. I’m about to give birth,
a month later. He was there, got to see
this first child being born out of, whatever,
six or seven children
that he does have. This is the first child
that he got to see born. So that was very
special for him. And me, as well,
having him there. Um… He was there the
whole pregnancy? You know. Took care, rubbed
my back, feet, helped with the kids,
helped keep the house clean. You know, whatnot, but… Mentally, he wasn’t… ANDREWS: She was
having an affair. So, at the birth,
did you go to the… So you were there
at the hospital because you got
to see her be born. Okay, but at the same time,
while she was pregnant,
she was having an affair. JUDE LAKE: Let me tell you
something, Mr. Andrews. With guys. What? ANDREWS: Right. We can’t leave that out. While she was pregnant,
she was having an affair. And, yes, I still
stayed with her… JUDGE LAKE: Hold on,
slow down, slow down. When she was pregnant?
Repeat that testimony. I was getting text
messages from guys. You were? She was. JUDGE LAKE: Were you
or was she? She. So you were
looking in her phone, and she was getting
text messages from guys. ANDREWS: Yes, Your Honor. Saying what? Um, “Where you at?” Um… “Can I see you?” Um… HADL: No. ANDREWS: Sexual things. All this while
she’s pregnant? Yeah. She wouldn’t tell the guy
not to call back.
I remember telling… I can have friends,
and it’s not… Private calls? Like I said, there
was only one person that I had ran to,
for comfort and security. And he did have friends.
He had tons of friends. I have the numbers
of names on my palm. I’m not going into details. Why do you need friends
when you’re having babies
everywhere? You already had another baby. Understandable. I could have
no women friend, period. So, Ms. Hadl, look. I wanna know this. You’re not denying
you’re getting
text messages. You didn’t deny,
you admitted in
open court today that you were looking
for comfort and security. And… No, I’m talking. ANDREWS: And still got. I wanna know did you ever
tell any of these other men that they, potentially,
were Amerella’s father? No, no, Your Honor. Are you still in touch
with this man or men that gave you
the comfort and the… Are you still in touch
with them now? I don’t need to seek comfort because I’m not
getting hurt from him. I’m happy. Listen, Your Honor, I swear
to God she just lied. A week ago,
one of the guys
was over her house where her brother
just moved out. HADL: Um, this is a friend
I’ve never been sexual with. And he is talking
about a friend
being at my home. Who you said
was Amerella’s father. I’ve never been sexual
with this person. Who you had contact with. Who you had, I apologize,
physical contact with, over the situation,
over the situation. ‘Cause he’s delusional
and he thinks I’ve been
sexual with this person. At the house where
I just left from? He’s delusional. And then you showed me
on the phone, like… (IMITATES LAUGHTER) (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Well, you know,
that’s not funny. I don’t find that
funny, by far. Then she lying about
the married dude. She’s still in contact
with him. She just made two
lies up, just then. Like you ain’t in contact
with him. She lying. I know she is. And first and foremost,
he is delusional. He thinks I’ve had sex
with this person
that he’s talking about, that was at my house,
and I’ve never… In contact with other dudes,
’cause you showed me
on your phone. Does anybody talk
about Amerella? AUDIENCE MEMBER: I know. JUDGE LAKE: Anybody? Me. Yes, me. (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE:
I mean, you all… As I stated, that’s the only
reason why I’m here. He wants to bring up dirt.
I do not care about
any of it. I don’t just be going around
making random lies. No, I don’t even do that. That was a lie.
That was a lying statement
she just made then. I won’t be saying nothing
in front of the kids. She the one with the nasty
mouth in front of the kids
while you talking. So, either way,
it’s not right. And I want this
to be done and
over with, so that we can move on. At least, my kids will know, um, everything that Daddy
was saying about Mommy
is wrong. ANDREWS: I mean… Let’s be honest.
Stop talking. You can’t be proud
of yourselves. The situation is hideous. It’s… Just listening
to you all. I can only imagine
what these children
have witnessed, and what they’ve heard. You can’t be proud of that. I don’t care what he did,
she did, this, that. You all are barely
mentioning the children
in here today. It’s just about
what one of you
did to the other. HADL: Your Honor,
I’m not bringing
up any dirt. Like I said,
I’m just responding
to what he’s saying. But I’m only here
for Amerella. So, that’s the only reason
why I’m here. I’m not here
to bring up dirt… I’m only here because
I got a doubt. …and I’m not here to That’s why I’m here. bring up what
he’s done to me. Because I’ve got a doubt. But regardless,
Amerella’s his. I want to prove that to him… …everything
you’ve done? …and his family members. I can see that the only way we’re gonna try to figure out how to move forward
with you two in this new business
you all are running is to get the results. Jerome, I’m ready. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read
as follows, “In the case of
Hadl v Andrews,
“when it comes to
Amerella Andrews, “it has been determined
by this Court…” “When it comes to
Amerella Andrews, “it has been determined
by this Court, “Mr. Andrews, you… “…are the father.” (ALL CLAPPING) You, you have tears
in your eyes. How do you feel
in this moment? I love her.
I love her regardless. It’s my daughter’s
sister, so, it didn’t make
any difference if
it was or it wasn’t, I just want the… Oh, it didn’t? Yes, it did. I’m tired of you talking
in circles, Mr. Andrews.
Mmm-hmm. Both of you,
doing a whole bunch
of verbal gymnastics, ain’t nobody shaping up. Just talk and
running your mouth. You gotta be careful
when your watch
and your mouth are bigger than
your brain and your heart. What you all displayed up
in this courtroom today is so shameful. Two grown people
running around town, I mean, this is
just ridiculous. You got these little girls, how many children do you have? Mr. Andrews, how many? Seven. Seven. How many girls,
how many boys? Five girls, two boys. Five girls. Now, we’re really gonna
get with you today. You are the example to those little girls as to what a man
should act like, how a man should talk to them and how a man
should treat them. If you can’t be in
a healthy relationship, don’t be in one. Sometimes you have
to let go to grow. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But to be the D-level version
of yourself is not good enough. You all gotta figure out
what your A-game is
for these children. Don’t play up in here
when it comes to some kids. I’m not the one. You all have clowned in here, you all have done a show, you all have just tried to read each other for filth. It’s time to clean it up. I wish you
the best of luck. Thank you. Court is adjourned.

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